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  1. Tuesday SYSTEM announced about 1 hours ago.
  2. Guess I can't edit the title anymore since the post is too old... I do not like the new forums one bit tbh. I'll let GVONPAUL edit it and see what grows in here. Surprise me (please!)
  3. Of course one side of the problem of ex. defending a town can be the lack of players. However, it's also about how you manage with the resources which are given to you. If nobody wants to guard a spawnable but about 20 inf are in town, IT IS NOT a question about manpower. You can ask, or even instruct the players to guard a bunker etc. It's up to them to listen and decide what they want to do and how they want to play. I agree with you on that point but remember: It's the HC's duty to constantly motivate the playerbase, keep the communications up and help the interplay between all the branches, to come up with feasible ideas that support and nurture teamwork. ONE way to develop this and a better relation is to get an active OIC for every DO and for every AO, preferrably not already a current HC member. This gives the player a new taste of strategy, closer relation to the HC, raises the level of communication between the PB and HC and it takes work off of MOIC'S shoulder. Furthermore it displays interest in the PB's ability to take control of a situation and to demonstrate their capabilities, which of course should not be ignored. This could be part of a very positive circle that keeps the PB logging in. If it's successfull enough they might even bring their friends! (Speculation of course)
  4. Can we discuss the issue please, instead of sidetracking?
  5. The title is my description about the observations I have made during the last campaign. It's objective but I can see how you misinterpreted it. My intention here is to start a discussion and come up with a solution, with a happy PB and no burnt out HC staff. If anyone wants to flame, troll or otherwise derrail the thread, I ask you kindly only to read.
  6. Ok, I see how it is. I don't get to have an opinion before I pay money and it's only after I've paid money that you will listen to my point of view? Do you believe that my observations and strong opinions are based on a mere greentag's experiences and I therefore cannot distinguish the campaign from intermission? I could be a retired CinC for all you know. I expected a serious, constructive thread, where we are able to swap ideas to get closer to a solution without disrespect or belitteling.
  7. Remove the FRU completely and FB's. We will get rid of the CoD mob.
  8. Filing an complaint against the axis playerbase who chose not to get into caps for the sake of a town, regardless of its or the town's importance. I also want to adress that several members of the GHC do not plan an AO thoroughly enough, so that it can be set up properly. Communication between GHC and the PB is inadequate in both amount and quality. GHC lacks the ability to enhance the interaction between the three different branches. Now, this situation and attitude needs to be changed. - How?