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  1. This happened to me on the Steam release, just restart your game once or twice, it should work. PS. glad to see you here barbiere, you'll have fun!
  2. I'm in the US and I downloaded it, it wont let me on the live map though. So maybe it works?
  3. Not to seem like a moocher but, THANKS! Thank you for letting f2p have access to the reserve smg! That in of itself will retain many players, trust me.
  4. Oh, nvm I get the joke. XD Im a moron
  5. Wait, what? Russian front? Did I miss something important?
  6. When the cap timers are just right.
  7. Really? Cool! I will have to keep my eyes pealed for them.
  8. Ah I see, thanks!
  9. What in tarnation is this? Were the devs planning to add Pacific theater at one point? PS: You can find it in the "play offline" section of the game.
  10. In most first person games mouse sensitivity is the same for the x axis as it is for the y axis. Therefore most people have been trained to move mouse "yea high" to aim up there and to move it to the side "yea much" to turn a certain amount of degrees. Now WW2 Online has a mouse system where the x axis is always more sensitive then the y axis. This custom sensitivity, while useful if you know how to use it, would be confusing many new players (especially from Steam) who would find it confusing and pointless. Therefore I suggest an option to toggle between WW2 Online's mouse setup and "standard" mouse setup. This may also prevent many ragequits from new players who would blame the controls. In addition, I have also seen veterans wanting "standard" mouse setup. PS: If there is already a setting for this and I have been to stupid to find it, I apologize in advance!
  11. Its free to play, it's one giant map and there are NO magic bullets!
  12. Perhaps on a F2P account let any extra XP count as "in game money" to buy short (1-2 days) starter subscriptions.
  13. This is what is causing new players to shy away. Almost me for a while before I got used to it.