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  1. Run two instances of the game, alt-tab between. Simple.
  2. Kind of pointless at the moment, since we lack para-specific equipment. If they DID implement the kind of air-dropped light AT, howitzers, mortars, etc. then I could see gliders as being the airborne equivalent of the new fortified FRU. It gets towed in, lands safely, deploys, now it's a spawn point for para infantry and a selection of light equipment.
  3. depends on how they did it I suppose.
  4. Lies, the 88 is only effective when you have your own tow, know the terrain, and know where your side is launching an attack or know where an enemy attack is happening. All of those things can be gotten without having a 'spy' account. Shoot, for defending against enemy attacks, I just look at the EWS. For attacking, usually all it takes is a 'yo HC, what's the next AO' on side chat.
  5. Others have said most of this before, but I'll put it together. Fatigue set in for the allies after over a week of softcaps on the slog to Frankfurt, followed by the days-long battle to finally get that city. Breakdown at AHC meant that nobody was on to move flags at a critical time, which was exploited by GHC to engineer a small breakout. Later that night, tier change comes, everyone gets new tiers, axis players log in and see that not only do they have new toys, but there are actually good things happening on the map. They stay on longer, and the numbers bump turns a small breakout into a mass cutoff, dozens of softcaps, and the comeback you see now. Whenever momentum changes in a campaign its always numbers that do it, the causes behind the numbers swings are the more interesting part of it.
  6. I luvs me some mortars. Give me 10 minutes to set an MS and make a range ruler and I'll crush an AB... until I get rolled over because there just aren't enough bodies to cover the angles. Population is this games biggest problem. But yes, this is a good idea. More options for one determined or well-prepared player to actually effect the game is usually a good bet.
  7. I thought the mechanic/incentive for infantry-tank cooperation was, "If you do not do it, you are all dead."
  8. I like it. As to the tanks with one or two-man turrets, or non-openable hatches, have those function as-is. Reflects the difficulty those vehicles had in the field.
  9. Lol, yes. Remove more toys and make this already badly aging game more feature-poor. That sounds like a lot of fun.