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  1. How else will things get changed? If you point things out and nothing is fixxed, you just keep on paying? On a side note..... can we fix the Maldgem issue lol the fact 1 town links every thing in the north is messed up. Axis are lucky to not have a set up like that
  2. Click windows icon.. scroll down to Cornered rat, click that it should open to show all the icons
  3. Double checking them all. Did not get a host reconnect once tonight,,, did get the "chat lag" that comes back when you see orders pop up in box. gotta be on my end.. just hard finding the cause Host reconnects, the other night were in heavy fighting towns,, tonight not so heavy fights
  4. dunno if this helps. tried to ping auth server.. 73ms avg game was running 990mb , 43 % of total mem
  5. Without running the windows box for running processes, i do not know how to. If i was able to time it i could, but no such luck
  6. Since last 2 patches , been getting this alot. also getting major" lag" stutter, where chat will not work until new orders pops up in chat. after the "lag" stutter , my ability to damage stuff is almost 0 have to restart game to fix it, then happens again short time later. Time frame is not the same when it happens Turned off all anti malware and virus, ran game in admin nothing helps
  7. I have found the longer you are in game, the more you run into weird things. last night i was in game for a bit and got to a point that at inf spawn in AB i would get stuck trying to get out the door. was like i ran up a ramp and was in the floor. restart game all fine. Then you run into the "my bullets will not kill EI" or tanks will not die. so when things start to seem a tad off , do a quick restart. maybe every 5 sorties maybe lol
  8. Sounds like you were bugged. After our little shoot out, my c7 getting plenty of good hits on Gun and left rear, you tracked me and took out my gun. i got a zooky and snuck in to where you were, to me your tank was fine both tracks were on, it even took 2 zooks hits to flame you from 50ft
  9. Any fix coming for the ATG's nose diving when pushing?
  10. Force a cross rotate turn using rudder, will force slats to open, which can induce the "flop". Try not going left to right at slower speeds level, but roll under for the turn, and do not give rudder input at same time if you just have to do a level left to right turn ,vice versa few clicks neg trim helps too.
  11. should of known my timing was off again..................... sorry to be a pain it is working thank you
  12. I understand that. Going on 3hrs now, I was talked into a pay account over a free one due to my bud telling me, " gets tuff later in game when bigger things come in", sigh.
  13. swapped FP to pay, can not log in now, opened ticket over an hour ago and no news, fix?