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  1. well u still can get killed by friendly bombers....
  2. WTF ARE U MAD?! everything is fine with rifle, its a support class and the most easiest thing new players can do is run with other players, listen to them and support em with ammo this way they will easily learn the game, if they start with smg or mg they wouldnt know how to play it right and just die 20sec after spawn because most new players use bf1/cod tactics and just wanna rush in
  3. we all do sometimes... ur time will come!
  4. very nice work!
  5. yea,... get some friends! the airgame is all about teamplay!! just teamup with 3-4 Aces and u will be fine! if u fly solo u are pretty much [censored]d if u fight more then 2 eas
  6. nah they dont outturn a spit, they can stay now on their 6 for some time but a good spitfire pilot who uses flaps and stuff shouldnt have a problem
  7. 1. would be awesome, i think there are alot of special places ingame that many players never seen before like the alps or the place with that freakin castle/fortress?! idk if i remember right 2. please no,... no carebear troopers 3. would love to see them ingame 4. a dream for many players 5. yea offline mode really need some fixes 6. england needs some love^^
  8. i want this for the Germans...
  9. would love to see long range artillery!
  10. thank you
  11. yea really awesome dude he said he will set up some new ww2ol flying lessons on youtube with better quallity
  12. do u take this card? its a prepaid visa