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  1. I have been playing now for 2 months! Love the game , it has very steep learning curve. the only neg thing i have seen was in first or second day i was here. i was called i 2 account cheat. by some one, i was running around getting killed by everything and not knowing why, this can not be allowed by player base or either high command. if you think i am cheating use . report if someone say someone is cheating they need to be shouted down by everybody and told to take it up in chain command or .report. In my case allieds lost chance to have fair player on there side (i am leading allied and axis in caps ) . so if and or when whips return to allied i will kill them also. lol at least normal2
  2. Was the most fun i had yet! got to do the para drop on England.thanks to ghc for spending the time to plan that.The way i saw it allieds didnt pull troops back from trying to break circle fast enough when we jumped in.
  3. win 10 but all working after last night seriver shut down dont know how but i am happy
  4. did reinstall of full game after unstalling was free account for 2 days cant cycle trough build with engineer or rifle man just like ppo never changed for me
  5. paid account i am lvl9 trucks work but inf and engineer dont change what i want to build with z or aim buttons
  6. you got it the old stuff works the new stuff ie z key for eng and right mouse for inf don't work with truck only thing i can set is mobile spawn
  7. none of new ppo works no sand bags no tank traps in both and in 6.1 can not change selection with inf engineer or truck
  8. I have only been here for 3 weeks so have lot to learn! This new patch dosnt let me use new ppo. and the last fix cause 20fps slowier speeds. was just getting to point where i wasn't dieing now back to getting lag killed. campaign starts in moring if this dosnt get better i wount be playing at all