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  1. Good Day Comrades, I have tried all the ways and means that ive found in the forums,but still no luck. Every now and then I can get into the game,,here lately its been getting harder and harder to play . I have uninstaled completely and reinstaled but to no avail,still cant get in Ive been in this game from week one and I really like this game I would hate to delete it forever :-((. I need your help Please Ray aka Razar2
  2. Evertime i try to log into game now,,Ive tried the desktop icon then the Startup page then the programs site to no availl please Help me Razar2 aka Ray thnx
  3. Thanks m8ee that did it im in again.... Thanx again Razar2
  4. I cant unmute my ts whats up m8ees? HELP Ray ty
  5. Hiya m8 I for one am not a puter guru,,so I need some help with your flap settings on how to do it (change my flap settings to 20 % incraments... I see all the stuff and it scares me dont want to mess up my puter :-))..I sure would like to get with you on this subject m8 thnx Razar2 aka Ray
  6. teamspeak wont log me in says i have bad login(name and or PW wrong) I didn't change anything to it ..I can still get on my squads ts but not the allied ts whatssss uppp ??
  7. ever since the last patch teamspeak wont accept my password,,it lets me into my sqd;s chanel but thats all i need some help please