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  1. Ironically, in 10 years I'm going to be feeling nostalgia for the current bunkers.
  2. Amazing how heated arguments can get over combat effectiveness of Canadians 80 years ago. NERDS.
  3. Looks better than it deserves.
  4. Will get him.
  5. You would have lost your mind if you knew how much of the Champlon brigades were drained because of greenies at FB FMS running across open field and finally getting camped in FMS. They would have gotten our FB (St. Hubert), too, if I wasn't checking FB damages.
  6. Yes but I'm saying after that, while you are limping around, if someone finally does kill you (KIA) your actual killer should get the kill credit ALONG WITH whoever half-killed you first.
  7. How about if you get a Hit on something, it automatically counts as a Kill. Obviously not for everything, such as shooting a rifle at a tank, but don't you hate it when you stalk an EI for 5 minutes, kill him, only to find out that your own worthless AI shot him in the spleen a long time ago? Well I bloody do. Maybe the kills should only count when your health is below 50%. I don't think anyone would mind the fact that you might have 2 killers once in a while (though only counting as one death).
  8. Never understood why Allies like the grease gun so much . . . and why Axis hate it so much . . . it's never my first choice unless I'm FMS hunting. It is the most inferior allied auto at close-range, it is really only superior mid-range. Heck, CRS doesn't even count the gun on stats. Also realize we have 1/5 the number of grease guns compared to the other SMGs, so I believe the magic MG-34 has the edge there number-wise.
  9. Good job Pathfinders! An extremely well-fought (and hard-fought) campaign on all of our parts. We had some great tanking (daokoth1 and dougyfarm especially, while pfmosquito had a 88 kill-sortie), great teamwork, and as usual amazing infantry play. The Axis will always have a hard time taking a CP if a Pathfinder is around, and with two around virtually impossible. Their main hope at that moment is that our skeleton crew is logged off then. Pathfinder members were- #2 Allied Rifleman and overall Rifleman (unless nily caught smoothie at the end, not sure) #1, #2, & #3 Allied SMG and overall SMG #1 & #3 Allied LMG #1 & #3 Allied Semi-Auto Congratulations chimm on becoming a Rat, and also nily for managing to stay allied the whole campaign. Daokoth and fracku are going axis, so I'll be looking for them in my kill lists. <S>
  10. My FPS is never high as 60 in combat, right now in game it's 25. However, I can't imagine how anyone could have fun playing at 10 fps,
  11. Ah well. I'd ask thecheat, he's a very good player that you mentioned. Watch what he does. And none of our secrets involve cheating, hacking, or good hardware. They are all tactics and strategy.
  12. Tandel I like your kind of side-switchers, and I don't harass people if they are side-switching. I know that for a lot this is just a game. Never knew about the "2nd side-switcher", for me it goes against reason to join the overpop side. I'm one of the few weirdoes that prefers being underpop. But maybe I'm just too different to understand normal, unfun people.
  13. Wow, kind of honored that you pointed me out. Also kind of astonished that you think allied skill levels are increasing, really wondering what words you'd have to describe us before. Anyways, there are really easy but for some reason unknown ways and tactics to really needle the side you are going against. However, they are Pathfinder (xohorvath, dougyfarm, pfmosquito, among others) secrets, so all I can say is join the Paths! It is no coincidence that you always see Paths peppered along the Top Lists even though we are few in number. Rifleman or SMG, we can do it. But to join that would require you playing allied-only for the campaign Also, congratulations smooth12 on your #1 rifleman.......geez.
  14. Good for you
  15. Really don't think we disagree on much