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  1. From Xoom: Posted Sunday at 03:57 PM · Report post We're going to start collecting questions and addressing any problems with Discord here: Discord Support and Q&A Please post anything relating to Discord there. New Thread posted by Xoom:
  2. Thank you for writing this and posting here. This is more than I have seen so far.
  3. I understand why wwii online is going to Discord. I don't blame them. However - I think step by step instructions should be posted somewhere on how to download and use Discord. Don't assume everyone will get it (understand it). I find that in anything you buy or going to use that comes with instructions is helpful. But in my life a lot of times unfortunately I have had unpleasant experience of trying to follow instructions that were not well written and have left a step out. One thing I learn in my time in the Army is - when you teach or write, you teach/write to the dumbest. Don't assume what you say or write will be understood by all. This is why in a well written manual for an electrical product you will find where it says: "plug the AC cord into an AC outlet". Also - another pet peve of mine is the use of symbols instead of using word to direct you to a function. The reason for this in the beginning, using symbols was for people who can't read or who don't understand the language. Well if you are reading this, if you are on the computer then you must be able to read. Using symbols to me is just being lazy. However I am sure someone will say they use symbols to save space in some applications.
  4. I was the lucky guy so far in my squad who did not have trouble downloading and start using this Damn Discord. However - I guess I am too old of a dog (68) to learn new tricks because I find some of the "items" in Discord are not that easy to find or can't get them to work. Ok I am stupid. My mates in my squad are having access issues in getting into Discord. We been to that so called help Website Xoom posted but guess what, not much help. We will more than likely stay with Team Speak - our own server because we don't need the aggravation of changing to something new when the old was working ok. We want to play the game and not spend a lot time TRYING TO FIGURE THIS CRAP OUT!!
  5. They are going to fix all the bugs that have been in this game for the past 10 years!!!
  6. More Sheep and they will be vocal! If they like you they will say: "BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!"
  7. To Improve this Game, I think sheep need to be armed so they can protect themselves from all the perverts in the Axis and Allied who are seen running around in this game hunting Sheep!
  8. I am the praying type! I pray you guys keep away from my Sheep in game! I know how you Rats are! As soon as I can raise the money and get permission from the Secretary of War (my wife), I planned to re-subscribe weather you like it or not! Get back to playing under my old name! I am glad the game did not die and has lasted so long. Long enough for me to be able to have a chance to play again after many life changing events since 2006 for myself. I thank you!
  9. Thank you for responding, dre21 and aurbo! Any information I can get from players in game and here will greatly be appreciated. As I play and experiment I am slowly finding out what, when, where, and how to place the PPOs. Last night for example: I was about 1 to 2 Kilometers from a town - defending - trying to find from audio a half-track. Well as usual I was spotted and random shots were fire at me. I ran to the only cover new me, which was a row of bushes! I crouched and moved backwards thru the bushes and then started crawling while the whole time listening to this half-track getting nearer and nearer coming for me. Reached the end of the line of bushes turn around and decided to build sandbags! Since I could not see the half-track, I was not sure if he was coming at me from the right of, down the center of, or to the left of the bush line. If was coming left or right I figured I could use the sandbags as cover and move accordingly to keep them between me and the half-track. If was coming dead center, mowing the bushes then I would still be safe. The half-track came down the middle, hit the sandbags! Sandbags stopped his movement cold! However I still died, not because I was shot but because I must have closer to the sandbags, touching them, than I thought! Half-track hit the bags and because I was touching them I died! Lesson learned. Make sure you are not touching sandbags if is possible a vehicle will hit it!
  10. Is there anywhere, any information written down about just what it takes (HE charges, HE shells, etc.) to destroy/take down: -FMS? -Tank Traps? -Protected Gun Emplacements? -Sandbags? Also as a rifleman: -when do you build a foxhole? I have not seen many players doing this. -when do you build sandbags? Is it worth building a sandbag(s) to help block the entrance to a FMS to prevent direct fire into the FMS from and EI or ET before they find the FMS? I ask this because it is my understanding that they will go away when you die, overtime if don't die, or re-spawn as a different class of player? Is that true?
  11. I agree PPO should have longer life-time. Especially foxholes and sandbag walls...