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  1. Well done both 91st and WHIPS!
  2. Great work all!
  3. OK @shagher, I'm going to address this rather than have a mod hide the thread (because I believe we need to nip this). I'm actually pretty upset that you called me out in public like this rather than talk to me about it. I'll take each one point by point No one "sent" me to lure *anyone* to play one side or the other. And the fact that you think this is true, frankly, is very wrong and insulting to me and the belief I have in our squad. I had every intention of playing Allied this campaign. I did not in any way influence anyone in WHIPS to come Allied. I wasn't even going to open that opportunity until well after I'd heard a minimum of 6 other WHIPS say they were going Allied this campaign. They said, very bluntly, they were tired of rolling through towns with no one to fight. None of them had any idea I was going Allied at the time they said it. The only person who may have had any inclination was Hastien, and that was only because he was taking over the squad as CO at the end of last campaign. The RATS (myself or otherwise) had no influence on what people wanted to do this campaign. This was an internal squad discussion. As a matter of fact, here is the exact quote I put on our forums If you read there, it was a decision made by squad leadership. Not just me. And my only comment during those discussions were that I was going, in no way was that meant to influence anyone in the squad leadership on whether to open that discussion up or not, it was only a comment on what I was doing and why I was stepping down as CO (among other reasons) There was no "backdoor games" being played here. We had numerous other members of the squad involved in this discussion. It was broached by senior leadership on November 22 and discussed both on forums and in Discord before being posted for all members on November 23. I'm really sorry you feel that I am trying to influence the squad to do one thing or the other. I was looking out for WHIPS as a squad. We were going to "lose" 5-8 regular players this campaign who had committed to going Allied. Leadership decided to open this one up a little bit. If you want to discuss this with me, then we discuss it in private. You said this was creating internal issues, but you just made them external.
  4. 2001 - British Aerial Assault Force
  5. Wow... lots of old names I recognize here. Welcome back everyone!
  6. Salute @hateract. This campaign was a blast. The next blast, however, will be our grenades clearing that CP with you in it
  7. Congrats everyone!
  8. Welcome back! Thanks for sending the link @bmw2
  9. Imgur is the best for this kind of thing, honestly, as @merlin51 said
  10. Apologies... you're right. I was thinking the Axis SPAA
  11. On the SPAA, there are only two views that can zoom like that. The commander (position 2) and the gunner (position 3). The driver of the vehicle can look at his instrument panel, but not zoom
  12. From what I've been seeing, updating the drivers (and sometimes actually rolling them back) seems to be helping people with this kind of problem. Annoying, but a fairly easy fix it seems
  13. Are you using an nvidia based graphics card, by chance? If so, apparently there is some problems going around with those and Windows 10 at the moment (must have just started recently from what I'm seeing online).
  14. Sorry you are having the issues with the mouse. Just to clarify, you did try turning off the display pointer trails in your Windows mouse properties per the discussion in this thread, right? http://forums.wwiionline.com/forums/topic/415157-cant-get-past-mouse-ok/?do=findComment&comment=6296333