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  1. Hey

    This. Plus let's also take into account that TOM is going to be higher if Allies aren't spawning in as much. And combine that with the fact that, when I've been online, I've seen more than a few FB defenders and those guys can rack up the TOM stat pretty quick. Plus 111 pilots spend quite some time in the air if they are factory bombing, so there's that too. We've had some TT drivers in the Zees in the early stages of this campaign, that's going to add a lot too. TOM is a misleading stat in some ways. You just have to dig into it a little bit more to get a feel for WHY as opposed to just looking at the base number
  2. Let's be honest though, until there is a reason to go deep south for Axis or way up north of the Zeelands for Allies, we can expand the map all we want and it won't matter. When did we fight in Dieppe or Rotterdam during a campaign? Answer, probably not a single time ever. If the objective (for the Axis) is to take Abbe/Amiens/Montreiul, then we will never go south of there. If the objective (for the Allies) is Koln/Dusseldorf/Frankfurt, then they will never go north into Rotterdam. It just doesn't make strategic sense. So hopefully as the map expands, we will have reasons to go to those places. But as it stands now, there is zero reason to go there.
  3. I've seen it done, had it done to me, and done it myself (though I only did it myself once just to see if it would work)
  4. That's not just a recent (post 64-bit) development, that's happened for years. And if you get it placed just right, it'll clear the people behind the boxes in the cap room upstairs.
  5. It was painfully noticeable yesterday with higher populations. We had kind of been managing supply, but with large numbers yesterday.... wow....... That said... Where is my JU-88 so I can get to target as quick as the Allied bombers??
  6. Well, this was mentioned in the Friday news. But even with this said, I will accept that ping and packets are different, but something has still equated to a much more warp-filled and generally upsetting infantry game Ping vs Packets Higher pings do not directly result into worse playability, this is a misconception If you hit "Num-Lock" you can see your: Ping (coloration has been added) Packet transmission (white bar with little dots) This is the focal point. Packets should've improved. If you have a steady stream of packets you're good to go.
  7. Honestly, the infantry game has (for me and what I'm hearing on Discord) really suffered since the move. Players tend to be warping a LOT more than they were. Combine that with the fact that I'm now shooting infantry, seeing blood, and not even getting credit for hitting them in AAR and it's a pretty tough time to be an infantryman
  8. Great news! Thanks for the great updates!
  9. They they need to be better trained.
  10. This is unacceptable... it needs to be back up now! Torches and pitchforks out! I kid, I kid. Thanks for the update. Keep up the good work.
  11. This times 1,000. The main assault force in the game right now is the Garrison. I would use the garrison as a defensive unit to help prevent breakouts by divisions. Add 1-2 more divisions back onto the map and make them the size they are now, but reduce garrison supply to make it much more of a defensive force.
  12. Cap a spawnable, try to get a lot of people to spawn and get out before tanks surround it and camp it, rinse, repeat. Especially once bazooka/panzershrek is in the game, there is no way to bring attacking tanks into a town (good lord Axis should never do this with stuff like Tigers anyway!) and try to secure said CPs to keep them from being camped. And before someone says "cover the tanks with infantry", how do we go about doing that when we barely have enough infantry to cap and hold CPs, let alone then cover our tanks?
  13. I can certainly see what @XOOM is saying about trying to make it better for everyone, because let's face it, when one side has HC for hours and one side doesn't, that's how we get breakouts that race across the map. That said, I wish there was a bit more to do as HC because it is kind of a boring job now. I'm much more of a cheerleader than anything else at this point. I've rejoined to do my part, but if you look at the map now, for example, there is no way for me to get flags into a place where I can threaten Allied lines and help break the Axis out of where we are. I personally loved the old flag dance, that strategy of going up against someone you knew on the other side and seeing which of you would make the mistake first. That was fun and challenging.
  14. This kind of problem does seem to be happening quite a bit more lately. Myself and Hastien (I believe) were in a town the other day. I was cutting a bunker we were capping, he was in it. Allied infantryman runs across the courtyard and is reported to me, I see him (I'm laying at an angle the bunker door) and open up. Blood flies everywhere, I count about 10+ LMG hits on him from my gun. He keeps running and gets into the bunker. I call out that the EI made it into the bunker. Hastien, a rifle, shoots him twice in the chest, blood on the wall. The EI kills Hastien and stops our bunker cap. This kind of stuff is driving my nuts because it's not the first time it happens nor does it seem to be an isolated incident. It isn't like it's happening all the time, but it's frequent enough that it's starting to get to me (and quite a few others)
  15. I'm going to have to second @choad here on this one. Some wonky stuff was going on yesterday too. Hoping it's just a quick server reboot/maintenance can clear it up