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  1. Exlax was a good guy to play with and I'm proud to have called him a friend, a squadmate, and a colleague in this game. He'll be missed
  2. It's too bad it's all lead by @BIERBAER In all seriousness, this is a fantastic job done by the great volunteer GMs in this game. It is an underrated thing that these people do. I'm glad they are anonymous in order to allow them to continue to do their job and still enjoy the game.
  3. Not a fan at all. It has taken most strategy away and now it's just how fast can we move. Now, timers probably needed shortened, but maybe by 10% or so. Please remove this 30 second timer.
  4. This is a great idea. I spend way too much time on Reddit and would certainly participate in this
  5. Large gallery ahead http://imgur.com/a/S7W5P
  6. I want to actually add more to my comment. This game brings people together in ways that people don't expect. You play side by side with these guys for years, you talk to them on Teamspeak, become friends with them on Facebook, meet them in person. We talk about everything. We know each others families, what they are doing this weekend, what they enjoy and don't like. I've played with Hvyoutput and Hastien for a long time now. I'd like to think I call them both friends. It hits harder than you expect when this happens. On our squad forums Shagher said "I tried not to, but I failed. I admit I cried". I agree with that. I sat here and saw the news and had tears streaming down my face. That's what this game is. It isn't about what happens on the virtual battlefield, it's about the friends we make, the relationships we establish, and the memories we all have that makes this unlike any other game I've ever played. The last time I played with Hvyoutput he was an infantryman moving up with my tank to cover me. He was on TS with us, though he didn't talk much. I knew I was safe from sappers as long as he was there. And that was him. He did the stuff that made others successful. I'll never forget him, nor the impression he made on us as a squad, the game as a whole, and me as a player.
  7. Yes. As an Axis HC member, we need to arrange this
  8. Hvyoutput was a great person and squad member to play with. He will be missed in this game. Hastien, you and yours are always in our thoughts. !S