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  1. One thing of note here, and I've tested it numerous times before. Pay attention not to the tank itself, but to where the round comes from. Adjust your shot to hit where you see the round leave even if its not actually on the turret. You'll get a kill. Majes99 and I did this last campaign when he was Allied. I kept not getting kills on his tank, then when I adjusted every so slightly to the left where I saw the flash come from, instant gunner kill
  2. I know I'm late to the party, but I agree with so many above. There are just FAR too many tanks in the game right now. Even in T0 or T1. I'd love to see those numbers dropped significantly.
  3. The thing is, and I'm not trying to be overly critical, I have been playing this game since almost day one. And in that time I have almost never heard both sides screaming about the same problem at the same time. and what I'm seeing in chat in game, in my own personal forums for my squad, and being told by players is that they feel like they are being ignored. That they feel they are being railroaded to go one direction. It doesn't seem like very many people are happy, and a lot of people are talking about how they don't feel like they're being listened to. If I can be very honest, some of them have told me that they feel CRS is just digging their heels in and refusing to listen. that may or may not be true, but perception is sometimes more important than reality. everybody posting in this thread and so many of the other threads I've seen are doing so because we all love this game so much. there's not a single game on the planet that I have played for as long as I've played this game. We're all passionate about what we have here and the community that we built. So please don't take any of these criticisms as something directly against CRS or anything about nature. These are men and women who are frustrated, they're upset, and they just want some action taken. Like @ian77 said, The longer this goes without a resolution, the more people you lose, the more that won't come back. That's just a fact, and it's not specific to this game, it's just a fact. So please, for the love of this game, love of the community, the love of everything we built here since 2001, listen to the players. Right now both sides are screaming with a united voice for something. Listen to them
  4. I would agree with @Capco. Origin is FAR less useful than Side. Side needs to stay
  5. Ok,. I literally laughed out loud at this.
  6. A lot of people are I think
  7. Honestly I'm not enjoying it that much. I can only speak to what I see in game, but my squad has lost more than a few players (whether it be to go play Allied this campaign, letting their subs lapse, or just logging out and not playing any more). I have heard from more than one player that it feels more like work to play right now, and that's probably not the goal. I know CRS wants what is best for the game and I do have faith they will "get it right" so to speak, but its really rough. Seconding what @major0noob is saying, it isn't coming from the usual crowd either, I'm seeing it from quite a few vets
  8. There is no doubt there. I just wish I got to see it more. It is the single best weapon in the game in terms of a battlefield difference maker
  9. I think we've lost most of what was supposed to be "constructive" criticism here, sadly.
  10. To tack on to @ian77's point, transparency. Honesty. Be up front. It's ok to say "Yeah, we screwed the pooch on that one" and fix it. I think more players would be ok with that kind of answer than hearing stuff like "That's how it's supposed to be" or something like that. I think the vast majority of the players just want to know what is going on and the rationale behind what is going on. It does no good for anyone, CRS or playerbase, to hide details or obfuscate the truth. Don't tell people what they are seeing happening in game isn't what's happening. Remember that this is a game. People are here to have a good time. No, we don't want Red vs Blue, but we want to have fun. As just an example (please don't jump on me for this, I'm not saying it's true but I'm just tossing out a scenario), it can't be something like "Oh yes, the bf-109 outperforms all other aircraft at 5km+" and think that will suffice. Look at the game itself. The air war is fought below 1km altitude where the tactics of the bf-109 are negated. (again, just a scenario so please don't take that as gospel truth that I'm arguing). I've always said, from 2001 on, that one of the best and worst things about this game is how involved CRS is with the community. You guys care, you really do, it shows. I've been there. I saw in the meetings how much you care about this game. But I also know that having your ear that close to the community can certainly cause the squeakiest wheel to get the grease. And that isn't always what needs fixed the most.
  11. Well done both 91st and WHIPS!
  12. Great work all!
  13. OK @shagher, I'm going to address this rather than have a mod hide the thread (because I believe we need to nip this). I'm actually pretty upset that you called me out in public like this rather than talk to me about it. I'll take each one point by point No one "sent" me to lure *anyone* to play one side or the other. And the fact that you think this is true, frankly, is very wrong and insulting to me and the belief I have in our squad. I had every intention of playing Allied this campaign. I did not in any way influence anyone in WHIPS to come Allied. I wasn't even going to open that opportunity until well after I'd heard a minimum of 6 other WHIPS say they were going Allied this campaign. They said, very bluntly, they were tired of rolling through towns with no one to fight. None of them had any idea I was going Allied at the time they said it. The only person who may have had any inclination was Hastien, and that was only because he was taking over the squad as CO at the end of last campaign. The RATS (myself or otherwise) had no influence on what people wanted to do this campaign. This was an internal squad discussion. As a matter of fact, here is the exact quote I put on our forums If you read there, it was a decision made by squad leadership. Not just me. And my only comment during those discussions were that I was going, in no way was that meant to influence anyone in the squad leadership on whether to open that discussion up or not, it was only a comment on what I was doing and why I was stepping down as CO (among other reasons) There was no "backdoor games" being played here. We had numerous other members of the squad involved in this discussion. It was broached by senior leadership on November 22 and discussed both on forums and in Discord before being posted for all members on November 23. I'm really sorry you feel that I am trying to influence the squad to do one thing or the other. I was looking out for WHIPS as a squad. We were going to "lose" 5-8 regular players this campaign who had committed to going Allied. Leadership decided to open this one up a little bit. If you want to discuss this with me, then we discuss it in private. You said this was creating internal issues, but you just made them external.
  14. 2001 - British Aerial Assault Force
  15. Wow... lots of old names I recognize here. Welcome back everyone!