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  1. 2001 - British Aerial Assault Force
  2. Wow... lots of old names I recognize here. Welcome back everyone!
  3. Salute @hateract. This campaign was a blast. The next blast, however, will be our grenades clearing that CP with you in it
  4. Congrats everyone!
  5. Welcome back! Thanks for sending the link @bmw2
  6. Imgur is the best for this kind of thing, honestly, as @merlin51 said
  7. Apologies... you're right. I was thinking the Axis SPAA
  8. On the SPAA, there are only two views that can zoom like that. The commander (position 2) and the gunner (position 3). The driver of the vehicle can look at his instrument panel, but not zoom
  9. From what I've been seeing, updating the drivers (and sometimes actually rolling them back) seems to be helping people with this kind of problem. Annoying, but a fairly easy fix it seems
  10. Are you using an nvidia based graphics card, by chance? If so, apparently there is some problems going around with those and Windows 10 at the moment (must have just started recently from what I'm seeing online).
  11. Sorry you are having the issues with the mouse. Just to clarify, you did try turning off the display pointer trails in your Windows mouse properties per the discussion in this thread, right? http://forums.wwiionline.com/forums/topic/415157-cant-get-past-mouse-ok/?do=findComment&comment=6296333
  12. Weird. If it happens again, and it sounds like it was a weird fluke, let us know what that error is
  13. It's certainly not a terrible idea @zimmer. I'm not sure how this can be done from a CRS level, but certainly there can be a community run event (at least) where we help new players learn the ins and outs of the game.
  14. I've been in this game since 2001 and have never been to a mini-con. That said, I'm hoping to change that soon. I'm going to be up in the Winnipeg, Canada area in this upcoming summer for a long weekend and was wondering if there would be any interest in putting something together for the folks from that area or where it isn't a very far trip for. I'll be happy to help coordinate and set it up (provided there is someone somewhere in this community who is either from Winnipeg or familiar with it enough to help me). Thoughts folks?