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  1. I noticed that - hope he made it...
  2. The video is from the 1970s. It covers a large naval exercise involving the Yugoslav military. What is especially interesting is the use of German 88s as coastal guns.
  3. What vehicles can the player ride on? I have only used tanks and trucks (default key: j). Obviously the light vehicle class that I am proposing would not allow that.
  4. It would only carry 3 soldiers as was the case historically. It worked for the German Army. I don't see why it won't work for us. The Allies had similar vehicles which would be introduced to balance things out... like I don't know - the iconic Willys Jeep armed with a .50 cal machine gun. The French also had a BMW like motorcycle - 1940 Gillet Herstal 720 AF. Note the machine gun mount. So there you go - all combatants now have the same class of light vehicles. Willys Jeep was used by both US and British Forces (land lease deal). I hope that Xoom and the crew will consider this idea.
  5. It's called blitzkrieg. Speed, speed, speed. Those BMW motorcycles served their historic purpose. I would love to see them in the game as it would make things even more realistic.
  6. Pinup girls are always an eye catcher on t-shirts :-)
  7. A fixed MG 34 or MG 42 (as featured in the photos) would be operational from the side passenger's location. Regarding Panzerfaust - I was just hoping that the weapon would be available to the grenadier class in some near future.
  8. Add to this mix a Panzerfaust and you got yourself one mighty and fast firing platform.