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  1. Please consider holding these events once each month. This is a great way to have massive battles and attract new players.
  2. It would be useful if a sniper would have a ghillie suit instead of a standard uniform. Is this something that will be added to the game?
  3. It would be awesome if gift cards would be available for purchase - something like 1 or 3 months of premium subscription. I would love to buy some for a few of my friends to get them to join World War 2 Online.
  4. WW2 Online - The Best Thing Since Porn
  5. Ok, ok here is one of my own: Spill Virtual Blood!
  6. Veni, vidi, vici. -Julius Caesar
  7. In war there is no substitute for victory. -Douglas MacArthur
  8. Know thy self, know thy enemy. -Sun Tzu "The Art of War"
  9. Thanks - I was not aware of a more up to date map. I also like to use the Game Monitor.
  10. I just opened a WW2 Online game box from 2002 (Mac version). I was delighted to find a number of high resolution posters on the game CD. It may be useful to use this material for marketing purposes. You can download the high resolution version of these images here.
  11. I am also including the map (PDF) and the music intro (MP3) from the above mentioned CD. The more up to date map can be downloaded from http://tgpo.net
  12. Your web browser needs a pop-up blocker but even so you can just close that window manually. In terms of free and permanent hosting tinyupload.com has been around forever. You are welcome to place the high resolution zip file on another hosting service and share it with our community.
  13. tinyupload.com does not use Flash. I had no problems with it - never asked me to install anything. You just click on the download link to get all the high resolution images as a single zip file.
  14. It would be neat if each persona profile had an awards and decorations section based on various achievements... Something like this:
  15. I just left a comment.
  16. It runs fine on my end. No problems at all.
  17. Would it be possible to increase the existing HE amount on 75 mm Pak-40 from 15 to 50 rounds?
  18. Would it make sense to also release it on GOG.com?
  19. It is my impression that World War 2 Online strives to be historically accurate. It also aims to be realistic as much as any computer simulation can permit. With that in mind I would like to open a discussion about turning on friendly fire. I understand that this may be abused by grievers aka immature newbies but I would say that 95%+ players of World War 2 Online are mature players who actually know the rules of the game and would not purposely kill friendly forces.
  20. Player stats: https://stats.wwiionline.com/topplayers.php
  21. I am having a hard time determining the proper range for mortars.
  22. @jwilly Good point - I should have done that. @XOOM Makes sense. In retrospect it is indeed a small price to pay to preserve the overall enjoyment.
  23. I agree that it would be a great vehicle for quickly travelling (@ roughly the speed of trucks) and above all providing recon.
  24. When can we expect to see one of these bad boys?