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  1. Merry Christrmas RATS!!! Thanks for all the hard work.
  2. Pittpete, I HAVE THE SAME ISSUE ABOVE. Bank was billed on Dec 12th but game shows I have paid the subscription.
  3. Guys, I guess due to the Summer doldrums I noticed the last map population was very low the entire map. I still think that to grow the numbers the map should start 1943 EVERYTIME so the Americans are in the game and the later tanks and rifles. I would guess the numbers would 10-1 who wants to use US weapons over the French. i understand the contributions of the French in WW2 but I hate the weapons and want to play the US forces. It will drive the population up if you start the map in 1943 i would bet on it.
  4. I second that my and family will be praying for you and may God bless you.
  5. 2003 26. Panzer Division CO Haulyou2 \
  6. 1944 battles with ALL the toys and folks will play more and new players will join. I guarantee it I will even donate 100 if the numbers bear this out for one map.
  7. Guys, What I am saying is just mix in a 1944 map maybe every other reset. I am not asking for historical numbers for each side since the allied side would vastly outnumber the Germans by 1944 esp tanks and air power. ALL I am saying is I get tired of playing French most of the time and hardly using all the newer weapon types since they never are even available till the last days of the map. I just want to mix things up and see what happens to the player base numbers by trying a later map with all the late tiers in the game which includes all the inf weapons as well.
  8. Guys I have been shouting from the ROOFTOPS just make the game 1944 and provide all the weapons for that period. That means automatic rifles, tigers, crus, mattys, sherm 76 and most importantly the AMERICANS in the game ALL OF IT!!!! Most folks dont care about historical accuracy give them the toys and I will promise you the new players will stay and there will be MORE folks online playing the game which is what we all want. I have been playing this game for years and I myself am bored with playing the French all the time. I want to see 1944 MAP from start to finish!!!
  9. CRS Please do a map in 1944 with the Americans and Brits versus the Germans. I really believe that it will bring in a good group of new players. Let's think outside the box and supply full spawn list with limited historical supply and see how it goes just for one map. Then you guys can use the player data to see if the numbers go up or not. Just tired of not playing with any of the late war weapons including the later infantry weapons. Please try this just for one map maybe do a poll and see what the player base has to say.
  10. Long time player started playing around 2003, played for a few years then checked out for over 7 years (Divorce and new wife long story) and now I am back. Still love the game and sincerely appreciate all the blood sweat and tears that the RATS put into this every day. Since I have been back and was able to play around with all the new weapons at intermission I have a question. I think that with all the effort the RATS put into developing all the new weapons why not just put all the "toys into the sandbox" and let all the weapons be available all the time? You still use the rank system to make folks earn the right to get better weapons but I think with everything at each sides disposal I think we could grow the game more. Players want all the toys and identify more with 1944 weapons than 1941 and I for sure have found the game more fun when all the later stage weapons are available . Just my two cents.
  11. 2002 26th Panzer