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  1. 2004 105thpzbrigade
  2. Matamor! What's up old comrade?
  3. There are times, like when I'm trying to drive an opel or a PZ, that I just don't have time to approve contact reports. So, I use the .autoleader command, so that I won't be given ML status soley because of my rank. Since 1.27, however, this function does not seem to work. I have typed it on many occasions, and "autoleader off" always comes up on the screen. However, I am still automatically made the ML when I'm the highest ranking member on the mission. Anybody else noticed this?
  4. IMHO if you are getting a new computer, your problem with WWIIOL will not be your monitor, but it will be the Microsoft Vista OS that it will undoubtably come loaded with!
  5. Nice showing by the good old 1775th! S! guys. S! 3rd PZgruppe