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  1. I am hoping that F2P will adopt the same principals as other F2P games in that Prem accts will revert to F2P once sub has expired and limitations be applied accordingly...This is my only real issue with F2P atm, I had to make a new acct to see how the game is coming along without subbing for a month since main acct is locked out having been prior prem status. Maybe the 1 month of premium is a public test to see if the acct successfully reverts back once premium status is finished, as of now I've heard only what the wiki says in that its "not possible" to revert from premium to f2p and keep ranks/stats...not sure why.
  2. I purchased a TM T.16000 FCS throttle and stick to replace my old x52. I installed drivers and began to play. Set controllers up in game the way I wanted and included trackir for my viewing. Next day I logged in and my joysticks were no longer being detected, tried the following fixes: -Unplugged/Plugged in controllers in game (hit detect controllers) -Same as above but after closing client and relogging -Re-installing drivers -Re-installing game -Deleted air.cfg so it made a new file -TM software profile's No luck on fix, oddly this happened after a session where the game worked great with it.