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  1. Hey Rats is there any new AA platforms being discussed and or worked on? (flak 38? flakvierling 38? 37mm AA ??)
  2. one of these days we gotta have an MASSIVE axis AA battery vs allied EA
  3. nah brotha man, the SPAA is where its at, buuutttttt i would do it !
  4. please fly alot so i can blast ya outta the sky
  5. f**k it im gonna play from McDonalds free wifi and then [censored] about how my game is laggy....
  6. the 3rd and 4th pics are of planes that were used by the navy in the pacific, not europe... the Dauntless dive bomber and SB2U vindicator
  7. what about all of your f**kers planes??? the axis has half of what you guys have and you guys STILL want MORE.
  8. LMAO im glad I gave you guys a chuckle lol
  9. I will make this quick and simple...why do the allies get 2 zoom levels on their 20mm and the Axis dont ?? 2 zoom levels would be amazing
  10. thank you !
  11. I said the same thing...well except for multi-barrel AA, of course.
  12. Hello Gents! I am here today to tell you about the Flakvierling 38. The flakvierling is a quad barrel 20mm AA gun. I would like to see it into the game because it entered service in 1940, what is tier 0?? 1939-1940... there is no reason why it shouldn't be in the game, it could give the ground pounders (such as myself) a little defense against the air quake and the reinforced titanium DB-7's and Havocs...just sayin. ideas for where you could put em is vast, you could mount them on the back of a half track. Make them portable, like the single barrel 20 we have, or have them AI controlled (AB's,docks,AF's, etc) or even on boats !! (on a train ^)