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  1. just make the timers like 1 second or 1.5 second,s yeesh
  2. a few softcaps?---ok, but winning 90% of the map??---not ok
  3. Let me just make this quick and to the point, why do we have softcaps???? They ruin the game, its just a cheap way to win or take over most of the map. Furthermore, this campaign that the axis are winning, isnt good comms and teamwork, its softcaps. I think the players would have more fun because when you AO a town you will have resistance....a battle (shocker, I know). An easy fix to this soft capping issue would be you cant AO a town with no brigades, or you CAN AO a town with no brigades but you have to wait 2 hours to AO another town with no brigades
  4. you guys have fast [censored] bombers, db-7 and the havoc just blowing the [censored] out of EVERYTHING! Thats unfair, i want more AA added to the game, MULTIBARRELED AA to be exact, (whirbelwind,ostwind, flak panzers etc)
  5. Its funny, EVERYONE has been b**ching about this issue and all of a sudden boom here we this because 2 big squads unsubed? Probably...well this is what you get when you guys want to play grab a$$...dont bite the hand that is feeding you...but ya know delete this (just like most of my other posts)
  6. yeah thats neat how you added more tanks and planes. thats cool and and all but that just further proves my point. my point is we need to balance out the air quake business, make AA guns have more damage, increase AA AI at towns idk figure it out, but you guys always go back to "we just got done with 5 new tanks and 2 new planes" thats cool and all but were asking you guys to try to fix the air unbalanced-ness but adding more planes is just ADDING to the air quake. its kinda like this: we need a way to make these cars more safer, any idea's ? uh we made 4 new cars with 4 different types of leather and a couple go pretty fast!
  7. Man after reading all of this I am really considering unsubbing and moving on. This is a load, its sad to see the air so unbalanced that people bring up the issues to CRS and they dont do a damn thing. Then people like BMBM and merlin51 who HAVE to chime in on everything you f**king know-it-alls, and you guys BARELY play the game, but yet know EVERYTHING in the game. This just adds to the frustration and REALLY makes me want to un sub for good....
  8. then what type of game is this please inform me...
  9. then if tigers were limited in numbers then make the 88 devastating. the 88 should kill ANY tank from tier 0-2 in ONE hit. same with the tiger, its BS that it takes way to many hits to kill a sherman. furthermore if CRS wanted to be "historical accurate" like it says on their website, then they would give Axis more of a variety of AA guns (flak 38, flak 43, ostwind, whirbelwind, flak panzers, flak 38 on HT ETC..) and a spit shouldn't be able to absorb 2 bofors hits and fly away, same goes with the DB7 and Havoc taking 5-7 shells to kill...NU HUH, those planes weren't as thick as tank armor, they were as thick as a car door...
  10. Thats a cool story, but I think your missing what im saying. Im saying that our bombers are slow and easy to kill compared to allies bombers. the DB-7 can take 5-7 shots like a champ and still fly while our HE111 or stukas take 1 MAYBE 2hits and explode. what your saying is like this: "damn these tanks that camp an AB is BS, our tanks cant do that!" your response: well I knew someone who drove 4 Sherman's to frankfurt and shot there factories to [censored], no protection, nothing. thats a cool story but that has NOTHING to do with tanks camping an AB...
  11. Answer this question: when was the last time you heard the allies say "oh great, the axis are doing air quake again! "......I will tell you the answer, NEVER, because our bombers are slower than sh#t, our bombers have never locked down an AB or FB. Our bombers take 1 hit MAYBE 2 and explode, but yet i say a DB-7 take 10 hits until he crashed and exploded, and i didnt even get a kill, i got 2 hits....
  12. i should hope so, your planes are getting shot with 20mms, 40mms, 37mm rounds into a plane with armor about as thick as a car door...
  13. I agree axis need better planes or more AA, plain and simple