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  1. Hello Gents! I am here today to tell you about the Flakvierling 38. The flakvierling is a quad barrel 20mm AA gun. I would like to see it into the game because it entered service in 1940, what is tier 0?? 1939-1940... there is no reason why it shouldn't be in the game, it could give the ground pounders (such as myself) a little defense against the air quake and the reinforced titanium DB-7's and Havocs...just sayin. ideas for where you could put em is vast, you could mount them on the back of a half track. Make them portable, like the single barrel 20 we have, or have them AI controlled (AB's,docks,AF's, etc) or even on boats !! (on a train ^)
  2. why is this a thing in the game? I mean c'mon !! i hit him a ton of times and nothing, i put atleast 20 rounds into the cockpit...
  3. Hey Rats is there any new AA platforms being discussed and or worked on? (flak 38? flakvierling 38? 37mm AA ??)
  4. nah brotha man, the SPAA is where its at, buuutttttt i would do it !
  5. please fly alot so i can blast ya outta the sky
  6. f**k it im gonna play from McDonalds free wifi and then [censored] about how my game is laggy....
  7. the 3rd and 4th pics are of planes that were used by the navy in the pacific, not europe... the Dauntless dive bomber and SB2U vindicator
  8. what about all of your f**kers planes??? the axis has half of what you guys have and you guys STILL want MORE.
  9. LMAO im glad I gave you guys a chuckle lol
  10. I will make this quick and simple...why do the allies get 2 zoom levels on their 20mm and the Axis dont ?? 2 zoom levels would be amazing
  11. thank you !
  12. I said the same thing...well except for multi-barrel AA, of course.
  13. just make the timers like 1 second or 1.5 second,s yeesh
  14. Let me just make this quick and to the point, why do we have softcaps???? They ruin the game, its just a cheap way to win or take over most of the map. Furthermore, this campaign that the axis are winning, isnt good comms and teamwork, its softcaps. I think the players would have more fun because when you AO a town you will have resistance....a battle (shocker, I know). An easy fix to this soft capping issue would be you cant AO a town with no brigades, or you CAN AO a town with no brigades but you have to wait 2 hours to AO another town with no brigades
  15. a few softcaps?---ok, but winning 90% of the map??---not ok
  16. you guys have fast [censored] bombers, db-7 and the havoc just blowing the [censored] out of EVERYTHING! Thats unfair, i want more AA added to the game, MULTIBARRELED AA to be exact, (whirbelwind,ostwind, flak panzers etc)
  17. doesnt matter where you go you'll still get plinked...or BOMBED
  18. Its funny, EVERYONE has been b**ching about this issue and all of a sudden boom here we this because 2 big squads unsubed? Probably...well this is what you get when you guys want to play grab a$$...dont bite the hand that is feeding you...but ya know delete this (just like most of my other posts)
  19. yeah thats neat how you added more tanks and planes. thats cool and and all but that just further proves my point. my point is we need to balance out the air quake business, make AA guns have more damage, increase AA AI at towns idk figure it out, but you guys always go back to "we just got done with 5 new tanks and 2 new planes" thats cool and all but were asking you guys to try to fix the air unbalanced-ness but adding more planes is just ADDING to the air quake. its kinda like this: we need a way to make these cars more safer, any idea's ? uh we made 4 new cars with 4 different types of leather and a couple go pretty fast!
  20. Man after reading all of this I am really considering unsubbing and moving on. This is a load, its sad to see the air so unbalanced that people bring up the issues to CRS and they dont do a damn thing. Then people like BMBM and merlin51 who HAVE to chime in on everything you f**king know-it-alls, and you guys BARELY play the game, but yet know EVERYTHING in the game. This just adds to the frustration and REALLY makes me want to un sub for good....
  21. then what type of game is this please inform me...