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  1. I’m just saying that the timers were put in to balance the low pop side and give them a fighting chance. Of course you xcas is complaining about them (the timers) being unfair to the overpop side because you can no longer steamroll the underpop side. People will not want to subscribe to a game if they constantly feel that the game gives an advantage to one side or another. Just thought the cap timers gave more balance to the game.
  2. Xcas Allied have lost 5 maps in a row and are losing this one as well. Not sure why you’re complaining. Sorry winning this campaign isn’t coming easy enough for you. (not)
  3. Other than forcing people to play on the low pop side this is the only other way (I can see) to balance the game. It’s not fun playing on the underpop side and getting rolled. I think this has given the underpop side a fighting chance. My only hope is that the faster timers don’t make it harder for the underpop side.
  4. Anyone with a MG42
  5. Use the mini map constantly, I like to know if the footsteps I’m hearing are friendly or not!!
  6. Like this idea! Since paras don’t have the opportunity to respawn at an FMS outside of town they should have the ability to cap faster. We would definitely see and increase in para missions! They would be a force to be reckoned with.
  7. Like this idea, but hate the idea of veterans only using your tigers. Allied killed 4 tigers driving into the center of Oostmalle yesterday only to get sapped or zooked. That tank is deadly if used properly and as an Allied player I like it when noobs use it . But yes, I have to agree the lower the supply of an item should be unlocked with higher ranks
  8. I think the reduction of EWS and faster FMS build timers has helped ability to attack a town. However once the FMS is located they are difficult to defend especially in later tiers. The enemy armor easily out classes any ATGs that can spawn at it. Would like to see more options of PPOs to fortify FMSs, or maybe a faster cool down timer for the ability to build more gun emplacements around the FMS so it’s not as easily camped. Also have to agree with delems, one person not on the same page can give away you FMS location even if it’s hidden in the perfect location.
  9. I think some of the playerbase frustration is some believe nothing is being done about cheaters. I’ve heard several veteran players say “I don’t bother to .report anymore because nothing gets done”. You don’t have to name names but I think a weekly or monthly post saying x# players .reported with x# players banned would go a long way. I also believe increasing the timer for side switching may help.
  10. I would like to thank the GMs for the thankless job they do. I can’t imagine how many .reports they go though daily. I also appreciate their attention to this matter. Cheaters can almost singlehandly ruin a attack or defense, and am very happy that they follow up on these reports. I try to look at a players stats prior to reporting them (100 career sorties with a 7 KD ratio with a bolt action..yeah probably getting .reported, 10,000 sorties yeah he’s probably that good and not getting .reported) GM team, thank you for your transparency on this matter.
  11. Agree that the cap timers promote team play, however it does seem to hurt the low pop side. I wonder if adjusting the cap timer up or down depending on if you're low pop or not would help balance game play; i.e. Low pop would have slightly faster timers.
  12. Love the winter Christmas theme, especially the Christmas present satchel charges! Delivered several to axis already! Great job CRS!!
  13. I've had a steelseries arctis 5 for almost a year now. Very happy with it, comfortable, and amazing sound quality. Highly recommend them!
  14. The AO system needs to be fixed because you can't soft cap a town......hmmmm. First world problems I guess. Agree with B2K on this one, you need to work better with your HC to better coordinate those soft caps!