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  1. Chaptow (resident) well deserved!!!
  2. To my understanding you can camp an FMS all you want, but you can not position you tank in a place where it impedes the spawn point (blocking the spawn point). I wasn’t there so I don’t know what happened in your case. I have however seen tanks roll right up to the opening of an FMS and block it so nothing can spawn without dying or being clipped into the tank which isn’t (or shouldn’t be) allowed
  3. Okay my 2 cents here, (that’s probably all it’s worth). Let’s get the supply issue figured out and balanced (this includes armor amounts) prior to the next campaign. I would also like to see the the HE charge damages, and cap timers are also functioning properly (I know axis had a issue with HE charges, and Allied had an issue with timers) Just want a fair fight next campaign. What’s done is done and is in the past, can’t go back and change what has already happened. Time to fix it and move forward. If Allied has extra armor due to the Close Support tanks, take them off. I wouldn’t want our regular armor to be reduced for close support armor.
  4. Yes guarding sucks arse, but it is a necessity. However I see less and less doing it (because it sucks), and only a few familiar names continue to guard. I like Asatru5555 idea, however it will remove a component from the game like ninja caps or multi caps. Also the realism of the game is guarding (a.k.a. guard duty).
  5. Thank you RATS for continuing to update the game. I look forward to seeing this patch.
  6. I like how this was about the build time for setting an FMS, but turned into a debate on trucks rolling. I think the build time on the FMS is fine. I would however like to see the cool down timer sped up for PPOs (especially gun emplacements and tank traps)
  7. 3 bugs I can think of: 1- Fire bug / Engine bug 2- French AT gun flips over when spawning in at FMS. (Happens often but not all the time) 3- British 2 pounder AT gun have a tendency to flip forward when being pushed forward. You need to deploy and reset gun before pushing again
  8. This is concerning. 4 kills a minute with a rifle @ 300m? Something does not seem right here. I know the players killed are good players so I’m pretty sure they were not just running in the open asking to be killed. I ran across a similar situation last campaign, and one player basically killed our attack. The player was .reported and was banned. However it still stopped the attack, and several squadmates logged due to frustration. A quick google search for ww2ol cheats will show sites that offer cheat programs. I’m sure CRS is also aware of them as well. I just wish when a player is .reported numerous times in a short period swifter action would be taken to at least suspend their activity until it can be determined if they are cheating on not.
  9. Imded Agree 100% plus don’t flip the FB on a sides attack!
  10. I’m just saying that the timers were put in to balance the low pop side and give them a fighting chance. Of course you xcas is complaining about them (the timers) being unfair to the overpop side because you can no longer steamroll the underpop side. People will not want to subscribe to a game if they constantly feel that the game gives an advantage to one side or another. Just thought the cap timers gave more balance to the game.
  11. Xcas Allied have lost 5 maps in a row and are losing this one as well. Not sure why you’re complaining. Sorry winning this campaign isn’t coming easy enough for you. (not)
  12. Other than forcing people to play on the low pop side this is the only other way (I can see) to balance the game. It’s not fun playing on the underpop side and getting rolled. I think this has given the underpop side a fighting chance. My only hope is that the faster timers don’t make it harder for the underpop side.
  13. Like this idea! Since paras don’t have the opportunity to respawn at an FMS outside of town they should have the ability to cap faster. We would definitely see and increase in para missions! They would be a force to be reckoned with.
  14. Like this idea, but hate the idea of veterans only using your tigers. Allied killed 4 tigers driving into the center of Oostmalle yesterday only to get sapped or zooked. That tank is deadly if used properly and as an Allied player I like it when noobs use it . But yes, I have to agree the lower the supply of an item should be unlocked with higher ranks