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  1. My two cents here. I think we as a community need to make this a positive environment for the new steam players should be priority #1. Get them into squads, help them learn and succeed on the battlefield. Get them on discord... I'm still somewhat new to this game but comms on discord made this game even more enjoyable. I understand things need to be tweaked with damage, population, ui, etc. hopefully with a high user retention of steam players will allow enough capital for the rats to bring on more staff to address the issues people have been complaining about.
  2. Great squad! Go LANCERS!
  3. Thank him for his service! Great photo!
  4. RIP
  5. RIP Sal, you will be missed. You taught me a lot the short amount of time I have been in game with you.
  6. Yes merlin51, Also some axis squads (players) do an amazing job cutting cp's and ab's with the fg42/mg42. I feel the .30 browning will be the best allied equivalent.
  7. I think the best counter to the fg42 is the .30 browning heavy machine gun which is supposed to be coming out some time in the (hopefully near) future. I know they are both very different guns, but I believe this is the best allied option that was widely used in ww2
  8. R.A.T. 3 mouse 3500dpi and you can adjust the movement speed of the mouse while in game