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  1. I was going to ask if the wiki was outdated. I looked up the Engineer where it says Engineer has satchel charges and such... but when I play my rifleman I also have access to satchel charges... so was Rifleman and Engineer merged? Seems the Wiki can't really be trusted..
  2. It was a brown one, so I guess a Panhard. We probably did kill the commander then cause I shot him like 5 times at really close range (his torso and head literally covered my entire front sight and then some on my K98). What does killing the commander do though? Does it impair the vehicle somehow like not being able to unbutton and look around? I'll look into those sapper videos. I had a lot of fun crawling up on that vehicle. It was exciting and knowing where to hit them would of course make it even better. Not sure what rank I need to be to be a sapper though. Currently rank 2. We also ran into another armored car later on, but that one we marked on the map then threw a smoke grenade next to it and told everyone in the Target chat that there was an armored car west of the town, marked with smoke. Didn't take long and one of our Pz III's rolled up and wasted him. Teamwork like that was pretty awesome too
  3. Thanks, appreciate the detailed feedback Was playing yesterday with 3 of my friends. We don't use TeamSpeak anymore though after we started using Discord ( . Being able to freely set up text channels and as many voice chat channels we want at zero cost and no need to have a TS3 server hosted, IP/address stored or mess with passwords made TS3 redundant for our part. I may still look into it though if I get more heavily involved with the game. For now though I'm having fun together with my friends. Storytime... feel free to skip Had great fun yesterday when we all spawned at the FB to attack some Bumville town (Boxtel maybe?). I spawned an Opel Blitz and the 3 of them jumped in and off we went. Drove for about 10 minutes and then I hit a bump in the terrain which sent the Opel flying through the air... and everyone fell off the truck... I didn't notice so I kept going and left them all behind. Oh well... they were halfdead and bleeding out anyways. So I drove off to within 1km of the town and I set up an FMS (yey for learning things in tutorials), then despawned the Opel and respawned as a rifleman. At that point my friends who survived being catapulted out of the Opel had been trying to catch up and they found an allied armored car who was machinegunning the town. We then decided to attack the armored car (we were all riflemen with K98s). My friends first tried to shoot the commander who was unbuttoned. But despite multiple shots at fairly close range we were unable to kill him... either that or he died but the character was still rendered as being unbuttoned? Not sure. He still stayed in position though so I threw a smoke grenade off to the side, followed up with a frag nade to get his attention. And it actually worked. After the boom he started machinegunning into the smoke while we were crawling closer on our bellies. As we got to within 200m he unfortunately saw one of my friends and promptly deleted him from the equation, then drove off towards the smoke I had placed and drove into the smoke and stopped. Which meant he was right next to me. I managed to crawl towards him and I tried, at like 50m range, to shoot the commander again but yet again even with the sights directly on him and covering the sight I saw no sign of killing him... ??? But since I shot my gun he became aware of me and started to look around... when his turret was obviously going to face me, I started sprinting towards him, but he started shooting and I fell down... he turned away, probably thinking he had killed me (and I thought I was dead too), but I wasn't dead! So I managed to get up and run up to the armored car and put the HE sprengladung thing on the side of the armored car... then ran off and with a giant BOOM... ... nothing happened... car was still intact, and then he machinegunned me to death for real. I guess I should have placed the HE charge on his engine... or tires... lesson learned. However... it was really fun trying to sneak up on that car, distracting him with smoke, communicating together when he moved and warning eachother if he was getting too close. Sure, we failed at killing him a few times, we got shot dead several times, but in the end we did get him In the end... we had a great time... despite being catapulted off the Opel, gunned down, failing at blowing him up several times and all that stuff. And having a great time is what matters
  4. Thanks for confirming. So don't build new FMS while on a mission without first asking to avoid trolling the rest of the guys on same mission... gotcha
  5. So a mission can only have one FMS? Will the first one disappear if I build a second one, or will the game just prevent me from building it ?
  6. So I have another question... If me and 2-3 friends want to attack an FB and I spawn an Opel Blitz to transport my friends closer to avoid having to run on foot for miles... how can I join my friends in the actual attack? From what I could deduce after playing the Opel Blitz yesterday I was basically stuck in the Opel and couldn't leave it. All I could do was drive around and park next to tanks or infantry to rearm them. Is there a way for me to leave the Opel and quickly get to my friends to help in an attack or would I need to run on foot to them (optionally get someone else to drive me there)?
  7. For an affordable and good joystick I would go with the suggestion of @GrAnit and get the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro. Drawback with the Extreme 3D Pro however is that it's not ambidextrous. Which means it's ergonomically designed to fit in the right hand and will be very awkward to use if you are left-handed. It also has a large and stable base so it won't slip or lift up when you are using it. For more advanced setup the T16000M FCS is quite nice and affordable. It comes with both Stick + Throttle. The stick is very similar to the Wingman 3D pro (image above) but contrary to the Wingman it is actually ambidextrous since you can detach the thumb-rest on the left side of the stick and attack a right side thumb rest instead. Only thing I didn't quite fancy with the T16000M FCS was the throttle being on a flat and straight rail which gives you a straight forward or backwards motion rather than a slightly arced motion like other throttles have. I find the Throttle on the T16000M FCS to also have a bit of friction when doing slight, precise adjustments (e.g. when very slightly adjust throttle in a plane when landing) which causes it to be a bit jerky... but that might just be my model. Another great HOTAS option is the X52 Pro which I used for a long time and was very happy with in Elite Dangerous.
  8. Thanks a lot for all the replies. Community in this game seems very nice and welcoming. I was asking questions in the Side channel in the game and people were very helpful with explaining things. So does the Allies use similar channels like Axis? 10 - Ground Forces 20 - Air Force 30 - Navy So far I've mostly played Axis. I tried a few different things besides the Infantry, like the Opel Blitz cause I wanted to resupply people (figured that would be a good role for a newbie) as well as the tanks (but got blown up before I could see enemy) and the AT guns (which I really enjoyed). I'm a bit undecided what faction and/or branch I want to focus on because I haven't tried it all yet! So far I am just testing the German stuff. Some of you mentioned being unable to create Squads. Actually I was able to make a Squad but I don't have enough friends who play this game to form it. Seems the minimum needed is an XO + 3 members. While you can't do that as part of the Free To Play 'subscription' the game actually gives you 2 weeks of 'Full Access' as part of a trial for the game when you are registering as a new user. So this means I have another 11-12 days of 'Full Access' to try things out before I need to subscribe. Granted, the lack of ranks is preventing me from using some equipment (really wanted to try the 50mm PaK, but it was Rank 2). Anyways, looking forward to more fights today. Much to learn and many things to try!
  9. Thanks. Watched some of the videos. I got a better sense of how the attack and the FBs and such work. Makes more sense now how to figure out where the action is happening and how to get there. Can I make my own Squad to invite my friends and then create missions for us to do out of the different towns where an AO or DO is placed?
  10. Just started playing this game but it's really confusing so far. I know about the "New players must read" thread. Been going through that one (not had a chance to view the videos yet). Some questions though: When playing last night I joined some missions... but everytime, before I really figured out what was happening everyone left the mission, I was made Leader (uh, lol?) and I had no clue what to do. I had a Pz 38 in one case and when I asked someone where to go they told me to go north to some Bumville place... so I checked map, and started driving... then realized it would take me, literally, an hour or two to get there. 1. So what happens to the tank if I just log off and rejoin another mission? Is it lost? Does it get put back into resirculation? 2. Also... why are all the missions, apparently, really short? I joined several missions yesterday and they were all abandoned in less than 15 minutes... (evident by the fact that I was suddenly made leader). 3. When everyone leaves a mission... should I leave too? Can't I get a new mission without exiting the battle (e.g. press escape and despawn) 4. Are missions crucial? Can you play in a squad with friends even without an active mission and just, I dunno.... go kill enemies? 5. What can you do if you get stranded in the middle of nowhere on foot? For example, clueless as I am, after a fight yesterday I was far outside the city as an infantryman... someone drove past with an Open Blitz so I jumped in and they drove me to god knows where... super-far from the city we were just at, and even worse my friend who was shot was still at that city and it would have taken him a week to run to us on foot. Any way for us to get back together without having to despawn or something? I probably have a dozen more newbie questions as well... but these are some of the things that have me confused now in the start.
  11. I'm a small time streamer and been considering streaming this game (if I can wrap my head around how it all works... game is a bit complex, though I had fun so far!) Maybe a bit of streaming can help spread the word as well. While my channel is small I have a lot of players who have a genuine interest in WW2 games (e.g. Heroes & Generals, Days of Infamy, Days of Wars and others). I'm sure quite a few would be interested in this game too when they realize the scale and potential of it.