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  1. I guess I was asking about an actual list of the weapons in game now. When I left it was just the regular infantry and a few tanks. There was talk about the P38 and I think I saw the Stuart. I apologize for being unclear
  2. Pick up “I could never be so lucky again” a biography about Doolittle. Great read and it puts you in the shoes of an iconic man.
  3. Is there a list of equipment someplace?
  4. I’m guessing that I would lose my Col rank then as FTP. Would I retain Everything I had 16 years ago if I started tonight as a Premium or do I have to start over.
  5. What is the difference between FTP and a Subscription. Pm me the details. I am looking to give this game another go.
  6. Wow... this put a smile on my face. I will keep in touch. I need to DL the game and just bang off 16 years of rust before I’m Section 2 quality again.
  7. I was in Section 2. We were a sniper squad. I LOVED the “lone marksman” aspect of the game. Back in the day 7 of us went to Brussels. We held the city contested for over three hours. We killed 81 with one loss. We went in on foot and left on foot. one of the reasons why we left was because our play style was “removed”. It was around that time that sniper classes were implemented. We only liked the open sights anyway. We went to harass and contest, never to “Hump a city”, while the main force, pushed on another city. We perfected the sniper shot through the view hole of the Ally tanks, they whined and got bulletproof plexiglass. We perfected the sniper shot on the scout vehicles using the velocity of the K98, They whined and we got the Pan-char. We sniped pilots in aircraft, they whined and they got chicken pits that were impervious to rifle fire. We sniped AT gunners and we got mech warriors that wouldn’t even die to pistol rounds RIGHT TO THE HEAD. Thats why the whole squad left. We fired, they died, they cried, game changed...until we open sight marksman soldiers just left. I left a Col. no idea what I would be now. Tatonka!!!! Holy crap!!! You remember Section 2??
  8. June 6 2001 with Section 2 and Dr. Cairo.
  9. I was a first day player. There were thousands of players. There were thousands of bugs. The Char was Uber. The Germans had the tungsten core round in the pak36. Chars were impervious to Stuka bombs. The K98 sight floated all over the place.... whats changed oh. And when I left they had just added snipers. Just to give you an idea of the state of the game when I just gave up.
  10. Yeah this VERY annoying, as it can mean a life or death situtation, and Im busy ...waiting for my lag to go away
  11. Hey guys, I recently upgraded my Comp. My V-card is a GeForce 9600 GT. The game runs GREAT, expect every 30-45 secs, I will get a MAJOR lag spike that last about 3-7 seconds, then everything will go back to perfectly normal. Also a note; This is with the lowest settings or the highest settings. It happens with all classes, Inf, Tanks, Aircraft ..etc etc. 30-45 secs of increddible gameplay, followed by about 3-7 secs of MAJOR lag.