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  1. Can an IP address be "easily" locked to a side? I suspect a range might affect multiple people but if IP addresses can be locked for a set period that would reduce, I hope, spying. As for side imbalance I wish there was a better indicator of how badly one side is outnumbered, like a seesaw symbol or like a dash indicator. I really just want a fun experience and good battles over "winning at all costs". Getting pounded on by overwhelming odds just isn't fun and causes people to log off. That doesn't do either side any good. Victory without effort is a hollow victory.
  2. EVGA 750W fully modular power supply for $60 with free shipping. 10 Year warranty. Looks like a pretty good deal to me. If this is the wrong forum to post this in, sorry. I just purchased this and it did show as $59.99 in cart (10/30/2018). I like the versatility of modular power supplies. It helps keep the interior of the cases less cluttered.
  3. I looked at the individual prices being asked for the component and I think $650 is reasonable. If that doesn't work out for you there is always ArrowDirect. I picked up and HP 8300 for $200. It came with a i7-3770, 128GB ssd and 8GB of RAM. You have to look thru their stuff. Sometimes I don't think they know what they have and you can get some good deals. I got my youngest kid a Xeon E3-1240 v2 system for about $200. I had to buy a GTX 950 video card for it too but it plays all the games he's thrown at it like ARK.
  4. It wasn't too long after that Steam came along. I've had my Steam account since April 2004 and yeah...downloading a game back then at 33.6K took couple of days. I want to think that Valve was offering compensation if you sent back your physical copy of some of those Half Life 1 add-ons like Blue Shift and Opposing Force. I was suspicious and never took them up on that offer. I wanted those CDs in my cold dead hands before they ever got them back. I still have them. When I got a US Robotics 56K external business modem I thought I was on the cutting edge. I later gave that modem to our hospital to upload/download Kronos time card swipes at one of our nursing homes in 2006. I am revisiting Stalker - Call of Pripyat right now and wow its such a great game. The Call of Chernobyl mod with maps from all three games on it. It's early on and I'm like a vulture swooping down after firefights to loot the dead but if the NPCs get there first they will also loot the dead. The graphics, imo, have held up reasonably well.
  5. I'm pretty sure that PC would run the game fine. You didn't list a price so I can't tell you if you are getting a good deal or not but the specs look good to me. Just be careful on Craigslist. There are scammers there, like anywhere else. The i5-4690K rates 7797 in multi threading and 2237 single thread. For single thread frame of reference an i9-9900K rates 2888 so its really not that far off from what was just released. The SSD is decent. The 1 TB hdd is a touch small if you have a lot of games. Reference is Passmark scores. The GTX 980 is pretty solid too. If you want you can find video reference on passmark too.
  6. The easier it is for the end user the harder it is for the programmer... at least that the way it works in healthcare IT. I just erased a lot of venting...
  7. If they could be used like normal infantry that might make it more appealing to purchase the DLC. It's not like the Germans or Americans didn't use them like that during the war.
  8. Para drops do not occur often enough to justify the price of the Para DLC. Its the only DLC I didn't purchase.
  9. I find it by typing "WWII" in the store page search box.
  10. This first suggestion comes more from my days of playing AH Squad Leader rather than any historical basis and I would not make it DLC but more for Premium Subscribers. Assault Engineers - same as engineers but equipped with SMGs instead of rifles. They should be geared towards attacking so I would not allow them to build bunkers or repair AI like rifled engineers. I think they should be able to build tank obstacles. Pioneers - Light version of rifled engineers (or perhaps ltd smgs w/ 3 clips) but only 1 or 2 HE charges instead of normal 4 chgs. 1 or 2 AI repair. No grenades or at least limited amount. Not so much intended for combat but for defense prep/repair. Home Guard/Militia/Volksstrum - Rifle w/ limited ammo 3 clips. 1 HEAT ammo that represents panzerfaust/PIAT (until it could be modeled and introduced) . A grenade. No ammo resupply. Only available in home countries, i.e. German militia should rarely fight French militia. I could suggest Rangers/Special forces loadouts but I don't see that being non Premium Subscriber DLC. Short of suggesting new equipment its a bit limited on modifying existing models and equipment loadouts for lower level DLC. I don't know how limited the configurations of the units are such Infantry/Armor divisions/brigades etc... but think some units could/should be made elite and only they could have Assault Engineers or other specialized equipment. Other units should have less as in a Volksstrum/militia unit shouldn't get tier 3 equipment where a frontline combat unit should.
  11. I personally pity whoever is doing the audits because whatever they do they're going to [censored] off someone. I'd get a young cute intern to do it as they'll likely get fussed at the least. Don't get an ugly old man to do it. No one likes them.
  12. Whew... just looking at the title I thought someone had pissed off their wife and had to buy her some jewelry.
  13. The Italian rifleman also suffers from the ammo resupply bug too.
  14. Thank you for the extra porridge! <scurries back into the shadowy corner of FTPdom>
  15. It's not been available since the update as best as I can tell. Figured it was considered new and shiny so they pulled access from FTP. The Italian SMG I could understand getting pulled from FTP but I thought a rifle was a rifle... Last time I used it was May 28th but between life, wife and kids taht may not have been the last date avilable.