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  1. Sorry, I'll disagree. If he was going I'd rather the suffering be short. That may sound callous but I knew a man who was going out but he tried everything and tried his best not to ever go to sleep because he thought he would never wake up again. It didn't matter, he died in the end anyway. Imded, tidy the place up as we'll all be headed that way sooner or later. I'm sorry you got there too soon. We all get there too soon regardless of our journeys. Thanks for the obituary link. I appreciated that.
  2. Are the SMGs the (Reserve) or regular? Do the tanks have the (DLC) ammo or the regular ammo load?
  3. So the armor cars and additional tanks (PzIIIH, Pz4G, Sherman, etc...) are a permanent addition to the starter account or is it the additional 2 rotating premium unlocks for the month of June?
  4. The reason I log in less? My wife got a new job last year that was a 50% pay raise *BUT* she now gets home so late I pretty much have to do 80% of the house work now and 100% of the yard work (as usual) and pick the kids up from school. Now granted even though she got a nice pay raise (for her) she still brings in 1/3 of what I do. I still want to spend time with my kids too so I'll sit and watch the most God awful shows with my kids because I know one day in their eyes I'll just suck the suckiest suck of the suck and they will not want to hang around me anymore. So by the time I clean the kitchen from yesterday and then cook (which I'll have to clean up tomorrow) and fuss at them to get baths, brush their teeth and eventually go to bed my 52 y/o [censored] is tired by 9PM and crawls in bed just to have the privilege to rinse a repeat it all over again the next day. At least I got the spend last weekend putting insulation in the attic while it was 92F outside. I lost a couple of pounds of sweat. That was new... I'll admit playing Allied lately has not been rewarding other than holding off the overpopulation hoard.
  5. Someone has to beat the odds. Just remember that.
  6. I just downloaded the trial of the TopazLabs Gigapixel AI photo enhancer (30 day trial). Used it on old family photos to clean up. I am fairly impressed by the results. It works best on colour photos but some of the B/W were improved as well. Gigapixel
  7. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IS HELPING OLD VIDEO GAMES LOOK LIKE NEW Just an article for anyone interested in the subject. A tutorial from the reddit mentioned in the article. Game Upscale tutorial
  8. Has the Steam update been released? My DLC invisible friend doesn't see it yet. I was able to download the 1.36 upgrade from the CRS site. My invisible friend is sad and telling me to do bad things.
  9. I once killed an M10 with a mortar round to the top several campaigns ago. My best mortar memory.
  10. No offense taken kgarner. I will admit I may be oversensitive to the works of volunteers because frankly that is mostly what CRS has. I would suggest the doctor observation is well... I work at hospital and I know doctors that have been there 30 to 40 year I wouldn't let them touch me with a napkin they are so out of touch. It really depends on the skill of the individual. Some experience is useless if it is too old. However, for cars I love old experience. My truck is 25 years old and my "luxury" car is 18 years old and my daily driver is a mere 13 years old. They need old mechanics. Spawn lists changes have certainly altered my experience as it should. I guess I just look at it like a mouse maze...as I do most things... and adjust and adapt. I'm a ftp/DLC player and don't particularly care for Tier 3 but I am still trying my best. Got all the chores I needed to do done. The house is fairly clean. Made a pretty good Black Bean Soup. Wife came home and fussed at me for some reason I don't understand but that's out of the way and I don't particularly care. So now I am going to try and digitally kill you with whatever stick they let me wield. Feels good to get the bra off for the day...
  11. eldfen - I'm sure you'll measure it for me. I doubt I have a 1/10th the sorties you have. Man I wish I had that much time on my hands. Unfortunately, like many others I have a job, wife, too many kids and their extra curricular activities, cook and clean for them, pets, livestock, house & cars maintenance/repairs and d@mned near ANY services are limited to Saturday because they're closed Sundays. The world seems to be made for people who do not work. Just because some of us have fewer sorties doesn't mean we're playing other games because we don't enjoy this one. We aren't any less than anyone else in the game. I don't mind CRS experimenting. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I'm not going to jump on someone who volunteers their time to make adjustments to the game. I highly doubt it was a solo decision. CRS is probably analyzing the stats. They may change it back, they may not. They may change it to something else. If they just kept things the same as they always were they would stagnate and die. But for now, I have to feed the animals, unload the dishwasher and then load it and clean the kitchen so I can cook supper and sing "you make me feel like a natural woman" cause ain't nobody else in the house going to do it.
  12. I may be totally wrong but I get the sense DLC didn't make the impact the CRS was looking for as it was supposed to also be introduced as an option for non-steam players but that hasn't happened yet. Tier 3 does limit resources available to FTP and DLC players as riflemen and Tier 0 supply is reduced. The ToE reorganization didn't help DLC resources either but I realize CRS is experimenting with new ideas for the game and I'm not going to act out over it. Once the supplies are used up and I have no options I simply log out and do something else. I'll check later to see if supplies have been added or the area of operations are moved. As for a DLC Semi... meh... you would probably just get the 3 clips of ammo you would have to conserve. As the reserve smg I've been reduced to trying to capture a CP with a knife after my ammo is depleted on more than one occasion. Short bursts... And since the semi is a non-tier 0 unit (I think) that would open the door for an argument to make other non-tier 0 DLC available. I don't think CRS is going to open that argument waiting to happen on themselves.
  13. That makes it all the more impressive.