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  1. I like the idea of rewarding leadership involvement though I suspect many of the guys in high command have the lifetime subscriptions. It might entice others into high command. I personally would bite on the enlisted or NCO package if it gave access to Tier 0 & Tier 1 vehicles. I would like to pay a subscription but the starter account is not much value and I don't like the 2 random items for each campaign. I would rather get a fixed selection of items to get used to and better at.
  2. Might need some Bruce Springsteen to go with that... Glory Days
  3. Now the Axis have their version of France in the war!
  4. Are there even 70 people total playing at one time anymore, save the occasional weekend?
  5. At least this wasn't as much of a TZ3 issue as it initially appeared. So how does one side's HC conclude that the other side's HC may be lacking obvious knowledge? Is easy enough to say let up but if you have someone by the nutz and ease up a little and then end up losing because you let up that's only going to last one time.
  6. Yeah, that's messed up...
  7. Not that I would get to use it much but camo netting to put over ATG, AA, tanks and maybe even MSPs to help hide them from aircraft. Maybe two types for bushes and trees. Or a nice shrubbery... If possible I don't think it would matter if they were allowed to overlap with other objects as it would be netting.
  8. I've often wished the FTP options included a lower level engineer to help repair AI and build more PPOs. Pioneer: Rifle - like Mortars 5 clips of 5 rnds 1 or 2 repair kits. If only 1 repair kit then include 2 grenades. 2 repair kits then no grenades. 1 HE chg Ability to place tank traps. I'm sure this has been suggested but if Engineers had the ability to build pontoon bridges that infantry could cross. I wouldn't cry about that.
  9. HCs need some mechanism to direct players to what they deem high priority AO/DOs. While I don't have knowledge of the tools at HC's disposal it doesn't appear to be more than the ability to place AO/DOs, move units, grab their pomp pomps, shout go team and hope for the best. I've seen HCs literally BEG players to go to AO/DO without much results. I can only imagine how frustrating this must be to them. From a player's view point they don't have a lot of info to go on either. Basically how many players from that side are on that particular mission, if it is an attack or defense and whether it is from a MSP. It is a natural tendency for players to want action so they're going to the mission with the most people on it. And from the map whether or not the mission will meet high, low or no enemy population. If HC had the ability to highlight (in red or fuchsia) a mission(s) they deemed important I think that would help let players see what missions were high priority by HC. I tend to gravitate to missions made by players I recognize as I hope they have a better understanding of the situation than a player I am unfamiliar with. I don't think this is a complete solution but rather a band-aid until a better solution that allows HC to have the ability to direct players to AO/DO by either capping the number of players a mission can have or the power to direct players to missions HC choses. HC ought to have the ability to remove missions as well.
  10. Does CRS even have the ability to force players to one side or the other AND do the HCs have the ability to funnel players to a specific AO/DO? from a personal perspective I don't mind being funneled to a AO/DO. As to population imbalance I would prefer to commit to a side for a campaign instead of the flavour of the day...but understand sometimes it is necessary for balance.
  11. That the game has way too many old people. I'm surprised the Jitterbug Flip isn't used for voice comms.
  12. Not sure if it could be done... Brits and Germans vs France and US scenario. Just to mix things up...
  13. Yeah... asking for work around the house will completely catch your parents off guard.
  14. http://www.freewebs.com/sfclanforces/sapper_guide_axis.pdf The 37mm is weak but if you are close enough you can kill. If you are firing long distance you're probably just advising the enemy where the FMS is and where you are at so they can kill you too.
  15. So has anyone gotten this game to run on a Raspberry PI 3?