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  1. I don't recall ever seeing the rotunda/gazebo before. Is that new? I have an interest in learning about town modeling if you ever open it up to more volunteers. I'm not the artistic type but if the structures (or structure groups) are available for placement I would be interested in learning how its done.
  2. Thanks for taking the chance on this BmBm.
  3. Looking at it this way it kind of reminds me of Disco Zombie from Plants vs Zombies.
  4. I'm glad to see infantry and armor brigades getting more distinct. I'm sure its been thought/discussed but asking anyway. Have different armor units been considered to distinguish between heavy tank and regular tank battalions? These could be tied to the different brigade and divisional HQ units.
  5. Oh I just changed my favourite to https://www.wwiionline.com/ but was just concerned if there were webpages out there using that .net link.
  6. I can't get into the site http://battlegroundeurope.net/ but its fine if I use https://www.wwiionline.com/ to get here.
  7. So...should we invest emotionally in digital plastic surgery and a boob job or not? I'm not used to good news. I got a wife and young kids...
  8. I thought a sapper only has 2 HE charges?
  9. I've encountered them too every once in a while. Sometimes you can jump on the non climbable ones from buildings. They still draw attention to be taken down by tanks.
  10. Maybe I'm mistaken but the last time you posted a link a couple of days ago to other games they deleted the post... so don't be surprised if this last one disappears too. If CRS could make it free and keep the servers running there is no doubt in my mind that they would do so in a heartbeat. The huge battles after the Steam release were pretty memorable. I believe a lot of players on Steam would still pan the game for the graphics and it's difficult learning curve.
  11. So is Parasite's sapper guide still correct regarding ATR spots? I used to be able to de-tread many tanks using HE satchels as a rifleman but it rarely works for the last few campaigns.
  12. It sounds like it's a great opportunity for you to go out and show them how it's done then. Go get'em tiger!
  13. Attacking CPs in the later tiers as a rifleman isn't really that fun of an experience but giving f2p tier0 equipment is HATCH said giving away the sandwich for free. I think f2p could benefit from the resSMG for CP assaults *BUT* in return they ought to be limited to "reserve RIFLEs" 5 rounds with 5 reloads, 1 or 2 grenades, 1 smoke (maybe), 1HE and 1 Resupply (or no HE and 2 Resupply). I don't think it would affect new players having a more limited supply of ammo because they usually don't live long enough to use 30 bullets. Giving the basic, grenades, HE and Resupply would allow them to experience those game functions as well. They should be limited to only building foxholes and sandbags, again to be able to experience the game functions. When they see others building some of the new PPOs maybe they want a piece of that action and purchase a DLC or even subscribe. I'm not sure I would be thrilled about giving free AA/AT guns for new players to spawn in from a freshly laid FMS and to blazing away and giving away its position. Lord knows stealth is a greater protector of FMS than those light AA guns are going to offer against bombers. I think anyone that has taken the time and effort to setup a FMS would agree.