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  1. This first suggestion comes more from my days of playing AH Squad Leader rather than any historical basis and I would not make it DLC but more for Premium Subscribers. Assault Engineers - same as engineers but equipped with SMGs instead of rifles. They should be geared towards attacking so I would not allow them to build bunkers or repair AI like rifled engineers. I think they should be able to build tank obstacles. Pioneers - Light version of rifled engineers (or perhaps ltd smgs w/ 3 clips) but only 1 or 2 HE charges instead of normal 4 chgs. 1 or 2 AI repair. No grenades or at least limited amount. Not so much intended for combat but for defense prep/repair. Home Guard/Militia/Volksstrum - Rifle w/ limited ammo 3 clips. 1 HEAT ammo that represents panzerfaust/PIAT (until it could be modeled and introduced) . A grenade. No ammo resupply. Only available in home countries, i.e. German militia should rarely fight French militia. I could suggest Rangers/Special forces loadouts but I don't see that being non Premium Subscriber DLC. Short of suggesting new equipment its a bit limited on modifying existing models and equipment loadouts for lower level DLC. I don't know how limited the configurations of the units are such Infantry/Armor divisions/brigades etc... but think some units could/should be made elite and only they could have Assault Engineers or other specialized equipment. Other units should have less as in a Volksstrum/militia unit shouldn't get tier 3 equipment where a frontline combat unit should.
  2. I personally pity whoever is doing the audits because whatever they do they're going to [censored] off someone. I'd get a young cute intern to do it as they'll likely get fussed at the least. Don't get an ugly old man to do it. No one likes them.
  3. Whew... just looking at the title I thought someone had pissed off their wife and had to buy her some jewelry.
  4. The Italian rifleman also suffers from the ammo resupply bug too.
  5. Thank you for the extra porridge! <scurries back into the shadowy corner of FTPdom>
  6. It's not been available since the update as best as I can tell. Figured it was considered new and shiny so they pulled access from FTP. The Italian SMG I could understand getting pulled from FTP but I thought a rifle was a rifle... Last time I used it was May 28th but between life, wife and kids taht may not have been the last date avilable.
  7. I noticed it for a while but thought it was part of the stuff getting pulled from ftp access. I always try to give the ammo to the mp34-res guys since they need it the most. Not sure why the italian rifle was pulled from ftp but am in no position to gripe about it. Are the Italian rifles affected by the ammo bug too? Just curious.
  8. Why not slap a link to the WWII Online F2P in Steam?
  9. I'm trying to get the rest done but Campaign 80 (2/15/12) is where it take a big jump in the Hits to Kills. Basically 2 hits jumped to 5 hits. It was consistent mid 1's to 2 before that. I got about 20 more campaigns to put in the spreadsheet.
  10. I've considered that. I guess I'm just curious as how its changed over the course of years. I've also wondered if the ratio of tanks vs infantry has changed since then too. Maybe player skill sets. I'm sure no one was an expert in the earlier campaigns vs the later campaigns.
  11. Oh I plan to finish getting the rest of the campaigns in. It's pretty generalized data. That tidbit just really jumped out at me initially. The deeper data where you can look at what killed what is a bit more difficult to get but its out there. I'm just not sure how to get at it. One stat I wish was captured is kill distance. There have been a few times where I was in a position as a rifleman to shoot and still have time to look thru my binoculars to see where the shot landed it was so far away. I could not see the shots hits without binoculars.
  12. I am looking at the stats summaries of the campaigns at https://stats.wwiionline.com/ and comparing them in an excel spreadsheet. It's kind of a copy and paste thing from each side summary. One thing I've noticed initially is the Hit to Kill ratio changing dramatically from early campaigns from later campaigns. In Campaign 9 the Alles hit 1,988,729 times killing 1,103,315 times or 1.80 hit to kill ratio. The Germans hit 1,931,968 times killing 1,092,462 for a 1.77 hit to kill ratio. In Campaign 150 the Allies hit 528,155 times killing 163,898 times for a 3.22 hit to kill ratio. The Germans hit 575,316 killing 174,598 times for a 3.30 hit to kill ratio. This Hit to Kill ratio has gotten as high as 10.54 (Campaign 139) in the campaigns I've calculated so for but the trend for hit to kill has obviously risen in the later campaigns. So has the ratio of tanks to infantry risen caused this or have the ballistics been changed? I did notice right after the Steam release the # of sorties a day (Campaign 142) rivaled the early days of WWII Online and have dribbled back down to a 1/3 of that now. So far I've only gotten Campaigns 9 to 17 and 110 to 151 in the spreadsheet.
  13. I like the idea of rewarding leadership involvement though I suspect many of the guys in high command have the lifetime subscriptions. It might entice others into high command. I personally would bite on the enlisted or NCO package if it gave access to Tier 0 & Tier 1 vehicles. I would like to pay a subscription but the starter account is not much value and I don't like the 2 random items for each campaign. I would rather get a fixed selection of items to get used to and better at.
  14. Might need some Bruce Springsteen to go with that... Glory Days
  15. Now the Axis have their version of France in the war!