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  1. Thnx tr6 not sure i did exactly what you said but it worked If I see ya out there let me know if you need some ammo or anything. Much appreciated
  2. So I try to delete everything try to reinstall and it says unistall first but when i type (x86)\CRS\WWiionline in the search on my comp it doesnt find it i deleted everything i could find starting with wwiionline, battlefield europe etc and used the uninstaller but its hiding somewere on my comp somewere . I mean il be looking at file sometimes and for fun search for it but cortaana or whatever the search is doesnt see it.i would like to 100% delete everything wwiionline and ill probably need a step by step to do it
  3. First I hate windows 10 , always a game of find waldo when it comes to finding files. But with wwiionline the launcher dissapears from my desktop evry time i log off. And it can not be found anywere only thing i can find is the downloader but it ask my if i want to replace file/??????????? and i have to download game again.. so that means its in this computer somewere right? anyways been looking for an hour now and its nowere just the downloader. ps i removed all files before downloading and uninstalled