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  1. ATI people Go into your Catalyst control panel and do the follow: Your 3D settings -> Standard settings uncheck the box slide the bar all the way left to performance, check the box -> Anti-aliasing same thing -> Anisotropic filtering same thing -> Mipmap detail same thing Apply, log in. Even if it's set to 'allow application to choose settings' it defaults to the settings in the control panel.
  2. Here's another thing that isn't touched on. It could simply be 'bad power'. If you can borrow a power meter you should, because small fluctuations in power will cause your PC to reboot. The long term solution is to get a UPS that regulates power flow. Most of the midrange APC models will do it. It will essentially run the power through the UPS to regulate it before it goes to your computer. I have issues in my condo with power and my UPS fixed em.
  3. Yah I was gonna say. Your video drivers are extremely old. I assume the X300 is an addon card? My next concern would be power supply because it looks like you have a Sony computer and typically the power supplies are not rated to handle a significant upgrade.
  4. I dumped AVG a while ago because of false positives. I've switched to Nod32
  5. I was just going to post this. AVG has too many false positives. Nod32 was written in assembly and is currently the fastest Antivirus program on the market with the smallest memory and CPU foot print. After having AVG and then Panda Antivirus installed on my PC, Nod32 found a Trojan neither of them had found.