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  1. Can you make the palace (open) so you can go in ? Put some kind terrain in it (desks , chairs ... ) then put a spawnable cp in it somehow ? Maybe im just daydreaming.
  2. Seeing as ant and brussels are split that will be the equivelent of what 6 new towns ? Any thought on more bgds. To cover that ?
  3. Seriously ??? Is that the kind of message im supposed to support ?
  4. Big shout out to all who helped in defence of secelin and lens last night. For those of you that wernt on we were able to pull back like 6 bdgs and maybe 4 air wings before they got sent to training . We were down to just an ab in secelin at one point. All of you deserve medals and if i knew who was there id put you in for one. Great job fellas.
  5. Maybe the new he audit will killem quicker. But still need vis conformation
  6. Wow awesome !!!! Except the destroy the allies part...
  7. Sometimes i see the wheel fall off . Seeing as how making the gunner fall off would be a royal pain maybe just make the wheel fall off when the gunner is dead ?
  8. Little people , they like to be called little people. (Or so im told )
  9. Has tier progression ever been tied to a percentage of the map captured ? I was trying to think of a fair way that we could regularly see some of the later tier kit. Does this even sound feasable? Having it based on game time doesnt seem to help historical accuracy much either as the maps are almost always going to be to fast or slow.
  10. Why do we have sidelock during intermission ? If there was an event i could see it but if we are just having fun with squad mates its a pain. Is it something the pb wants ? Is it a pain to change it ? Just curious. Hope it doesnt kill the cat.
  11. When will the vital answers be out ?
  12. Yea im not sure what the deal is with that . Chat bar may be some of it . Nonenglish speaking people may be another. Not paying attn , dont care, so much on chat bar they dont understand . I guess ive almost quit trying to talk to them which is a shame because 1 in 10 responded. Some of them good folks. Lots I see is the interface with the channels they are not up to speed with. Not sure of a solution but communication about the issue is a start. The in game voice comms that are being talked about will probably help that issue but without being able to kick people from channel for being disruptive will open another can of worms i fear
  13. Repairing AI would be good. Been a small sore spot for lots of players
  14. If you like to play allied try out 7th ast . We play everynight as a close squad based group . Just ask in chat for a 7th recruiter. Discord voice chat is must for the type of operations you are talking about.