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  1. Put some stuff in the alps!!!!! Its beautiful
  2. TOEs and town supply: basic town supply with inf, light atgs and trucks, a couple platoons worth of inf a few light atgs and 5 or so trucks, basically a garrison or rear guard. Flags would be full flags units of different types: cav, heavy or light armours, Heavy inf, Light inf and Mountain. Ability to form different flag units: ex- Cav Armour would be scout cars, fast light to medium (later tiers) and apcs, limited atgs. Feature: Half Tiers Equipment: Equipment that is released between the tiers that are- too powerful for the base tier but not too powerful the next tier, a quick upgrade to existing equipment (example bolting a few plates of armour) or something rare or experimental.
  3. We need more tier zero and 1 armies and equipment
  4. The char b1 ter would fix it
  5. I was thinking which I know is hard for someone like like myself but here is my idea: A mix of city supply and flag supply. Towns on the front all have light infantry/garrison supply while the flags are special units like assualt engineers heavy inf motor inf cav heavy armour ...etc units.
  6. letting off steam pretty much from the old thread in the barracks: STA M 1922 / MAS M 1924 submachine gun MP-18 EMP-35
  7. Delacre machine pistol Fusil Automatique Modèle 1917Chauchat-Ribeyrolles 1918 submachine gun
  8. yup two of us getting this error as well
  9. Xoom thought the allies were getting a truck based SPAA but they get armour?!?! WHAT!
  10. Thanks the player didnt show up in the post on firefox.
  11. Anyone have a transcript or audio of the chat? Missed it due to an unforeseen event right before it was due to start so the general gist of what was asked and said would be great thanks.
  12. Some of us have been fighting the good fight!
  13. Network Error...I am getting this every time i try to log into the game...
  14. thank you that helped!