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  1. Sorry, nevermind, I chose the best performance preset and now the game runs well, I also press F10 couple times to make the view distance foggy.
  2. So my PC is not the greatest for this game and I put all my setting to low, but when I get in town or look at the sun, my FPS starts decreasing. Is there anyway to get anymore FPS in this game? It's really unplayable when I am fighting around the towns and other other locations.
  3. Mhm... $40.. I am only 15, sadly.
  4. I want to fly planes in the game and other missions, I don't have a flight joystick and i only play with keyboard and mouse. How can I get better at flying and mowing down enemies? I really want to try these things out.
  5. So basically it would be a hard thing to do? I understand now.
  6. It might sound like a dumb question, but if there is going to be an update, would you add voices to the soldiers in the game, as they're saying something? For example their reaction, whenever we kill someone, whenever we capture something and etc. I was just wondering, because that would be cool if this was in the game.
  7. Amazing story, and sad.
  8. Thank you guys for all the replies Awesome community.
  9. Hello, I am new to this game and I love this game so much. It is realistic and has a lot to it. But I am 14 years old. I'd like to know if this is a mature game or not?