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  1. Hey I keep getting kicked and then turned to the support page. I dont know what is going wrong. It only happens if im on campaign
  2. Why are the Jericho trumpets only toggleable when the airbrakes are down? Why not always let them be toggleable?
  3. how do i see a pm
  4. I cant get into the game! What should I do? I have the launcher open type in my username and password and it sends me straight to the support page. I even re-downloaded the launcher to make sure it was up to date.
  5. I have tried to self install the update after the auto update did not work keeps saying something about the sproket not working. What can I do to fix this
  6. Thank you Scking it worked!
  7. Seems very costly. Great idea just might not be worth the funding.
  8. Just join and play for the 2 weeks man, I am new here (and on the younger side) and it beats any game that I have ever played from battlefield, CoD, Heroes and Generals. It is alot like a better upgraded arma game
  9. What would be really cool if we added tank gliders (in tier 4-5) so that paras could have some armor of their own to help with a para drop. I think this is what the big thing with a glider would be because we have plans to transport the paras. This would add a very cool layer to the game as now the paras could have lightly armored tanks and give the paras more fire power. I have included some of the vehicles that were used during the war and when the were developed into glider tanks. M22 Locust tank was a British/ American tank that could be in the gliders as a mid war tank (1942) to help bring allied para's The British had another one (Light Tank Mk VII Tetrarch) (designed 1938 but adopted into the 1st airborne in 1942) and the germans had a glider that could transport its light tanks (Me 321) (designed 1941)