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  1. Ive always liked this idea, having a designated radio troop that has to talk to high command. Just reminds me of all those war movies we're soldiers are barking at a guy to have him call for help over the radio. Only to get shot or somthing lol. This would add a nice element to the game, a bit more drama if you will
  2. This is somthing that I've also thought about. Like a "War Bonds" point system to change your loadout. Slowy giving them War Bonds, like 1 every 30 seconds or something, then give em a bonus cache when they do somthing important. Like a kill got em 25 War Bonds, blew up a tank and got 100 War Bonds. So they then take those and exchange them for a soldier type. Same for armor/air/navy. But its only for that life! So yeah, ya spawned a sapper for idk, 75 War Bonds, you better stay alive or you just wasted those points on nothing! Also premium players could just get a large boost to recieving War Bonds through time and doing important actions! Idk, sounds like somthing that could work. It would absolutly do its job of making players fear death, unless they like being a rifleman the whole game i guess lol
  3. Right, I wasn't trying to say that it needed to be as good as Battlefield, just hearing the differences between the two is crazy! I'm just saying that theres plenty of improvements to the sounds that could help you feel like your more apart of this war!
  4. Thats really too bad, adding it could really make for a more immersive experience. Though to be honest, most sound effects in the game could use a good overhaul I don't like comparing games that are older to newer, because it's not very fair, but dang does Battlefield 1s sound effects sound just amazing. I hope we could see improvements in this area in the future!
  5. I would love to hand out some promotional cards! The more soldiers the better! The more subscriptions, the higher chance of new and improved content! I will start streaming gameplay as well to help get the word out for you guys! Im still building my new rig or I'd be playing now
  6. Im very new to the game, like havn't actually gotten to play yet kinda new. So I don't want to give any good ideas for "what" has to be done for an achievement. However I could give good movie/game/history quotes that people could fill in these quotes a bit! But Ill throw in my 2 cents "Covering Fire!" - for assist kills? "Earn this..." - being the last survivor in your squad to take a town? "Angels on our Soldiers" - Anti-Tank from the Air? "Be not Thou far from me, O lord" - get so many kills with the sniper class? "Old soldiers never die..." - for the people who played before the Steam release! "I have seen war... I hate war" - play Battleground Europe for a certain length of time? "We would rather die on our feet than live on our knees!" - Die a certain number of times? "Nice chap, no General." - kill X rank 5 soldiers? Or Xoom! "Without ships, we cannot live." - an achievment for the Navy boys! "They sowed the wind, now they'll reap the whirlwind!" - X air vs air wins? "Fuehrer, we are on the march!" - take control of X towns in 1 session? "Bawnjorno!" - an American troop helping a french troop somehow? "We're in the killin' [censored] bussiness" - idk, just love this movie. "We're supposed to be surrounded" - be a paratrooper X times. I could probably keep going, but I'm tierd. Hope you guys like 'em, this was fun.