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  1. I am not play now. I have not play for over a months thankyou for info
  2. . is robot. cannot kill robot like players! those shot through the land and wall!!! why this is even here? to stop town lose with no people to play? stupid robot is to bad game plays
  3. maybe game is pulled out of fire but golden ticket is new engine. new release new engine new looks better game
  4. i hear in forum 4K is real good but even at max setting withoiut 4K resolution is bad
  5. When player see screen in optic view still resolutions not good to see enemy at 1000M. Sit in tank and see smoke and fog, not tank fire on you. bad graphic bad play, lag and stutter, fog all on the place and not see anything resolution is bad and engine is old
  6. peopel tell me ai is like robot, why it is in game? i shoot man in bag nest five time and he shoot me. i run to town and shot from tower man
  7. sometime i get message says no unit, some time no message and i am rifle. then have respawn and find new one
  8. I will not pay for the game it is not mg34 or bren or mle all are not rambo gun but here they are. i am agreement to the op. other unit are odd use, but when capturing cp and man run in you die then see lmg run around after it is no good. simple line in code to stop lmg run shooting but all are one man show like DAC and tank. game not real life but some are worse
  9. the game says big mmofps annd it really 20 people when i on not big wwii game but look like silly wolfenstein with no peoples play and crash why? no game ask months pay but this ask month pay. why make more sense if war cut to time pieces and area focused on in place in map with balance like other game with pay one time and buy thing like squad chest or striek
  10. i am new at game and i can see that nobody is play when i am on in evening. that is 1600 and time three. some people upset when nobody to play but they do badly. if game stop when my zone is play i cannot play and i already would not pay this. these people want to shut game off for my game time so they dont loose game haha that is gebroni and weak like girl
  11. hello. last night i try first time and the game freezed my system, but i post in help forum and tonight my thread is not here now. is this normal thing for every day? game crash and help post missing? how do i get help for game freeze? this game is confuse me, people tell me "ai" down, i ask what is "ai and they say like robots. nothing about robot in game descrip but they say robot. are tanks robot? truck? plane in the sky? I shoot truck in driver head and truck disapear but i am confuse if robot. i shot long gun with two ppls and it disapear is that robot? then game freeze and i hear sounds but system is freeze also. i ask help here in support but my question gone now? what is game with 2000s look and crash and they ask 17euro each months and not help me with game freeze? not stable and robot? how many player? this is confuse sorry my english
  12. wow you are good. i am new so learning to play but hope to be like you one day
  13. Hello I am new and trying the game. It looks very very good. I like the wwii and like to fly planes. alot!