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  1. Merlin I understand what it is but it should be in LW ground and Paras only, (maybe replace 1 brig in a couple existing divisions as LW ground?) In my opinion, or put MP35 in french supply they had them to which they acquired from Spain, better than shooting the MAS which you fire a full clip at 1-2 meters and miss lol, still learning to shoot that weapon lol. Your sugestion of cutting them in Heer sounds a reasonable suggestion as per the game. Being as they have good supply of both MG34 and FG42 i believe not real sure but easy for me to look.
  2. As well the FG-42 should not be in regular Heer supply
  3. People try to make there FMS to close after an attack has started, make them further out, dont set off EWS at start (700m) if any at the town they will hear the truck still and know the area, thats easy thats why FMS get taken down fast or camped. I try to set my FMS initially at 1k to 1500m then move it up as ZOC gets better, but the players that spawn in just complain that its to far not so much when they see its the only FMS left for the AO. Some great ideas here guys, but it boils down to people have to be motivated to work together, lately it is just people camping and sniping while CP's get capped in town. Its all about my stats not winning the battle attitude. We players that have been around have to help the new players, I understand some dont reply back or just plain ignore you, some i've worked with still didn't understand the use of the channels, others that don't understand english, often i try to guide these players to someone that speaks there language or a squad, I have helped maney new players and am happy to say maney are still in game and enjoy it much more. If we show new players all the aspects of the game and not just camping and sniping, maybe more will stay, and our numbers rise.
  4. If you look at his link it has his other "evaluations" almost all showing ppl how to cheat in other games.
  5. You sound like some dinkweed that got him a youtube channel and consider yourself some pro evaluator type guy. Blow it out your [censored]. Game loading issues are usually caused from a bad download and you blame the company. I have delt with same issue you gripe about and almost 99% of the time it was from a bad download caused from my end. Go stuff your opinion up your [censored]. I am not affiliated with CRS in any way this is my opinion about your stupid [censored]. I will go to you you boob channel and troll you like the [censored] you are. Thank you. As a side note you should not run GFORCE Experience maney gamers on a wide variety of games have issues with it causing problems look up issues with it online. Also your voice sounds familiar.
  6. Slacker
  7. Welcome back sir
  8. Dont believe squad channel is default at first login
  9. agree with a few here i think 60 seconds is fine just wish i could look around while it is building and/or use the map
  10. Love yer posters propa even if they are for the other side.
  11. dont like that that is pay to win when you can buy special stuff just cuz you have a bigger paycheck thats war thunder and maney games out there