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  1. Oh gosh that's like a 7 minute upload on youtubies these days on a decent connection, some of my tutorials are 130GB or larger. Cute that it's the exact density of those old compact disc. ^~ ^
  2. Yee! I'm surprised to see a few players I remember from when I was young still playing. right? some of the sshots I found date back as far as march/april 2002. if they just advertise "no more terminator lmg germans" it'll bring back hundreds of scripts
  3. oh gosh yes, I remember seeing like 11fps sometimes during really big battles and thinking YES THIS IS PERFORMANCE!
  4. thought I'd share since I found his uploads. The first one is from Bud420, second is from Vodka420 I have a PATA hard drive of "buds" with like billions of early photos and some videos of this game going back to 2003? or so.. if I ever get to sit down and go through his old pooter stuff i'll try and interface it with modern things and upload it together somewhere as an archive. He loved this game tons. <3