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  1. Well there's a plethora of other options CRS can take. Almost all of them look ten times nicer to the average customer than a subscription. What's more is that most of these options work for hundreds of other games with a F2P element. They have also been suggested by dozens of people. CRS seem stuck in their old ways though, something which will bite them eventually.
  2. Perhaps an extra visual aid to draw your eye towards private messages?
  3. If they have audio turned down (I dont know why you would do this either), they might not hear the clicky sound you get from a PM. For a newbie, what is going on around you can distract you from the chat until it is too late. The amount of times people have been warned in chat not to go to a certain place, only for me to get carried away in the action and only reading it once i've been shot to bits, is quite high
  4. I read them! Barely anyone types any info into them though, which is what makes people assume that a mark will not have any info.
  5. The main thing I am after is the arrows, the rest was just from the top of my head For example: An enemy tank mark made 5 minutes ago isn't much use to anyone, but a 5 minute old enemy tank mark with an arrow would give you clues as to where it went
  6. I forgot about that one
  7. Just a thought, but has it been considered to add extra minimap markings to aid tactical play? Things like a basic arrow to show intended friendly routes to the target, or to show the movement direction of enemies? Or a "danger" marking to indicate areas which are under heavy fire/impassable? EDIT: Also maybe an icon to mark enemy spawns instead of using a ship?
  8. It used to be that all rank 1 stuff was available for F2P, im pretty sure?
  9. If that is the case then i have assumed wrongly and i apologise greatly.
  10. I got the impression from you telling me that the lack of ability to remove entries was intentional Plus i've heard the same thing from other CRS devs
  11. As long as you're storing personal data elsewhere, preferably via a more modern system, then I guess it's fine, although very inefficient and still open to abuse. For example, a malicious bot could give you half a million new database entries, unable to be deleted, this would end up costing you processing time/power and data space.
  12. Right and what sound-minded person thought that was a good idea? Please explain. Edit: If you're unable to delete any info on any entry in that database you're dicing with massive security upsets, just sayin.
  13. Due to poor programming, accounts can not be deleted
  14. So F2P can no longer use any AAA or even drive around in a truck. Why is this game becoming more and more restrictive? I know you want people to pay your wages, but maybe try the approach of "Let's develop something special for the paying members", rather than "Let's just remove all traces of fun for those who don't pay"?
  15. You seem to think I am the only one who is criticizing you, when actually half of all of the forum posts are saying exactly the same thing as I. Trust me, I know what it is like to be lumbered with the corpse of someone else's game, but that has nothing to do with the fact that almost all suggestions for improvement on this forum alone have been extensively ignored. Especially when many of these suggestions come from either veteran players, or people with extensive online gaming/coding experience. Obviously I am not going to make any impressions, good nor bad, on any paying member of the community. Since a vast majority of them are veterans who are able to play the game with rose-tinted spectacles. I am simply trying to point out that this game probably uses less of it's revenue on development than any other subscription-based game currently out there. I will say once more, Steam users will not be impressed with the subscription charge, nor will they be impressed with the lack of development they get for their subscription. Else they would have already been here, a long time ago.