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  1. Would be so simple to tie supply into server/side population....
  2. Unity and CRS's Unity3D are entirely different, they just share a name.
  3. Care to back up your statement or is that all?
  4. It's "free" (with many restrictions) up until you earn a certain amount from your game. With this game having sub fees, that limit will be reached in no time and CRS will be charged for the engine for the rest of the life of the game
  5. Or maybe they could actually put some hours in and upgrade their own engine? Very few indie devs are lucky enough to get the freedom of their own custom engine. Changing to UE 4231 (or whatever version it will be by that time) will be far more expensive and restrictive than an internal upgrade
  6. Well they have had 17 years to consider this. No doubt that many people have complained about it. Alas, it is another thing CRS don't want to change. IMO, $4.99 is still far beyond what CRS are actually spending on the game. When you do the economics of each update in the 17 years, there isn't a single thing which jumps out as requiring even more cash. The most costly part of any development cycle (apart from payroll) is engine upgrades and the rent or purchase of other software to compliment the engine. There has been none of this since the very first initial development before release. At that time the Rats came up with subscription figures which would cover their costs. They did not see the need to then have a million different layers of Builder account and all these other, quite frankly, "bit dodgy looking" ways of obtaining vast sums extra from the playerbase. So now that software overall is much much cheaper than it was back then, CRS consists of a tiny group of people to payroll, server hardware is cheap as chips.... The price of a sub goes...up? Despite all the Builder accounts? That makes no sense. If CRS would disclose just how many active subs there are, I expect we could have some fun times with math. But they seem more than willing to not disclose this figure. Where did the money all the Builders raised even go? I understand a new programmer would have taken a share, but what about the rest which was supposed to be spent on hardware and software which is still evidently missing from the game?
  7. The difference is that those people have opted to support their favourite streamer mainly because they produce content which was already enjoyed for free by the donor, thus the donors know that they are not under pressure to support them every month, if they feel they can not, but the content will still be there for them. In the case of this game, you're trying to appeal to people who have never seen nor heard of it before, and only offering a thin slice of the content to them unless they pay out every month. If they feel they can not support the game for a month, their accounts are frozen. Not just demoted to F2P. They essentially lose any hard work they have done during the month for which they can not afford. It's almost a punishment for not being able to keep up your sub
  8. Steam will not be the saviour you are all after unless something major changes between now and then, subscription-wise. How many indie subscription based games do well on steam? 0 Hell, even the famous subscription-based games such as Warcraft are currently suffering.
  9. So how much food have you lot managed to stuff into your cheeks over the past 17 years? Thats a lot of food and very little development
  10. I don't mean to sound rude, but that's almost twice the weight of the average person of that height from that era. I myself weigh a little over half of that and I can tell you that weight has a lot to do with what you can lift. You can have the arm and torso strength of a god, but you're still not going to lift or stay stable with an item if you can't offset the mass.
  11. Let's remember that we are supposed to be roleplaying a typical WW2 era soldier, not some slightly tubby, middle aged bloke. Most of the soldiers definitely could not fire one standing or from the hip. I expect most (especially the youngsters who were fighting for germany towards the end) could barely lift one without help.
  12. It's only about 3 year's worth of development. About 13 years of sitting doing nothing. Both the previous and the current team of Rats have had the ability to make changes but keep denying being able to do so.
  13. Please tell me the rendered players in an area is synchronized across the board? Else a highly underpopulated side would render far more enemies than the overpop side.....
  14. How many players constitutes "high"?
  15. I thought ww2ol was 1999? or was that when dev started?