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  1. a simple message to say that would have been invited before deleting the old program...……………… 136 is my program code...……………….no organized thru put to gamers
  2. When setting a project in motion, all factors that can be considered should be. Why is the training server green and when you select it, it takes you to a support page. I recommend you close the training serv
  3. I doubt that any good NCO or company grade officer veteran would challenge volume of fire as an effective means in actual combat. Quick Kill techniques found in 350-75 are trained skills. The days of ww1 is over, suppress, attrite, destroy are methods of engagement. Even step into a near or far ambush? Look at the some combat snuff films or UAS kill TV that show my concerns in Panama, Afghanistan and Iraq the last decade plus.
  4. sounds very stupid, bottom line up front an attacking soldier places maximum firepower towards its objective, you already crippled the LMGs by making them pause 2 secs to go prone to set up the bipod. This is what you get with non-military personnel making war game decisions. Why lose more gamers? all the constraints and restraints have a huge effect on participation, why do you think you have suck a large number of free to play gamers?
  5. What would this do for gameplay? You already have server population on Webmap, or on the battleground tools and wiretap. Persona Lock when you logon is also in effect to show population. 1. My answer is the game play would be improved knowing what strength your side is. 2. Really ? True population. Tell me where is data can be found exactly. 3. Persona Lock only shows overpopulated side. Not a very effective tool, need true numbers for tranparancy
  6. Wish we could see the total number of players active on the map at all time with a tool or command. It would be even better if each sides population was visible...
  7. I wish the bipods of LMG's and BAR were already deployed even when walking, running or shooting. Then when you go prone, the weapon doesn't take 3 seconds delay to fire.
  8. If you had the power to change the game, what would you accomplish? A new weapon, a change in graphics, rule change??? Please make a recommendation or suggestion as a gamer of ww2ol
  9. The view from the majority on this site on lowering supply is folly. Your quibbling about fool's gold. Making excuses about not achieving success due to supply capacity is not the basic question you should be asking A unit has a basic table of organization and equipment, assign it correctly and then game by true rules. I am glad some game management changes are not gamer oriented, kids leading kids give way to child fantasy. Does the Owner want a make believe warfare game or realism? The use of the magical FMS, capture the flag gets old real quick. Find a new strategy, if a town is attacked an HC Staff Officer is responsible for supply. Thats what senior leaders do. They provide resources. Make every town capture-able. Forget the AO/DO system. When the last enemy troop is eliminated, victory is achieved. Make troops working as a team earn a breach with concentrated combat power from city to city, this FB, setting a fms and then the sneaky infiltration by one troop capturing a cp is an unstable gaming platform. Far from the reality of war. Capturing a building is not victory, it is the capitulation of the other side by the destruction of its military arm and or the ability to manufacture resources. Require units to develop a forward assembly area that is managed and resourced by hc staff officers, it ends its function when staff officer or his designated OIC is no longer present You people need to think through your comments...
  10. I will not do training since I have been gaming for a while and not a new player, yet when I signed in, it would not allow me to game,; it sent me to training. Don't waste my time or my money, I paid for this gaming experience. I have ended my subscription as of today and will remain that way until the training issue is resolved. AH64e