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  1. It's all revealed here:
  2. Dunno, I logged in during Intermission, selected UK Army and saw some weapons, changed to French Army and saw the same weapons, changed to UK Army and the same weapons. My conclusion, all Allies are using the same set of weapons and the Axis uses a different set of weapons, hence two sets of weapons. No, the tree killed us before we could cap
  3. I had someone in a German forum (GOG.com) asking how this game works and if it is problematic if Axis actual wins a campaign. I said, no they cannot win we just play for the fun to lose For me this could also be like Operation Flashpoint US vs. USSR or Vietnam US vs. VietCong/China/USSR or Korea US vs. Korea/China/USSR or Iraq US vs. Iraq The multinational conflict in this case and the historical weapons make a difference IMHO. In the second world war there were no drones, less aircraft, fighting meter for meter and not picking single targets far behind enemy lines.
  4. Go capture guys, while I am in bed!
  5. Go Germany! Death to all them birds! I wonder what the default or last Tier change speed was and do you make then change faster or slower? p.s. thinking about it, I will actual only have a chance to play on Friday again...
  6. I was a bit shocked the last few days when I looked on the other side during Intermission and saw there are really only two weapon sets? And the french rifle is a semi-auto compared to carbine on the Axis side? The M1 is the standard rifle and not the next model like the GW41 on Axis side?
  7. I am actual rather hesitant doing advertising. What I do is talk about this game or any game I play in other forums and mention it, but to not overdo it and make it sound like a commercial. You can only explain or show what this game is about and then everyone needs to make up their own mind. And some small Youtube videos which noone will ever watch One reaction was: "And for that €8-15 a month, no thanks!" Another: "Seems you crawl a lot behind bushes and such? You have to be very patient in the game?" On "Long walking again if you die." I got a reply saying: "This reminds me of Operation Flashpoint." I mentioned the overall strategic part of the game. One response was: "This sounds like Planetside*." If you explain the concept of HC the response was rather positive. *don't know what that is, the website is not very informative on its concept.
  8. This should only be announced in the secret Axis forum, then one morning the Allies login and wonder where all the free equipment went
  9. I logged into the game this morning and it said Wednesday 00:30 server time, Wednesday 06:30 local time... oh well this night ~01:00 Thursday. That is 06:30 pm then! Or 18:30!
  10. Is that in ~5 hours? ~11:30 BST today
  11. OK, 15sec invisibility is heavy metal, I meant more like to give people a chance who may need a second to spawn. That is as long as you can say 21, I would spawn and throw a grenade to the ground into the fms
  12. Maybe a 1sec invulnerability? Just again at an FMS, three guys with an assault rifle and a tank. Instead of blowing the FMS they just sit there and shoot people while they are spawning and cannot move or do anything yet. It doesn't matter at the moment, but if this is how they learn to play the game?
  13. Ah, OK. So the game has sort of three stages? Axis vs. France, then Axis vs. France and British, finally Axis vs. France, British and Americans. If the campaign lasts that long.
  14. The Axis had 200k more minutes on missions than the Allies, that is ~138 days or nearly as much as the British spent fighting. France was way more active than the British, nearly twice as many minutes.
  15. You can also click on the map here: https://gazette.wwiionline.com/ It shows you all the details with FB like ingame.