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  1. Hmmm... on Windows 8.1: The problem is visible in Chrome 59.0.3071.115 The problem is not visible in Chrome 60.0.3112.90 The problem is not visible in Firefox 54.0.1
  2. On (for example) the 10:44, 11:00 and 11:12 versions seem to have the right size, but are blurry -- like they have been scaled. The 11:40 version has clear text, but a white background, like the canvas of the image (not the image itself) has been enlarged. Have you checked the software that you use to upload the images for any settings that could be doing this? I notice that on it documents the following: Extension features[edit] Below are the special extension features that you can set in your LocalSettings.php: ... $wgMSU_imgParams = '400px'; // The default size for images inserted on the edit page Maybe MsUpload is changing your images as you upload them?
  3. I saved the image to my desktop, opened it in Paint, selected the bottom-right handle, resized the frame to match the screenshot, then saved and closed it. Seemed to fix the problem. You can fix it in HTML/CSS by doing fancy stuff with relative positioning, no-overflow and/or clipping... but that's just dealing with symptoms... the problem is with the actual image files, so they just need to be re-edited to fix the problem at the source. I would have posted the fixed images here, but I can't work out how to attach an image without creating a third-party hosting account somewhere, and I don't have priviliges to edit the wiki.
  4. Ok, so the game ends when one side caps all of the other side's factories. Got it. I did check WebMap a couple of times, but it never seemed to change much. The date at the bottom was 'the right one' but the front line didn't seem to be moving. I played with it just now and you need to click on one of the '-1 day' type buttons to get it to refresh. Not sure if there's something odd going on with my setup, or whether it's working as intended, but one would assume that the map would be up to date every time you load it -- without having to click on any buttons. So no stats are recorded during this time, and I can play with some Allied units, not have logs appear in my CSR, and avoid being branded a traitor?
  5. Thanks for the pointers. I've now got BGEM installed and set to generate a fresh map every 10 minutes and set it as my desktop wallpaper. Should make it easier to keep tabs on what is going on. I also downloaded and installed the 'hi res' map package, but the map I get seems identical to disi's screenshot above. Is that as 'hi res' as it gets? (I've got resolution set to 100% and have zoomed it in a bit.)
  6. Ok, so I know what an intermission is, and realise that we're in one now, but can someone explain: When did the war end, and who won? I would have thought that a HUUUUGE in-game announcement about Victory!!! would have been made, but the login process was absolutely nondescript. How are we supposed to monitor the progress of the war anyway? How do we tell who is winning? Looking at the map doesn't seem to make this very clear, as there are a large amount of towns still under the control of both sides. I can't find a 'War Progress' screen anywhere. There's no mention of victory in the Headquarters News Feed. All of the CSR stats seem to have disappeared. Is this normal? Will they be coming back? What is functionally different about the intermission period? Is there some sort of 'event' going on? Do all the OICs take a break and leave it to the regular players to skirmish in the frontline towns as they see fit? Do we have access to different units? Are stats not being collected/updated during this period? Yesterday we were raging and today we're just fizzzzzzz........
  7. On various web pages (like this one: ) there is a section towards the bottom: INTERESTED IN HELPING AS A VOLUNTEER? We're currently looking for volunteers for all of our teams. Things are only going to get busier as we prepare for Steam and if you desire to help out the game, we'd like to hear from you. Please go to our volunteer page to learn about what teams we have and how you can help. Thank you for reading, we'd love to hear your feedback and tremendously appreciate all of your support. The Please go... link points to which generates a 404 error. If the volunteer program has moved to a different location, the links should be updated. If the volunteer program has been suspended or wound down, those sections should probably be removed. Just thought you should know.
  8. Thanks Merlin. You might want to check the images. Three of the screenshots seem to have large white regions around them and probably should be cropped.
  9. That ends up being ~7pm Saturday night where I live so... about the worst possible time. Nonetheless shutdowns seem to be quite short (in the 15-30 minute range, apparently) so it just ends up being a quick break -- no dramas, happy llamas. What would be good would be to have the amount of minutes the downtime is expected to last actually appear in the shutdown message itself. I realise that things don't always go according to plan, but an estimate would be appreciated.
  10. Thanks for telling me about the trick fellas (holding down W whilst in the driver's position (1) and then -- whilst still holding down W -- pressing 2 to switch to the gunner's position). Whatever motion was in effect when you switch does indeed get 'remembered' and continues to occur. That makes thing SO much better. It still has to be a bug, and should be fixed, but at least there is a relatively painless workaround for the time being. One thing I also accidentally came across a few days ago is that you can 'unlock' a view. So once you have the AAG/ATG rolling and switch to the gunner's position, you can press N to unlock your view -- at which point you can use your mouse to naturally scan the surroundings. You can then press 1 to return to the driver's position, again press N, and have 'mouse look' on the driver's side of the gun as well (particularly useful on big guns like the 88 which block line-of-sight from one side to the other). Then you can just toggle back and forth with 1 and 2 and use you mouse to keep an eye on things whilst moving towards the target.
  11. As far as I can tell, all infantry can auto-run (jog) by pressing the G key once. All tanks can auto-run (drive) by selecting a gear and pressing the W key once. All vehicles can, likewise, drive by pressing the W key once. Why, oh why, do we not have a working auto-run (push) option for AA and AT Guns? You cannot spawn a medium or large AA/AT Gun at a FMS, so are forced to spwn at the FB which is kilometres from the target. Those guns can only be towed by half-tracks, and no-one in a typical zerg bothers to spawn those, so you have to push your own gun to get within range. As an example, 22 minutes of pushing in the last match got me half-way to the target, before all CPs were captured and the mission was over. Didn't get near the target, didn't get to deploy, didn't get to shoot. If medium-large AA/AT Gun gameplay is going to be so unrewarding, please don't force us to sit there for 22 minutes each match continously pressing down on the W key. Give us auto-run so we can press it, then go watch some telly, or have a shower and a meal, and come back later when the gun might actually be in range of something. Please: No well-meaning comments about 'joining a squad' or 'working as a team' or 'asking for assistance' -- none of those suggestions actually work the way the game currently exists and is being played. That might have been the way it worked a decade ago, but today the game is a series of rolling zergs dominated by players not in squads (or not working as squads). Only when the zerg stalls or fails is there usually enough time to push those units into range and take a few shots. Yes, sometimes the enemy aircraft will decide to target the FB and it's possible to get some action that way, but that is rare. Anyway, so please fix/implement auto-run for AAG/ATG is my request -- thanks!
  12. When a mission is over, and the order is withdrawn, players are instructed to Return To Base (RTB). If you are close to a spawn point, or have a fast-moving unit, this is not a problem. If, however, you are a long way from your spawn point (e.g. your firebase was blown taking your fortified mobile spawn with it), and/or you have a slow-moving unit (e.g. anti-tank gun or anti-airgraft gun), and/or you are damaged/injured, then you might be looking at a very, very long trip home. Could someone please explain the mechanics behind being REScued instead? Do I simply have to get x,000m+ away from enemy territory (i.e. the 'target' of the mission) before it is offered? Do I have to head in any particular direction? Is a 10% penalty in (experience) points the only penalty? Does the unit go back into supply straight away as it does when you RTB, or is there some sort of delay? Cheers!
  13. I can only think of a single segment of the player base that would benefit from precise alignment ... botters. The 'fuzziness' of the aiming makes development of an aimbot much harder.
  14. Two issues: 1) Basic Combat Training -- Went through it twice on the Training server. On neither occasion was I able to find any enemies to shoot at. Was able to complete the mission the first time by surviving 30min and the second time by capturing the target. 2) Armor Combat Training -- Went through the whole thing on the Campaign server, got to the mission at the end, navigated to the target location ... and encountered no enemies along the way. Was unable to damage/destroy/kill anything at the target location either and, as a result, had to abort/MIA the mission (so am effectively unable to complete it). I think there should (at least) be some AIs to kill in both missions so that they can not only be completed but also, as their names suggest, the player actually gets to experience some combat training. With the Steam release just around the corner, those training/tutorial missions are going to get hammered. It would be in the best interests of the game if they worked properly. You know what they say about first impressions...