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  1. Have you guys thought about making some sort of temporary noob server? Basically a place for greentags to rank up a bit among their peers. Reading the Steam forums it seems like might be a good idea.
  2. I'd support this if it meant having to spawn as a rifleman and stand in a boring chain home block house in Dover watching a simulated HR-scope.
  3. All sides need more tier -1 equipment to balance out the tier -1 French starting stuff like the SMG that shoots plastic BBs. Give us the mightly PZ1 please!
  4. Hooray OHM thanks for the quick Tier 0.
  5. HEY CRS LET'S START THE NEXT CAMPAIGN AT TIER 1. Dare to be different. Call it a "what if" Campaign, as in; "what if Germany delayed the invasion of France until 1941?" YES this is unfair to the Axis, so let them have a starting supply advantage. Considering how so much of this game is apparently held together with duct tape and bailing wire I'm sure this is technically impossible, but it would still be FUN. Also Steam players would finally get a taste of real later-tier gameplay.
  6. You should be able to salvage your current rig by adding a 1 gig vid card. I've got a similar setup and just adding a cheap 1gig 250 GTS boosted my FPS to a playable(but not great) level.