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  1. You are so damn right!
  2. No,no,no. You cant change the display from anything It dont work this way, you CANT remove anything with this programm or see more distance, you CANT. Its more like a layer above your Display, so ifs more colorfull and sharpen. If you have a good Monitor, you can already do it with the Monitor controlls (sharpness, colorfullness, contrast etc.) its not a cheat or something. Its not like you can adjust the EI to glow pink You just set a filter/layer above the Game so its more grey/dark or more colorfull (however the person want it), i will try to show you some Screenshots from some other games i play to show you the difference.
  3. im on: Windows 10 Pro i5-4590 GTX 970 4gb 12gb ram
  4. Hey! When i am in big battles my FPS are 30-40, thats not the finest but playable. But when i aim with my gun it drops after at 15 and thats very irritating. can anyone help me? have a good day!
  5. Hello,My Friend and me have a big Problem. When we want to drive a tank in a Crew it kicks one of us out the crew when we push the ingame button. Can anyone help us? Is there any method to spawn a tank with a co driver?Moin,Mein Kollege und ich haben ein Problem und zwar jedesmal wenn wir versuchen einen Panzer zusammen zu fahren kickt es einen von uns aus der Crew. Gibt es irgendeine Lösung dies zu verhinden bzw. einen Panzer zusammen zu fahren?