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  1. IT`s common logic also and that can not be taught. If you see a town and you see X players in a beeline to that town and you wander off to now where....well. I
  2. People will stop fighting and jump over sheep xD. Most of those concerns are because people came from new games with new mechanics, some are easy mode some are valid i can thing of these: This is a modern mechanic and nice one also cause in WWII soldiers would use abandoned equipment especially ATG. This one also is something realistic. If the gunner dies another crew man could operate the gun in time of need(w a penalty offcourse) Driver is hard to replace though. Bad but all soldiers carried morphine. That could be implemented to give you a few moments before you bleed out. Now you can continue to move and fight with the darker screen, your aim dont suffer....
  3. Maybe a bonus for a player at the start of a campaign. Like you select a box and for that campaign you will only log onto X. That player dont have to wait even in overpop or always has equipment or something like that.
  4. The feeling of the changing game play when axis get better tanks and allies adapting to that, and then axis adapting to another allied tier, etc. Inf fights became more of firefights with better rifles and semi auto. The feel of struggle as you look at the map and defend a town you won a week back, you know it, you know the corners, you died, you saw things blow up, now you see them again. You fought for a month and half, now you want it to end, now you want to win....all this is lost on a 4/5 day campaign.
  5. It's not a one map move but its a short spawn move. At X it was 50/50. At X + 8hs we had breakthrough and delivered a killing blow. Then it was just wrapping it up. It was 8hs/10hs. Like you go to sleep, wake up log to play and its done! WTF! All because some players at HC are not on or made a few bad moves? Realy? This is easily solved by having one factory city impossible to capture and putting a min % of cities needed to cap. Like 3 factories and 70% of the cities needed to win and leaving always 1 so that at least loosing team has some equipment available. This will prolong the campaign till T3 for sure.
  6. Since we are in intermission is rant time! Come, look and rant here to find joy and happiness till 145 starts! For me again a T0 campaign is a big no. Hopefully 145 will be a decent one again and will get to T2 at least. It`s so boring to having to spawn a rifle. I want my Fg44 and bars again god dammit.
  7. Props to allied for the win! As for axis we tried to capture several time big cities with the pop it takes while allies got several towns in return for free. HC said it benefit us...
  8. You can pull that on live a nobody will miss those DD. Waste 4 tigers and that will get you hate xD
  9. for AB camp. The old way should work put a 232 in the entrance and wait till they blow it up. Bam no tanks will get in. Sand block inf wall breachs. Wait till reinforcements.
  10. First of all not a rant, just some r&r =D - I have the feeling of void, like map is to big and people are a few. Some cities are just block and blocks of empty buildings. Should the map be smaller? - Planes are to hard to play. So a few veterans control the sky. should this be addressed? - Also i dont mind because i played before but tutorial is awful for new players. Not exiting at all. And as always and this is a big big plus the guys playing are always good with new players. They give you directions, what to do, where to go. This is, i think one of the best communities i ever seen on game.