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  1. to the Axis on their campaign 151 win. Hopefully 152 will go differently.
  2. Well you can't blame folks for making the killing of an AA gun, towed or self-propelled, a priority.
  3. It's going to take awhile to rebuild Lafayette Federation, I know. If you are an Allied player looking for a unit to grow with, Lafayette might be your best option. Team before self.
  4. When asking poll questions, how the question is asked is almost as important as the question itself. Try to ask them as objectively as possible, or accept that the results you receive will be invalid.
  5. 1 thing that annoys me is spawning into someone's mission, then (when checking CSR later that night) I find that I was killed by that same person a couple of times...
  6. I should point out that when visiting for the first time----please register. I will then 'accept' you thus allowing you full access to the website.
  7. That 2nd video is one of the best wwiionline recruiting videos I have seen for any ingame unit, let alone wwiionline. Well done.
  8. Getting folks to guard a bunker is already a somewhat difficult challenge. If guarding a bunker is (basically) guaranteed to end in a 'death by bomb or air-delivered shell' then I fear the very idea of guarding a bunker will die. Instead of more tactical options there will be less. I suppose if the AB bunkers were hardened to offset this issue, allowing for bombs, etc. to take out infantry in other buildings, (but not the AB bunkers), then I would support your idea.
  9. Good to go, thanks much for your help, Pittpete.
  10. Thanks much, Pittpete. I have replied to your email (twice in rapid succession).
  11. Here's what/who Lafayette Federation was: At our peak, we had a tick over 300 members, a presence in pretty much all timezones, a dedicated air wing, along with a strong armored/INF contingent. We fought in the then 'dirty south', with III Corps. Our members were staunchly loyal to the Allied cause, and we cooperate fully with AHC. We were an inclusive bunch, fully willing to help new folks through the early stages of climbing that learning curve. When formed, Lafayette Federation consisted of: Lafayette Light Infantry, Task Force One, and Lafayette Escadrille. These 3 units, (actually, TF1 and Lafayette Escadrille were the only 2 of the 3 who could actually claim to be a unit, as all the founder (me) brought to the party was a 2 person Infantry unit and a couple of ideas), banded together to form Lafayette Federation. Our membership quickly surpassed 100 folks once the game went live, as those who hadn't joined squads (but had wanted to) started seeing what we were about. In the early days when german genius consisted of a couple of opels with a couple of Infantry driving for an hour to take a town well behind the lines so a panzer army could instaspawn in, we publicly shamed (or attempted to) the germans by inviting them to an actual battle, in Charleville, which we held. The opels didn't stop running around, but the germans who wanted an actual battle came, in force, and we held against constant attacks for 4 days straight---over 100 hours of constant battle. German units wanting to enjoy a battle learned to seek us out. Those who wished to avoid battles avoided us like the plague. We were big enough to move the map, and we were good enough to stop the map from moving. We believe in Team Before Self, and practice that belief whenever ingame. If that means guarding bunkers, we do so. It meant, back in the day, that the 'Itza-bus' spent 4 hours driving back and forth across the front lines with loads of friendly Infantry on a regular basis. In the days before EWS, Lafayette Federation members would man flags 2, 3, sometimes 4 towns behind the lines to let us know where the krauts were planning on making ground by avoiding a fight on that particular day. Anyway, long story short, Lafayette Federation is being rebuilt. If you want to take a look at being a member, visit: (don't judge the website too harshly, it was my first attempt---we used to have a bunch of really talented webpage builders, and hopefully they'll saunter back into the unit soon).
  12. Thanks, I submitted a ticket----I hate to waste their time on something that I might be able to figure out, but the time has come to get it done.
  13. Lafayette Federation was formed before the game went live. We rode out the peaks and valleys for a long, long time, but eventually the lights went out, temporarily. I (and Shakabre) are in the process of rebuilding her, but I can't even get into the squad ingame, let alone begin truly recruiting. Our website is up and running, so we should start to see a trickle of veterans coming back, but until we can integrate them into the ingame Lafayette Federation we're sitting dead in the water. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. FYI, we have one member who seems to be active ingame, but we do not have his contact information, and he doesn't seem to look into the forums thus hasn't seen the messages we've sent him. That is Axewolf, and at the very least we need him to let us into our own squad, lol
  14. The new site is up an running (let's call it a work in progress, but usable) at:
  15. Both are good questions. At our peak, Lafayette Federation had at least a token presence in every timezone, and of course that would be the goal again. In the short run, I'm in Southern California, and usually get on later at night here. Shakabre is in Florida still, I believe, and thus far that's your cadre/membership. As for squad nights, the membership as a whole will decide that----we're just starting to get the word out to old members, and are just getting to a point where new members will be feasible, so I apologize for the vagueness. It isn't borne of not having thought about these things, though. It has always been about being flexible for our members. So, a short example: Cowboy wants to run an op on a Saturday night, so he posts on our squad forum to take the pulse of the members. Enough are interested, so in addition to posting details in the squad forum, we start letting people know ingame. Thus, a Lafayette Federation squad night is born... I truly believe that if we end up having to end up nailing down a night as squad night, though, our efforts at rebuilding Lafayette will have at least partially failed. She should end up being big enough (again) where day of the week isn't a concern. Additionally, given the Federation-nature of the unit, if (example) the air unit we end up recruiting has X for a squad night, we'll do our damndest to support their normal night by enhancing whatever presence we normally would have on that night.