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  1. PC Gamer has a facebook post up asking 'which other games deserve comebacks'--------------it is essentially bragging about no man's sky making some improvements, but it would be nice to see some more posts from fans of WWIIOnline in there. It might get us a re-look from pc gamer, or at worst might make some folks curious and give the game a try.
  2. Campaign 153 ended in an Allied victory, of which Lafayette Federation was a small part. to the rest of the Allies, and to the members of Lafayette Federation. After that big counterattack by the germans, it would have been very easy to log off and let the germans carry the campaign. That didn't happen, though, and seeing it through led to our victory.
  3. I do, and it was a great time.
  4. Guard duty in a depot can be tedious, to be sure. It isn't required of anyone, though, and the game has always asked more of the folks who like helping their team. Guarding AB bunkers is actually pretty intense at times, and truth be told some of the most fun moments I've had ingame have been while guarding an AB bunker. As ingame numbers improve (hope springs eternal) I believe guarding a depot will also become intense, and guarding an ab bunker will become even more intense. I will say I am not a fan of the ninja-soft-cap deal. AI was added to the game to cut down on it, but some of the folks ingame have had 'how to avoid ai' figured out for years. The timers help, and it does take some skill to avoid contact while waiting for the timers. I would have zero problem with the stealth-caps if they were conducted by airborne troops, as that makes sense in my 'still wanting the game to be as realistic as possible' frame of mind. That's all I have to say about that.... sorry, I am just tired and rambling. Actually, other than some fundamental flaws, like rambo-LMGs and the like, I firmly believe the game is heading in the right direction, and with more people ingame, gameplay will continue to improve.
  5. Just as the game has now been around for 17 years, please note that Lafayette Federation has been around now, for over 17 years, as well. We formed in the time period when the last beta was winding down, before the game went live. We are slowly gaining momentum in the recruiting deal, and we are growing, again. Hopefully we will soon be back up to near full strength, and the german side can once again spend a bunch of time wondering where Lafayette Federation is, (so they can avoid us). The bigger we get, the more difficult it will be for them to avoid us.
  6. Arnhem, please. It it like asking for the moon, I realize, but then there can be 'a bridge too far' special events, and so on.
  7. Seriously. Bypassing the Maginot line isn't enough of a bennie for your side?
  8. I am seeing new players, and I'm seeing new players join my squad, but I am seeing precious few of them who respond on squad channel-----please confirm whether or not Squad channel is on by default when players are in the early days of their tenure. Yes, I can .m new folks, but odds are they have no idea how to reply.
  9. I normally don't quote myself, but I do believe this is worth a read for prospective members. We are growing. After a couple months where we didn't even register on the squad stats at CSR, we (even though still small by any standard, especially our own) are climbing the rankings in the thing that matters most: Capping flags (whether by offensive or defensive efforts). We are already ahead of many larger squads, and as we grow we will expect to continue going up in the rankings until we are again known as an elite Allied unit.