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  1. I have posted this in CRS' work area to help quicken the pace of finding a fix, DT.
  2. I hope you make quick progress in growing your new squad.
  3. I would much rather that veteran players who run into financial difficulties are afforded the opportunity to continue playing via F2P, passing their knowledge onto newer players, than the alternative.
  4. I think a good clue as to what is feasible given the resources can be found in the roadmap, and in the in-game polls. I will say this: If the current version of CRS had anything resembling the resources the original crew did, this game would improve by leaps and bounds in a quick fashion. I'm not denigrating the original CRS crew by saying that. The current CRS has the ability/willingness to learn from the 18 years of development to this game. All that is currently lacking is the proper amount of resources to get all that CRS wants done, accomplished. All in all, this is still the best game I've ever played, and the best gaming community I have ever dealt with. The passion of community members is clearly visible, and most (not all) approach this game as it should be approached: Warts and all, the best WW2 game ever, still looking to get better. CRS has never been more responsive to the community, and has never shown the willingness the current bunch has shown to make changes (resources allowing), to improve the in-game experience of all players. I'll leave specific answers to those far more qualified than I to answer them.
  5. My opinion only, but attackers should not be able to capture a depot if defenders are present, i.e. have not been cleared. Again, my opinion only, but in order for the capture timer to start, the depot should be cleared of defending troops. 1-2, 10, don't care how many defenders there are, defenders shouldn't lose ground because an enemy troops is nearby.
  6. wow! Nice job @dfire
  7. HC can't lead from the front and stay behind simultaneously. I would love to believe HC aren't going to move their LMS around, but I have a funny feeling that they will.
  8. New Campaign starts tomorrow, which means our hometown (Charleville) will be on the frontlines soon. Time to suit up!
  9. How's the rebuild going, Aismov? Just an FYI, Lafayette Federation's rebuild is starting to gather steam, and I'd hate for you guys to get left behind.
  10. I am sorry for the late reply. It took me a couple days to be willing to watch this, knowing that it would cause an emotional reaction in me. I still remember Will's in-game memorial service... Well done, Pfmosquito.
  11. Best post of the day, lol.