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  1. Rather than adding late-war or post-war equipment, I believe the war should be put on the clock. In reality, the germans could not have survived a long-term struggle in France and the low countries. Simply put, if they can't take the Allies out within a certain number of weeks or months, the campaign should be awarded to the Allies. That solves the need/temptation of putting Tiger IIs downrange, and all that other stuff that would kill the game for those who do bend towards historical accuracy. This game was never graphically the best. It has always been, though, the only one who combines accurately modeled equipment into a persistent environment. Making the environment better, then, should be the focus, rather than on adding new toys.
  2. Hmmm. I kinda like the idea of players paying to play a side, and paying more to play both sides. I remember my first wife (yes, my interest in this game outlasted an entire marriage) even joked one time that I was 'getting ripped off' because I was paying for a whole game but only playing half of it. Perhaps she was (back when I was paying, that is---------and I'll pay again, soon I hope).
  3. I hear you, O'donovan. I figure it will work until our web-gurus come back to the fold. As it was my first attempt, compromises for my lack of talent in that area had to be made!
  4. I didn't play a lot (if at all) during the reign of the FRSU, but given what I've seen since coming back to the game, my bet is the FMS is a better solution. While they are still fairly easy to supress once located, in a battle where folks are using combined arms, it is possible to 'call for help' when an FMS is supressed, whereas I would imagine without the fortification aspect, a located spawn was a dead spawn 100% of the time. I have seen bits of combined arms play of late---my advice would be to get the HCs on board with that goal (and I mean no disrespect to them---improving focus should be a constant process). Too often I hear 'here is the new AO, get trucks headed there...' rather than any organized plan based on combined support. I am not sure if any fixes are really needed---and most of those I've seen even in this thread are solving problems caused by poor cooperation ingame rather than the game itself. Yes, it is easy to hear trucks, get a general bearing on them and go hunting, but if they were not rolling around unescorted it wouldn't be an issue. Imagine what would happen if trucks were accompanied by a 232, or panhard, etc., with a smidge of air cover... I do, however, like the idea that when an FMS is destroyed (not pulled, but destroyed), that another one would automatically appear 500 or so meters to the rear, which would indeed symbolize forces being 'pushed back'. The more survivable the trucks and/or FMS are, the less combined arms battles we will see. A lot of what we see now is still just a variation on the original 'opel plus a couple of INF' style of attacks from the early days, only now the opels (and beddies and laffies) set up spawns---both still end up in many cases having the same goal: To avoid combat, i.e. to have troops in the town without being noticed, or reacted to. Currently, the FMS stop bullets not fired into the 'doors' and 'windows', thus they are sufficiently survivable if proper steps are taken by the attacking (or in the case of defensive FMS, defending) units.
  5. Bump. We are starting to see old members trickle back in. Unsure how many will end up coming back, so we'll need new recruits as well.
  6. I think it says more about how the Allies are fighting than anything else. Having been involved in the past couple of campaigns (along with being a day 1 player), I would say the Allied High Command is making a significantly improved effort to let Allied troops know what is needed, and how to go about it, during the current campaign. I cannot speak for the german side, as I do not play that side, but assuming they haven't lessened in skill level, the improved play on the Allied side would seem to be the most logical reason for the current state of the map.
  7. I like the new (improved) AB bunkers. As someone who ends up guarding them, though, I must say it is a bit claustrophobic to be the guys (or one of the guys) standing in that room. Perhaps putting a dart board in there would be helpful?
  8. I believe as ingame pops go up, this should be strongly considered. Until then I dunno---low ingame pops might make it near-impossible to effectively guard FBs, thus the choice is to guard FBs or defend a town, or conduct an attack for a little while until the FB is blown...
  9. Adar1, I have approved your registration to, and welcome to Lafayette Federation. While we will go north if we are needed, Lafayette Federation has usually been a stalwart of the 'dirty south', and have always been proud members of the French Armed forces. The unit is pre-day 1, but our website is (now) a work in progress, so much of the 'how to' videos and such have been lost to time. As a new player, please do not hesitate to post questions on our website---if I don't know the answer I'll find someone who does. Now I just have to figure out how to get you into the unit---the ingame recruiting has changed a bit since I was directly involved.
  10. I hope this message finds all returning members (who peruse the forums) of Lafayette in good health. In case you missed the email, and in case you missed the posts already (posted) on the subject: We are rebuilding Lafayette Federation. Please visit the new website at: and hold all nasty comments about the low quality of the website (because I had to make it---and I'll be only too glad when one of our more tech-friendly members rejoins and fixes it)-----the website will do the job for now, and the job it needs to do is to be there for all returning, (and new) members to get together out of game. Please register on the website first----it's a quirk of the website, I have to 'accept' you before you can post. Once accepted, join in the discussions, and help to rebuild Lafayette, please. Team Before Self
  11. Campaign 152 is in full swing, and the Allies are holding their own. Just imagine how the Allies will perform once Lafayette Federation is fully operational again. We don't have a lot of active members at the moment----if you would like to join, please post in here, and/or register (emphasis on register) at:
  12. Have (or make it easier for me to find) a facebook page/Twitter account. Post how to videos on it, game updates, etc. Give a special free trial (normal free to play plus a couple of examples from non free to play list like: a plane or 2 per side, a tank or 2 per side----whatever), to those who like your facebook page, or follow your twitter account. #mostgamingpeoplestilldon'tknowthisgameexistsevenafter17years... Improve SEO on both google, and youtube, so as to show up on more searches----a youtube search a couple weeks ago (for worldwarii online) got me to a page full of COD vids... I advise SEO over SEM, as I truly believe most folks are like me, and will ignore the SEM ads.. Long story short, and knowing the budget is a bit thin, the facebook/twitter plus SEO improvements will get some relatively free attention---only spending time. I would also advise contacting Armchair General's game review staff----they did a review 10 years ago or so, but might be willing to do one again. Same with PC Gamer, etc.----after 17 years they probably should do a return visit.