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  1. ANZAC is a great bunch of Allied players. Back when I was in AHC, I could always count on ANZAC to hold the left flank of the (at that time separated) French Army, from the BEF side. Good luck on the rebuild, and I hope to see more ANZAC in-game!
  2. Welcome to our newest members: Captron, Lonepilgim, Madcyka. Lafayette Federation locked down defense of Ninove as much as numbers allowed tonight. Soon, we'll have the numbers to resume denying objectives to the germans-----i.e. they won' t be able to take a town when Lafayette Federation is present.
  3. That is not an accurate statement to make. CRS' efforts have led to positive changes in community member numbers, to be sure. Not up to 'the old days' yet, but certainly trending in an upwards direction for the past year-ish. Any changes to the LMGs will not be 'nerfs'. Tankers and Panzerplayers will continue to have access to their chosen units. There is a significant percentage of players who have enjoyed the recent changes, and there's a significant percentage of players who are in favor of moving more towards historical accuracy. It is clear that CRS will not do so at the expense of gameplay, while reserving the right to give some things a try here and there. Some changes will work, and some will not, but be honest with yourself---if the game today was the exact same as it was 15 years ago you'd already be gone. Getting more players is a goal, but not by turning this game into red v blue or a pale version of COD, etc. Getting more players by improving that which makes WWIIOnline unique in the realm of MMOs, MilSims, FPS, etc., is the path forward. Mistakes will be made----and will be rectified. A lot (my opinion only) of the issues we have ingame right now would not be significant issues if more players were in-game at any given moment. This new version of CRS is better, imho, and I hope you stick with it as I will, to see how things progress.
  4. Clearly we disagree. Perhaps I am wrong, though. One never knows for sure on these things. Perhaps you are correct in sitting on the sidelines, not playing the game, throwing constant darts at those (CRS) who are working towards returning the size of the community back to previous levels. Maybe constant attempts to put your .02 in as negative a way as humanly possible doesn't have a negative effect on the community. Maybe Post Scriptum, who charges $29.99 for the game and an additional fee for 'renting' a server, is not a direct competitor, thus your 'all our competitors are F2P' statement isn't pure poppycock. Perhaps World of Tanks is a direct competitor, despite all evidence to the contrary. Perhaps the best way to effect change in a game's development is to not play the game, and not volunteer to help, but to sit on the forums and continuously attack the credibility and skill level of the game developers.
  5. It would help if you would ease up just a tick on the throttle. CRS is working to improve efforts in the Steam area, and you incorrect in suggesting that any effort to 'pull one over the customer(s)' has been made. If you do not wish to pay, but wish to play, you can be a rifleman and (depending on the campaign) use other equipment as well. If you don't wish to pay a subscription, but do wish to use equipment normally reserved for subscribers, there is DLC available that doesn't require a subscription. It's not a difficult concept, and saying otherwise is disingenuous at best. The games you normally throw in our faces here as examples of 'great games' have charges associated with playing, do they not? At last look, post scriptum charges $29.99 for the priviledge of fighting in a non-persistent environment in 40v40 'battles'. And from the looks of forums, they are not nearly as communicative with the community as CRS is in WWIIOnline. I haven't seen it, but perhaps you are spewing negativity on their community forums as well? I would agree that CRS has lost the opportunity on hundreds of potential customers, but not by ignoring the F2P community. Maybe efforts with the F2P community are a work in progress, i.e. are not perfect yet, but for the love of God please stop with the baseless charges in the simple effort to get CRS to go with 'your way' of doing things. There are more productive ways of helping-----you could volunteer, for example, and thus allow CRS access to your brilliance in the game marketing field. You could work to help via lobbying without resorting to being so constantly negative. Speaking as someone who has been in the community for 18+ years, I can tell you that negativity does not garner positive results in this community---ever. Threats to leave the game, even if empty, have a negative effect on others choosing whether or not to stay as a subscriber. Constant negativity on side channel in-game chases people away from this game far quicker than CRS could. There are plenty of decisions CRS has made over the years that I have disagreed with. Some turned out to work better than I would have thought, and some had the crappy results that I figured would happen. I would invite you to look at the glass as being 1/2 full (or whatever percentage you deem proper), as opposed to being 1/2 empty.
  6. Would love to see topographic maps.
  7. @Pittpete I sent you a message on slack regarding getting lonepilgrim back onto lafayette's roster without having to wait for a time when we both happen to be ingame.
  8. Pittpete hasn't responded yet, so we're still in a holding pattern on adding you manually. I will let you know. In the meantime, I asked Chimm to add Lafayette Federation to the wwiionline servers, fixing the error I made by setting up our own channel outside of the wwiionline area. So, log into discord via the following link: then scroll down and look for the Lafayette Federation channel. Heck, in the next day or so I'll even be on voicecoms for the first time in years, lol.
  9. Welcome back, Shakabre!
  10. You are a member on our website. As far as the game I believe the fault/blame lies with me not being very good at the squad tools at the time when you joined, for which I apologize. I will contact Pittpete to see if I can have you added to the roles from outside of the game (pretty sure that can happen). The other way is to get auto-recruited while ingame, which is how you found us the first time. I will work on it right now. I'm waiting on a reply from Pittpete.
  11. To begin with, the poll itself is too small of a sampling. Those commenting with strong opinions on the thread are an even smaller sampling. In no way shape or form is the poll a fair indication of the overall playerbase. With all due respect to all comments, they are not fairly labeled as being indicative of the overall playerbase, either. Thus, it is not clear that the split exists at all, let alone it being between 'sim guys/gameplay guys'.
  12. That is a conclusion not based on evidence. You have zero idea of who the poll splits are consisting of, and should not assert otherwise, especially when it fits neatly into your narrative seeking to denigrate those who disagree with you as being 'reenactors' whenever possible. It is disingenuous.
  13. The campaign starts in a half hour or so, so if 5pm my time is 7 pm server time (texas time), that makes it gmt-6, right?
  14. No. B2k posted the new supply numbers in another thread.
  15. and congratulations to the latest Lafayette Federation members to be recognized by Allied leadership: Office of the DCoS would like to congratulate the following Allied team players for their overall and consistent level of contribution to the Allied cause. Raptor34 Axewolf Rain or Shine these guys come through time after time... Each of these Players has been awarded the Bronze Star. Wear it with pride gentleman, for you have surely earned it