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  1. to the ANZACs, real and in-game.
  2. It is important to note that players do not have access to in-game numbers, thus any claims to the contrary are not accurate.
  3. Very mild, indeed. I would say that the 88 was far more feared in its 'secondary' role of killing ground vehicles, thus the lack of fused shells is not a historical injustice more than it is something that wasn't modeled initially due to the expectation that the 88 would be used more to kill ground vehicles.
  4. 1.36 is a harbinger of the days to come, when squads will once again be completely relevant in-game. Now we just need more squad members! Come be a part of the rebirth of Lafayette Federation!
  5. I would imagine that the 88 suffers no more and no less than anything else marked on a map, thus I am not sure that can enter an equation of it's worth. Understand I am not speaking against 'timed-fuse rounds'.
  6. When I was participating in a test, I got to try out some stuff unavailable in the game server, (was able to hover over battlefield, and hover UNDER the battlefield). There is nothing below the ground layer, and I mean nothing. I am completely guessing here, as it is not my area, but I would imagine a whole other layer at minus 5 (or whatever) would have to be built, across the entire map. I am not sure how feasible that is, and I say that as someone who thinks PPOs should be expanded upon, to include trench-lines, etc. I would LOVE to see it happen, but again, I am not sure how feasible it is.
  7. To my knowledge, parachuting dogs and motorcycles are still at the back of the line, development-wise. My guess is yes.
  8. Odds are good I won't HAVE the answer, but i will get answers for any who need help.
  9. I am not seeing a crumble. If it makes you feel better, just put an asteriks on this campaign.
  10. No offense intended, but the alternative, especially late U.S. evening time, is to not get troops into the DO until it's heavy ews, and by then it is typically too late to get in and hold the town, because the attackers have had too much time to get set up. We have to get in early, and set the defense, hoping to get ahead of the curve. Again, no offense intended, but on more than a few occasions, we've stopped the attack, moved over to an attack of our own, and the 1 freaking guy the axis have left to keep ews going, caps a depot, and bang, heavy ews, no ai, no chance for the allies, especially when outnumbered to begin with. See attack on Laon going on right now. Smart of axis side to switch Aos to a big town, with more depots than we had defenders, then leave it sit with no ews for 1/2 hour, and not a bad Infantry fight on the southside, but no way can we hold the town for very long.
  11. Lafayette Federation is rebuilding, and could use some more vets. is our website. we have a Facebook page as well. We're a pre-day 1 Allied only squad with a rich history. Welcome back.
  12. As a volunteer for CRS, rest assured that I cannot respond how I would like to @ian77 To be clear, I was going to put a series of firing positions in, leading from the covered path all the way into the FB, with the idea of seeing if providing a covered path into the FB would work. The idea struck me while I was right by the FB, so I decided to start the line of firing positions from within the FB itself. When I couldn't place a firing point within the boundaries of the FB, I tested to see if anything PPO-wise was placeable, and found it was not, hence my post to Moz. My assertion hasn't changed 1 bit, nor has my behavior in-game which if you ask around, should be reported as being positive and fully against any sort of gaming the game, cheating, etc. since the day I entered this community, some 18 years ago. If you require clarification before assuming the worst, by all means my advice would be to seek such clarification. I think you will find it far less aggravating to those you are falsely accusing, and far more accurate when clarifications allow for your venom to be accurately placed.
  13. Each and every day I am in-game, I have at least 1 allied new soldier walk up to me, and attempt to shoot me. Every day. If I ever get carpel tunnel, I will be able to blame having to type "please don't shoot at me, friendly fire does not function in this game" so many times. FF would be a disaster to this game, imho.
  14. Lafayette Federation is a day 1 squad (pre day 1 actually). We have been an Allied squad for our entire existence. Team before self. Members should register at our website: