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  1. Hmm. I think that makes sense.
  2. You are one scary dude! Sure you wouldn't prefer to join the Allies? I think that 700m is too short, and I thought that when the discussion to shorten the ews distance was happening. I think that an AO should be set before a mission can be placed for a potential town objective. This alone would give defenses time to prepare. Having said that, as Undercova so ably pointed out, a defense alerted is going to be tough to have a battle with, let alone a successful battle, as FMSs will be killed quickly and efficiently. Thus, I don't think setting an AO before a mission can happen is feasible. I would support lengthening the truck EWS, and like some other players, I do not turn my engine off and glide into a position because I believe it is gamey, crappy gameplay. I much prefer an organized attack where multiple trucks are leaving FBs soon after each other, and arriving nearly simulataneously, so that the Undercova's of the game can't kill an attack off all by themselves. I also would be in favor of disallowing FMSs to be set behind the lines, i.e. I am in favor of FMSs being forced to be set within a 180 degree arc. I am not sure those who believe 'defense has it too easy' would like this change to the game, though. Too often the FMS, which was designed to allow battles to continue with less time-lag between being able to get back into the battle, are set with the intention of loading the town up with attacking troops before there can be a battle. Too often, intrepid defenders kill the trucks and/or FMS before a battle can happen. In either event, the BATTLES are suffering, and thus most players are at risk of suffering lessened gameplay as well.
  3. I suppose. Of course you are still basing this entire conversation on an incorrect assumption that I have attempted to make sure didn't continue or escalate. I'm less than pleased that your response is to call me a liar, but it makes sense, as it is far easier than simply admitting that you read my post incorrectly, (or if you would prefer, I wasn't clear enough). Again, I didn't mean to convey anything other than that I was unhappy someone was unsubbing. I keep saying I didn't mean to imply what you think I meant to imply----and I'm saying it that way as I have no idea what you think I was implying. I gather it is negative, and I've attempted to clarify that isn't the case. If/when you have a problem with how I've worded something, you should feel free to contact me and ask for a clarification which I will be only to glad to provide. If you would prefer to continue making false accusations based on not understanding my post(s) and/or not believing me, that is your deal. If I had done something wrong, I would have apologized for it. I didn't, thus I haven't, (apologized).
  4. The discussion that you're attempting to have with me is based on a false assumption of yours. At this point I can offer a clarification, but given your willingness to assume the worst I'm not sure it will help you. Suffice it to say that I am not happy that someone is choosing not to re-sub, and it has nothing to do with whether or not they play Allied, Axis, or a mixture of the 2. I am not implying what you seem to think I was. In the future, should you conclude that your ability to read between the lines has given you special insights on 'what augetout really was implying', and when compared to the AoC it doesn't look good to you, I invite you to ask for a clarification. I think you might find it less time-consuming and more useful than a false accusation.
  5. When believing someone becomes a violation of the code of conduct I will be sure to stop believing folks? When being sad that someone is not going to resub becomes a violation of the code of conduct, well then I just don't know what I'll do.
  6. Sadly, I believe you when you say you'll only resub when 'playing axis only is fun again'...
  7. Thanks. I'd love to take credit for all the goodness and the 165 victory, but in all reality it's you, Randazzo, Shakabre, Axewolf, and all of the Allied players who dig in on a day to day basis and refuse to lose who is making all the good things, (and victories) possible.
  8. and we'll be here when you come back!
  9. I think he's yanking the trigger...
  10. Attention to orders, 12 July 2019 Promotion: Justinred to Central High Command Deputy Chief of Staff Promotion: Foe2 to British Country Commander Promotion: N8 to British Country Chief of Staff Promotion: Jokur to Army Branch Commander Promotion: Striker4 to 1st ID Guards Armored Brigade Commander Promotion: Harsin to 1st ID Guards Armored Brigade Command, Executive Officer Promotion: Mystert to 1st Airborne Division Commander Promotion: Gipper to Army Branch Command Chief of Staff Please join me in congratulating these fine Allied Officers on their promotions.
  11. lol, I just noticed that today as well. Unsure if it is based on a new communist agenda, or if he is simply a Cincinnati Reds fan, or some other deal.
  12. Welcome back!
  13. I did that especially for you, Matamor!
  14. AEF is awarded the Valorous Unit Citation. This is the highest honor an Allied squad can be awarded. As a squad, AEF is ranked #1 in map movers, and averages 43 captures per member. AEF is over 1,000 captures ahead of the next highest ranked squad. The Pathfinders is awarded the Commander in Chief Unit Citation. This is the 2nd highest honor an Allied squad can be awarded. As a squad, Pathfinders is averaging just under 39 captures per member for this campaign. Lafayette Federation is awarded the Meritorious Unit Citation. This is the 3rd highest honor an Allied squad can be awarded. As a squad, Lafayette Federation is averaging just over 30 captures per member. 7th Army Allied Strike Team is awarded the Meritorious Unit Citation. This is the 3rd highest honor an Allied squad can be awarded. As a squad, 7th Army Allied Strike Team is averaging over 27 captures per member. Ordered this day of 9 July, 2019 Allied CinC Augetout
  15. For their consistent efforts in rebuilding AI in newly-captured towns, Tarrian60, Tretjakov, and Bludngut area awarded the Three Star Good Service Ribbon. For their efforts in the successful defense of Venlo in the face of a determined enemy attack, Cobra, Bludngut, Mickdundee, Arf0rce1, Tretjakov, Stankyus, Luvmuffin, Gipper, and Ojsimpson are awarded the Legion of Merit. This is the 5th highest honor that can be awarded to an Allied soldier. Venlo was under a severe enemy attack, and at one point was down to 1 depot, but in the end was held thanks to the brave and determined efforts of these soldiers. Gretnine, and Wegue are awarded the William Wallace Tactical Achievement award. Gretnine has had a sortie with 54 kills, and a sortie with 44 kills thus far in campaign 165. Wegue has a sortie with 41 kills. For their efforts in the area of FB busting and FB defense, Nc0gnet0, Sorella, Zuviel, and Bludngut are awarded the Enemy Forward Base Busting Award. For their efforts in RDP bombing, Drake1 and N8 are awarded the RDP Bombing Ribbon. For his efforts this past week, during which many times he was the Officer in charge of the most difficult task available in-game at any given moment, Gipper is awarded the Allied Officer of the Week Ribbon. For his efforts this past week, during which he was recommended multiple times by multiple Officers and players for recognition, Mundagurri is awarded the Allied Player of the Week Ribbon. For their exceptional abilities and dedication to the idea of teamwork, Playtime, Xohorvath, Captron, Makettle, Warpony, and Thebluez are awarded the Combat Merit Corps Recognition Ribbon. For their willingness and skill in delivering Trucks and supplies to the front line, and for being ranked in the top 10 truckers thus far in 165, Weejocky, Makettle, Pym, Dijpa, Sorella, and Nc0gnet0 are awarded the Logistics Support Award. For efforts in the area of CAS, Smilinal is awarded the Close Ground Support Ribbon. For their efforts in keeping the sky clear of enemy warplanes, Heyden, Halsey, and Merle are awarded the Individual Citation Ribbon. For their individual efforts in the area of capturing flags, Wegue, Tretjakov, Weejocky, Gipper, Striker4, Gretnine, Df2, Suppo, Vendome, Pym, and Playtime are all awarded the Bronze Star. This is the 4th highest honor that an Allied soldier can be awarded. Wegue, Tretjakov, Weejocky, Gipper, Striker4, and Gretnine are the top 6 Cappers thus far in 165. Df2 had a sortie with 9 caps. Suppo had a sortie with 8 caps. Vendome, Pym, and Playtime had sorties with 7 caps. For being ranked as the top 2 killers in-game thus far in 165, Gretnine and Tretjakov are awarded the Mention in Dispatch Gold Star. For being ranked in the top 6 in TOM thus far for 165, Weejocky, Jaris, and Gipper are awarded the Mention in Dispatch Gold Star. For being ranked in the top 9 (in fact they ARE the top 9) Tankers in-game thus far in 165, Weejocky, Slickie1, Gretnine, Bus0, Jimatank, Oldzeke, M1g, Randazzo, and Striker4 are awarded the Mention in Dispatch Gold Star. For being ranked in the top 3 for AT gunners thus far in 165, Mickdundee, Bus0, and Hankman911 are awarded the Mention in Dispatch Gold Star. It should be noted that these 3 individuals are the entire top 3 AT gunners in-game thus far for 165, and none of them use a flak 36 (88mm). Ordered this day of 9 July 2019 Allied CinC Augetout
  16. One of the ways (and there are a few) that this game and this community are different from any other game is clearly shown in these awards. In THIS community, someone has to recommend you for an award. It isn't like COD where x kills equals y award. That should, in my humble opinion, make these awards mean something significant to those awarded, those who recommended them for awards, and to the rest of the community. I salute all those soldiers with awards.
  17. BY ORDERS OF THE ALLIED COMMANDER IN CHIEF FOR EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE WHILE ASSIGNED TO THE ALLIED FORCES DURING THE WEEK ENDING JUNE 30, 2019 THE FOLLOWING INDIVIDUALS' COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE AND PROFESSIONALISM CONTRIBUTED TREMENDOUSLY TO THE SUCCESSFUL ACCOMPLISHMENT OF THE ALLIED FORCES MISSION THEIR ACTIONS REFLECT CREDIT UPON THEMSELVES AND THAT OF THE ALLIED COMBINED FORCES For consistently setting FMS and DMFS, crucial to operational success, Makettle, Nc0gnet0, and Lordghee4 receive: Logistics Support Award For their efforts in the area of capturing depots, Tretjakov, Wegue, Gipper, Goreblimey, Weejocky, and Striker4 are presented the Combat Merit Corps Recognition For their efforts in engaging the enemy with rifles, Unknownname, and Jcoleman are presented with the Combat Merit Corps Recognition For their excellence in the use of SMGs in support of Allied operations, Xohorvath, Tretjakov, and Gretnine are presented with the Combat Merit Corps Recognition For his continued excellence in the use of Engineers, Bludngut is presented with the Combat Merit Corps Recognition Due to the efforts of Jaris in supporting offensive and defensive efforts with AAA, Jaris is presented with The Legion of Merit For their efforts in the area of Tank support, Weejocky, Jimantank, and Slickie1 are presented with the Combat Merit Corps Recognition For their continued, successful efforts at raining bombs onto enemy factories, Drake1, and Smilinal, are presented with the Air Force Medal For their efforts in eliminating enemy Forward Bases, Bloodybill, Sorella, Nc0gnet0, Bludngut, and Zuviel are presented the Enemy Forward Base Busting Award For their individual gallantry in assorted battles, Jt037, Mundagurri, Delems, Mikeaz, Randazzo, Pfipfu, Midnight, Jokur, and a64m are presented with the Bronze Star For their willingness to take on the role of MOIC consistently combined with the leadership abilities displayed when MOIC, Gipper, Colsmith, Jokur, and N8 are presented the Senior Map Leader Badge All Allied players with more than 90% Allied sorties are hereby authorized to display the National Defense Medal for Allied victory in 164 (this is in lieu of a campaign medal, as the new award tool is being worked on) For his willingness and skill in defending a crucial FB against repeated attacks, A64m is presented with the Forward Base Defense Award For their ‘lead by example’ mindset, Pfmosquito, and Xohorvath are presented with the Individual Citation For their consistent excellence on the Allied side, and in this case specifically for a still top secret operation that was crucial in a victory, 4Wing, ASEO are presented with the Meritorious Unit Citation
  18. When the topic of LESSENING the ews range was brought up before it was LESSENED in January, (as B2k accurately says "Due to player requests"), my views were that it would hurt the defensive efforts, especially if the defensive efforts were tasked to the underpop side. My views were dismissed as being 'side-biased', and 'those of a well-known defensive player who refused to agree that defense was too easy'. Neither of those characterizations of my views were accurate. I would, however, be interested to see how many of those who thought attacking was too difficult and defending too easy have changed their views now that they are on the defensive more often.
  19. Randazzo, Raptor and Axewolf were kicking axis tail yesterday. Join us in defeating the axis hordes!
  20. No, but if some were missed from earlier, I'll try and remedy the situation, as I did this time.
  21. Some of the awards are not from this past week, obviously.
  22. Thank you for bringing this up. I cannot speak for how things went before, but in my time as Allied CinC I believe that problem will not exist. Diehard Allied players will be recognized rather than assumed, for their in-game exploits, and if a normally german player deserves an award, it will be in addition to, as opposed to in lieu of, awards to long-time Allied players.
  23. For those of you who do not already know, I joined the WW2Online community in January of 2001, some 6 months before the game went live. As the beta teams were already settled upon, I spent my time getting to know the rest of the community, and working to create/build Lafayette Federation as a French unit. When the original AHC was set up in the weeks leading up to the game’s ‘go live’ moment, I was asked to be French Army Commander, which I accepted. A little known fact: I was asked to fill that slot because it was deemed necessary in order to keep my unit as being willing to support AHC’s efforts. It was an inaccurate conclusion to reach, as Lafayette Federation was going to support the player-led HC system regardless of whether or not we had any members as Officers, and I didn’t find out about it until months after the game had gone live. That is the way things were done back then: The HCs were filled with unit COs and unit Officers mixed in with members of the beta teams. People could ask to join, but at that time their requests would usually fall on deaf ears. In short, AHC (and presumably GHC) was a bit of an ‘old boys club’. It made sense to do it that way at that time, and in any event, as French Army Commander there wasn’t much I could do about it in any event. I served over 2 years as French Army Commander, and then moved to a slot in DDOP until I left/retired from AHC after having served 3+ years. We won some and lost some. We lobbied CRS for some in-game ‘power’ and/or tools to help facilitate coordination, with the original version of TOEs being the result. We ran huge operations (in Operation Sisyphus the French element alone had over 500 players at any given moment, just counting voice coms), and we spent much of our time in-game ‘herding cats’, as the only way to get anything done was to have folks in-game support whatever it was one wanted done. I couldn’t set an AO and say “here you go, attack that town” as there were no AOs. Thus, if I or any of the other Officers wanted a town attacked, we had to find a way to get players to also want to attack that town. I re-joined the game about 2 years ago (a little less than), and found that the HCs had a TON of in-game power, but all too often nobody was bothering to use it. 1.36 is in part the result of the game relying TOO much on the HCs in order for the game to function, and to my mind this hybrid system has been a huge positive on a few levels, not the least of which is it has returned us to a time when HC Officers have to be good leaders in order to have success in-game, (as opposed to simply being ‘in charge’). To that end, and building on what Bondpaul accomplished as CinC, here are my goals as your incoming Allied CinC: 1. I am hoping to get more participation and communication from (and with) Allied squads. YOU are the backbone of whatever we will accomplish. To that end, I will be tasking an Officer with setting up a meeting, where squad COs and/or squad representatives and I will meet to discuss your wants and needs as Allied units, so AHC can work towards maximizing HC/squad cooperation in the coming days. 2. AHC needs more Officers. I will be working with an HC Recruiting Officer to continue the rebuilding of the Officer Corp. Additionally, AHC Officers are here to serve the Allied players, and as such they will either be leading by example in a positive way, or they will be replaced. If any Officer mistreats Allied players, contact me directly and we’ll figure out what to do about it. Officers mistreating Allied players will not be tolerated during my time as CinC, period. 3. Allied wins will happen more often! Forget what has happened in the past. It no longer matters, and it no longer bears any resemblance to the Allies of today. 1.36 began a new era for the Allies. I don’t care about the overall win/loss percentage and Allied players and Officers should not either. Care about what happens from this day forward. Figure out what you can do to help the Allied cause, and do it. We are all here to have fun, but be honest: It’s more fun when we’re winning, so let’s work together to make each day better than the last. Help the Allies teach the other side (by actions, not words) that the days of ‘clubbing baby seals’ are OVER. I will need your help, Allies. AHC cannot beat the axis on our own, or by ourselves. We need Allied players to forget about the past, and get on board the new Allied train. Make sure you’re with me on the observation deck when the german side figures out that the light coming toward them isn’t the end of the tunnel but the Allied train, and it’s about to run them down!