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  1. Sometimes it does matter, when the imbalance is glaring. Other times, like the 2lber vs tiger, meh. That's just people griping.
  2. I'm from the internet, I shall be your guide.
  3. It's not easy. It's nice when you do, but the affect on gameplay is negligible. I went through stats quickly and counted 22 kills on tigers by 2lbers or 2lber armed vehicles, plus the mle37. With the amount of tigers available daily, that's a meaningless amount.
  4. First shot killed his driver and gunner. How do I know? Because that's dm79 and we talk often.
  5. Any enemy aircraft that I've hit with my bofors about 7 times and it still bombs me. 7 40mm rounds would take down a b52...
  6. The only time those one town snakes work is when there is no one playing on the other side. All that race to Laon crap to cut off half the map, that garbage made me sick because it was all terrible gameplay while no one was defending.
  7. Well something is fubar with the stats. My main account is unsubbed, yet I gained about 50 AAA kills while I didn't play lol.
  8. I've done it. You don't bleed out and die in this game. I've had times when I've had my infantry guy had less than 5% health left and continue the sortie until I died, killing many things before that death. Happens all the time.
  9. Happens all the time. Especially using the bofors for me. My #1 gets killed and I stay on the sortie for an hour killing things. Same for using infantry. You get 75% wounded but you're still alive. You can shoot and jog and capture. The game counts your unit as being critically damaged but your sortie continues...
  10. This is what I don't get: If you don't like the game or don't wanna play anymore, move on. It's a game. There's tons of stuff to play out there besides this. Just seems petty.
  11. I wouldn't even have put out a statement. People are going to think what they want, regardless. There's always going to be that tiny % of disgruntled ex-players (or current players) that think CRS is out to get their side and will float any sort of rumors. I hadn't heard of any of this (regarding Xoom's statement) at all. I doubt 99% of us have.
  12. So what prompted this post? What happened?
  13. Yup, the infantry placed mobile spawn almost killed the game. It certainly killed the armor game.
  14. Agree mostly with what has been said. I'd add that you could up the radius of resupply. Right now, tanks have to move to the rear of the FMS to get ammo, I'd like it to resupply units in a 10m radius. I don't think that would be overpowered and would help gameplay.
  15. I'd like to see this. It would get people attacking more. I don't know if the game can differentiate between types of infantry capping, though.