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  1. Exactly, and any game system which requires player volunteers for it to work is a broken system. In fact, without those volunteers the game completely breaks down. That's the ultimate ridiculous game system. And STOP with the nonsense drivel of 'then join the HCs'. It's ALWAYS been nonsense. No one wants to join a broken system.
  2. Which totally explains why you regurgitate History channel nonsense like the 'ronson' Sherman myth.
  3. Skip to 33:30 for info on the sherman myth, but people like redstorm should watch the entire thing...
  4. Try this: Dunno if this will help, but I tried
  5. Is the flak30 going to be looked at in this audit? Not the power of it's rounds, but the fact that is has insane muzzle climb. I've seen many vids of flak30s/38s firing and the muzzle climb is nothing near what we have ingame.
  6. I was AA gunning a few maps ago at an axis AO near an allied AF. I counted 2 tigers and 2 4gs and a stugG killed to kamikazees, on the same attack. I even have the video of some of it. Anyone who says it's a very small number either doesn't play the game or is being obtuse.
  7. Yup, because the "pilots" of those planes find it easier to be dbags instead of learning how to bomb properly.
  8. Dunno what you are talking about, but when I was playing I'd see blens crashing into tigers daily. Every single time I played I'd see someone kamikazee a panzer. Every. Day.
  9. Skip to the 40 minute mark:
  10. The effect CAS had on armor was mostly killing the support vehicles. The ammo carriers, etc...
  11. I think they'll test it and change it if it's not working.
  12. Did you really think that having 50 cals decimate panzers was good gameplay? Or having 20mm tank every army's tanks with a short burst? I'm firmly in the camp that if something is historical and bad for gameplay, change it. It's a game after all, and it's supposed to be fun. Yup, I hear you on this point. Spotting tanks, especially green allied tanks, from the air is incredibly hard for the normal player playing with a normal sized monitor. Basically the only way I can spot a sherman or a stuart is if it's moving or firing.
  13. I disagree. ATGs everywhere now, even the little ATGs spawning from FMS can take out almost all of the armor that is fielded. Sappers. RPATs. Tankbuster aircraft. Bombers. Other tanks.
  14. Its to stop the rampant kamikazees.
  15. Bombs do work, but if they killed medium and heavy tanks with just near misses we wouldn't have an armor game. Look at what 50cals used to do to panzer columns. Decimated. Or 20mm to tank treads. I remember seeing 1 hurricane 2c disable the tracks of about 9 panzers out of a 12 panzer column one day. Huge joke. That's why it was fixed, because air used to decimate the armored game. If you have bombs that kill tanks with just near misses, we're back to that again. Tanks die to direct hits and that's good enough for me.