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  1. Meat grinder...Good shooting
  2. Is this what you need? Stick: Logitech extreme 3d pro with x52 throttle <?xml version='1.0'?> <!DOCTYPE controlset SYSTEM "cfml.dtd"> <controlset version="1.1.0" language="english" keyboard="us"> <control function="Engine Start/Stop"> <joybutton stick="3">5</joybutton> <key index="1">e</key> </control> <control function="Toggle tail lock"> <key>space</key> </control> <control function="Toggle wep"> <joybutton stick="3">12</joybutton> <key index="1"></key> </control> <control function="Autopilot"> <key>a</key> </control> <control function="Gunsight view"> <joybutton stick="1">7</joybutton> <key index="1"></key> </control> <control function="Use primary weapon"> <joybutton stick="3">1</joybutton> <key index="1"></key> </control> <control function="Use secondary weapon"> <joybutton stick="3">1</joybutton> <key index="1"></key> </control> <control function="Roll"> <joyaxis stick="3">x</joyaxis> </control> <control function="Pitch"> <joyaxis stick="3">y</joyaxis> <keyabsolute value="0.00" index="10"> <key></key> </keyabsolute> </control> <control function="Yaw"> <joyaxis stick="2">rz</joyaxis> </control> <control function="Throttle"> <joyaxis stick="1">z</joyaxis> <keydelta value="10.00" per="sec" index="2"> <key>up arrow</key> </keydelta> <keydelta value="-10.00" per="sec" index="3"> <key>down arrow</key> </keydelta> </control> <control function="Flap control"> <joyaxis stick="1">slider1</joyaxis> <keyabsolute value="0.00"> <key></key> </keyabsolute> <keyabsolute value="0.00" index="10"> <key></key> </keyabsolute> </control> <control function="Left brake"> <joyaxis stick="2">x</joyaxis> </control> <control function="Right brake"> <joyaxis stick="2">y</joyaxis> </control> <control function="Elevator trim"> <joyaxis stick="1">rx</joyaxis> <keydelta value="1.00" per="keypress"> <key>5</key> <key>left shift</key> </keydelta> <keydelta value="-1.00" per="keypress" index="1"> <key>4</key> <key>left shift</key> </keydelta> </control> <control function="Aileron trim"> <joyaxis stick="3">x</joyaxis> </control> <control function="Rudder trim"> <joyaxis stick="3">rz</joyaxis> <keydelta value="0.00" per="sec"> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <message what="0"> <value value="0" type="long" name="app.ambientlevel"/> <value value="255" type="long" name="app.awshigh"/> <value value="65535" type="long" name="app.awslow"/> <value value="false" type="bool" name="app.bshowinfo"/> <value value="true" type="bool" name="app.combatsmoke"/> <value value="250" type="long" name="app.conv"/> <value value="0.616399" type="float" name="app.corpsecount"/> <value value="true" type="bool" name="app.corpsedetail"/> <value value="true" type="bool" name="app.corpses"/> <value value="0.524656" type="float" name="app.corpsetime"/> <value value="true" type="bool" name="app.enablevsync"/> <value value="11" type="long" name="app.fontsize"/> <value value="2" type="long" name="app.hudvisible"/> <value value="0" type="long" name="app.iconmode"/> <value value="0.000000" type="float" name="app.inflodmod"/> <value value="false" type="bool" name="app.isrecruiting"/> <value value="0" type="long" name="app.language"/> <value value="5115" type="long" name="app.loadtime"/> <value value="true" type="bool" name="app.normalmaps"/> <value value="255" type="long" name="app.pponok"/> <value value="65280" type="long" name="app.ppook"/> <value value="true" type="bool" name="app.radialclutter"/> <value value="true" type="bool" name="app.radialclutterwhenflying"/> <value value="1.000000" type="float" name="app.radialdensity"/> <value value="1.000000" type="float" name="app.radialradius"/> <value value="1" type="long" name="app.reflectionupdate"/> <value value="1920x1080x32" type="string" name="app.resolution"/> <value value="127" type="long" name="app.shadowreceivers"/> <value value="2" type="long" name="app.shadows"/> <value value="false" type="bool" name="app.showcredits"/> <value value="false" type="bool" name="app.showreadout"/> <value value="{C015E03C-174D-4047-927F-C582BAFF7BD0}" type="string" name="app.sound"/> <value value="false" type="bool" name="app.squadinvites"/> <value value="0" type="long" name="app.usenetworkroute"/> <value value="12" type="long" name="app.version"/> <value value="{D7B71E3E-58C1-11CF-BF6E-90311BC2D835}" type="string" name=""/> <value value="3" type="long" name="app.visplayerlimit"/> <value value="true" type="bool" name="app.wantsse2"/> <value value="true" type="bool" name="app.waterreflections"/> <value value="1" type="long" name="autoPan.autopan"/> <value value="1" type="long" name="centerMe.centerme"/> <value value="true" type="bool" name="config.authoritative"/> <value value="180" type="long" name="convergence.12833"/> <value value="160" type="long" name="convergence.12865"/> <value value="250" type="long" name="convergence.12868"/> <value value="200" type="long" name="convergence.12869"/> <value value="300" type="long" name="convergence.12871"/> <value value="400" type="long" name="convergence.12872"/> <value value="120" type="long" name="convergence.13441"/> <value value="130" type="long" name="convergence.14209"/> <value value="160" type="long" name="convergence.16929"/> <value value="180" type="long" name="convergence.16930"/> <value value="160" type="long" name="convergence.16961"/> <value value="160" type="long" name="convergence.16962"/> <value value="160" type="long" name="convergence.16963"/> <value value="160" type="long" name="convergence.16964"/> <value value="400" type="long" name="convergence.16965"/> <value value="200" type="long" name="convergence.16966"/> <value value="200" type="long" name="convergence.16968"/> <value value="200" type="long" name="convergence.16969"/> <value value="700" type="long" name="convergence.17473"/> <value value="800" type="long" name="convergence.17540"/> <value value="800" type="long" name="convergence.17541"/> <value value="800" type="long" name="convergence.17545"/> <value value="800" type="long" name="convergence.17546"/> <value value="180" type="long" name="convergence.17634"/> <value value="160" type="long" name="convergence.17638"/> <value value="800" type="long" name="convergence.18729"/> <value value="160" type="long" name="convergence.25668"/> <value value="200" type="long" name="convergence.25669"/> <value value="250" type="long" name="convergence.25670"/> <value value="600" type="long" name="convergence.25671"/> <value value="160" type="long" name="convergence.25672"/> <value value="250" type="long" name="convergence.33825"/> <value value="250" type="long" name="convergence.33826"/> <value value="160" type="long" name="convergence.33857"/> <value value="200" type="long" name="convergence.33858"/> <value value="160" type="long" name="convergence.33859"/> <value value="160" type="long" name="convergence.33860"/> <value value="160" type="long" name="convergence.33861"/> <value value="200" type="long" name="convergence.33862"/> <value value="300" type="long" name="convergence.33864"/> <value value="200" type="long" name="convergence.33865"/> <value value="130" type="long" name="convergence.4641"/> <value value="180" type="long" name="convergence.4643"/> <value value="130" type="long" name="convergence.4673"/> <value value="130" type="long" name="convergence.4674"/> <value value="180" type="long" name="convergence.4675"/> <value value="130" type="long" name="convergence.4676"/> <value value="400" type="long" name="convergence.4677"/> <value value="140" type="long" name="convergence.4678"/> <value value="200" type="long" name="convergence.4679"/> <value value="160" type="long" name="convergence.4681"/> <value value="130" type="long" name="convergence.6439"/> <value value="600" type="long" name="convergence.8769"/> <value value="130" type="long" name="convergence.9281"/> <value value="130" type="long" name="convergence.9284"/> <value value="200" type="long" name="convergence.9285"/> <value value="130" type="long" name="convergence.9286"/> <value value="160" type="long" name="convergence.9287"/> <value value="120" type="long" name="convergence.9289"/> <value value="500" type="long" name="convergence.9409"/> <value value="0.244839" type="float" name="hud.alerts.display"/> <value value="true" type="bool" name=""/> <value value="0" type="long" name="hud.alerts.textmode"/> <value value="0" type="long" name="hud.minimap.mode"/> <value value="0.278082" type="float" name="hud.minimap.scale"/> <value value="1" type="long" name="mapFilter.showairfields"/> <value value="1" type="long" name="mapFilter.showbridges"/> <value value="1" type="long" name="mapFilter.showbrigades"/> <value value="1" type="long" name="mapFilter.showcps"/> <value value="1" type="long" name="mapFilter.showews"/> <value value="1" type="long" name="mapFilter.showmydivision"/> <value value="1" type="long" name="mapFilter.showobjectives"/> <value value="1" type="long" name="mapFilter.showports"/> <value value="true" type="bool" name="quickhelp-brigade"/> <value value="true" type="bool" name="quickhelp-brigades"/> <value value="true" type="bool" name="quickhelp-manuals"/> <value value="true" type="bool" name="quickhelp-map"/> <value value="true" type="bool" name="quickhelp-mission"/> <value value="true" type="bool" name="quickhelp-offline"/> <value value="true" type="bool" name="quickhelp-persona"/> <value value="true" type="bool" name="quickhelp-squad"/> <value value="0" type="double" name="scaleMap.0"/> <value value="0" type="double" name="scaleMap.1"/> <value value="0" type="double" name="scaleMap.2"/> <value value="0" type="double" name="scaleMap.3"/> <value value="0" type="double" name="scaleMap.4"/> <value value="true" type="bool" name=""/> <value value="true" type="bool" name=""/> <value value="true" type="bool" name="view.binfo.visible"/> <value value="889.549988" type="float" name="view.binfo.x"/> <value value="55.533333" type="float" name="view.binfo.y"/> <value value="true" type="bool" name=""/> <value value="234.933334" type="float" name=""/> <value value="-1.422222" type="float" name=""/> <value value="true" type="bool" name="view.cinfo.visible"/> <value value="870.349976" type="float" name="view.cinfo.x"/> <value value="-3.555556" type="float" name="view.cinfo.y"/> <value value="true" type="bool" name="view.current-orders.visible"/> <value value="512.000000" type="float" name="view.current-orders.x"/> <value value="740.888916" type="float" name="view.current-orders.y"/> <value value="true" type="bool" name=""/> <value value="362.000000" type="float" name=""/> <value value="480.875000" type="float" name=""/> <value value="92.622223" type="float" name="view.gameinfo.height"/> <value value="true" type="bool" name="view.gameinfo.visible"/> <value value="75.866669" type="float" name="view.gameinfo.width"/> <value value="957.200012" type="float" name="view.gameinfo.x"/> <value value="504.799988" type="float" name="view.gameinfo.y"/> <value value="true" type="bool" name="view.kenny.visible"/> <value value="889.549988" type="float" name="view.kenny.x"/> <value value="598.733337" type="float" name="view.kenny.y"/> <value value="true" type="bool" name="view.persona.visible"/> <value value="3.200000" type="float" name="view.persona.x"/> <value value="4.266667" type="float" name="view.persona.y"/> <value value="true" type="bool" name="view.primary.visible"/> <value value="3.200000" type="float" name="view.primary.x"/> <value value="55.533333" type="float" name="view.primary.y"/> <value value="20.000000" type="float" name="view.readout.height"/> <value value="true" type="bool" name="view.readout.visible"/> <value value="56.250000" type="float" name="view.readout.width"/> <value value="2.666667" type="float" name="view.readout.x"/> <value value="744.444458" type="float" name="view.readout.y"/> <value value="true" type="bool" name="view.secondary.visible"/> <value value="3.200000" type="float" name="view.secondary.x"/> <value value="106.800003" type="float" name="view.secondary.y"/> </message>
  3. Happened several times tonight. Don't think a video will help there won't be any indication of when the trigger is pulled. I thought the same I wasnt hitting the trigger good or the stick but I caint get it to repeat when I'm tryin. I'll try to copy the cfml and XML and post
  4. Mingus have had the same thing on occasion as well as rounds passing through planes with no visible impacts
  5. Nice video an good gunzs... Always good to know where your at..
  6. It happens when a plane hits the ground somewhere close not sure of the distance but it's in visual range.
  7. Beta just went back up. What's the chances of loosing or reducing the side lock so it's not so long switching if need be to balance things out?
  8. Think it's down. Just downloaded the update logged in says beta is in maintenance Beta Just went open
  9. S! And Welcome to WWII online and the Luftwaffe... It's gonna be tough with a mouse and keyboard. The rudder is labled as Yaw. You can also adjust the mouse sensitivity in the key mapper. Use the rudder to point the nose making sure the tail wheel is locked, full throttle and Max on the RPM a little trim up and let it lift itself. Adjust the trim and easy on the movement until you get some airspeed. Download team speak and jump on comms on one of the LW channels and someone will help get you going.
  10. S! Get on TS down at the bottom ZULU ch there is someone on most the time. Any of these guys will help best they can, great group.
  11. i got it i reinstalled everything an i can get in
  12. Yea I can log in an out of main server fine
  13. When I try to log on the training server the screen goes black for a sec and then back to desktop. Any ideas?
  14. Where is the honey spot to hit the tiger to de gun it? Spawned 3 Tigers and fired maybe 3 rounds each time at two different tanks and within taking 2 to 4 rounds head on the Tigers gun was knocked out. One et was around 650 meters away the other 200. The gunner was never injured he was good, could shoot MG fine. Not a tanker just curious.
  15. Jump on TS on Zulu channel all the way at the bottom usually someone on more than glad to try and help.