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  1. Waznot you beast... Gj buddy congratulations!
  2. U Have a wider view. I don't mind the refresh rate. It has the gsync in it and I could tell a huge difference over Antwerp
  3. Yep looks great. Im running an ASUS ROG 34" PG348Q curved ultra wide with 3440x1440 resolution. Wouldn't go any lower on res won't look as good.
  4. click on the map like your dragging it and it will stop moving, then click where you want to put your mark. Sometimes in a hurry I forget this and my mark is waaaay off.
  5. I got a new monitor yesterday going from 2560x1080 to 3440x1440 resolution. Odd i don't have updates on and the 2560x1080 has worked fine for sometime. when I hooked up the new monitor the load time took forever or it would hang up and freeze on the loading screen. Updated the Nvidia driver and it fixed it. Make sure all the resolutions and refresh rates match in the game settings and control panel. That has caused me issues in the past.
  6. Dam now that's motivational, goin to the recruiting office now to re enlist
  7. Thanks brady and holmium, I was looking at the predator 27 inch but found a z34 on sale and wasn't sure how the ultra wide would look on wwii I wanted a curved monitor but caint find one thats curved, 27 inches, 1440p with gsync so was looking at these. 1 Acer Predator Z35 35-inch Curved Full HD (2560 x 1080) NVIDIA G-Sync Display, 144Hz 2 Asus ROG PG348Q 34-inch QHD 3 Acer 27" Predator Z1 Z271 curved 1080p 4 Acer Predator XB271HU Abmiprz TN Panel G-sync 2560 x 1440; Overclock Refresh Rate 165 Hz
  8. Oh noooooooooo... welcome to come fly with us anytime on Zulu channel.
  9. Lol my eyes man my eyes there getting old. I had a 24inch 1080 that's several years old and with all the models, types an features out there I just can't pick one.
  10. its ok Xoom u guys keep up the awesome work.....
  11. Meat grinder...Good shooting
  12. Nice video an good gunzs... Always good to know where your at..
  13. Think it's down. Just downloaded the update logged in says beta is in maintenance Beta Just went open
  14. S! Get on TS down at the bottom ZULU ch there is someone on most the time. Any of these guys will help best they can, great group.