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  1. Personally, I am saddened that movable flags will have less supply than a garrison. CRS is basically taking strategic thought out of the game and making it brain dead simple. Do we need something to slow down break outs? Yes, but this is taking the game backwards. We should be able to move armies. When the allies have the axis armies trapped in the factory corner, the axis armies are stacked and if they can punch through they can push a couple of divisions through without compromising on defense. At the factory corner the axis armies should be reduced corresponding to what it would be at the end of a war defending the final cities with factories bombed repeatedly. They should be short at least one division. This should be done at the other end of the map as well. If you reduced England to British brigades only(or even reduced a brigade or division from them) you could change the victory conditions to include the British cities. Get the supply to reduce as you lose ground and vice versa. I believe the system we have just needs to be tweaked, not dumbed down. Just my 2 cents
  2. I have seen it. We were defending Verdun from an axis attack and Slowhand was flying along the deck as a high stuka came in. Now I know he had kept his speed up on the deck, but I still didn't think he could go straight up and get the stuka. He pulled his nose up and went straight up vertical and reached the stuka blowing it's wing off. I was blown away. Look, the air game is way out of whack, and there is a reason you don't see many LW on. Airquake is DOC's legacy, and it's not going away anytime soon. Take a look at tienen last night with allied tank busters loop dee looping blowing up tanks left and right. LW has one hand tied behind it's back, that's the way it is. How often do you see axis fighters take the fight right to the allied airfields? You don't, yet you will see the allies shut down an axis airfield. I have learned that while playing axis that if airquake becomes a problem I just log off or go play allies. There is no greater turn off then being bombed and strafed repeatedly as you spawn in. If you like flying german aircraft in a much more even environment, try il2 sturmovik....good stuff. If not, just fly axis when they have an airfield close by And by the way, you can be crafty with the anti aircraft, you can't shoot when they can see you, because in this game airplanes hunt the anticraft guns. Shoot when they don't have a line of sight on you, cause once they know where you are, they will fly face first into you.....and usually win
  3. No, it's not, especially when the 20mm cannons are far weaker
  4. Yeah, they can't have the 76. The point is the tanks the CAN drive are few. There is only one panzer F in the spawn pool. No one cares about new guys getting the f's killed as long as there are tanks rolling in to support
  5. Ok, let's try again. What stops fms's from being set up? Enemy knowing you are there. Reduce inf ews so trucks can set up without ews being triggered. How about this Xoom, could you modify the truck to set up two or three FMS's at once. Instead of seeing one green FMS in front of the truck, three would be spread out in front of you? Just throwing ideas out there
  6. I liked the old bunkers
  7. I like, but I don't like. How about instead we let trucks set multiple FMS's
  8. Until they fix the 20mm cannons on the LW planes, you will not see a lot of LW. We learned from the FMS's being taken down with one pass by the allied cannons that the allied cannons are FAR more powerful. They finally acknowledged it after years of refuting it because the evidence was right there for everyone to see.....yeah, after years of being told I had no idea what I was talking about....leaves a sour taste. I will never fly LW again until they fix that BS. So get used to airquake until 'soon' comes along.
  9. I have been reading about how we don't have the large tank columns we used to have, and I set out to figure out why new players are not getting in tanks(you would figure they would all be getting in tanks). I noticed as the tiers go along that the lesser tanks still require a good amount of rank. i.e., as of right now, the p3H requires a rank of 5, even though the tiger, p4G and stugG are in the game. I was hoping as the tiers roll on that the lesser tanks could drop in rank. As of right now I don't see a lot of p3F's in the spawn either, so maybe we could up the count of P3F's instead? Just something to give the new players some decent tanks in later tiers. I haven't checked out the allied side, but I'm sure it's probably the same situation. We have had a lot of attacks lately with no armor support, just throwing an idea out there.
  10. Yeah, have noticed that, people running around not knowing where to go. Again, here is where discord fails, can't get new people on it. An in game voice comm would help a lot as they could just tune in to a channel and listen...they would catch on faster and know where to go. They are to busy trying to figure out other things to be reading or typing chat, they want to learn on the move.
  11. I am sorry, you need the pro edition, just google it, you will find it. I was against windows 10 and was going to break down and buy a mac. But have decided to give this a try as I wanted to build my own computer. The only thing is you have to buy the retail version of windows 10 pro...$199. If you wait a few weeks I will finally have all the parts and will be putting it together.
  12. The reason I bring it up is because many times I do drive a truck to set up an FMS, and I see the frustration with not being able to capture. I am all for 4-5 people being rewarded with a shorter timer, although I would like to see it shorter. Now let's be honest, the fast campaigns are usually the result of cut offs when no HC are on and it demoralizes a side and towns are being capped with no resistance. I have seen this many times. I agree the timer should change on population, but be kept equal on both sides. i.e., under 50 players and the timer is how it is now...50-100 it drops 25%...100-150 it drops another 25%. That is just an example. I say let the over pop side attack and cap, as population swings back and forth. It's hard enough to cap a spawn, and it's even harder to hold it, and it's compounded when you give the defense a shorter timer. I just don't see the reasoning in making it harder to capture a town, not with a map the size we have that is expected to get bigger. Ten years or more ago US prime time had the allies over pop every night, and they would cap a town or two. Then the 'breakfast club' would cap 20 towns in the morning. It's not like that any more, and the axis have over pop US prime time just as much if not more. There is a nice ebb and flow now. Teamwork is big in this game, and I understand that. But it is so hard to get new players on the same page. Discord is just not doing it, can't get them on it. Maybe when we get in game voice communication...like aces high has, then maybe we can get these new players to at least hear what we are telling them and get them to the places they need to be. Also, may I add it would be nice to be able to set more than one FMS on a mission. What I usually do is ask someone to take the mission and I make another mission to set up another one, but it would be nice if I could set up two on one mission. Xoom mentioned towns with more than one AB being owned in sections, with the attacking force being able to move a brigade in the town and spawn at the captured AB...looking forward to that. I am not saying the game is broken or out of whack, and maybe what the changes they made are the cure all. I am just putting in my two cents
  13. Way too slow. Four players-60 seconds. And again, the underpop getting faster timers....missing the boat. They are adding to the stalemate. Give the attacking force the faster timer. Prime time is capping a spawn, having the spawn camped....over and over again with towns not getting captured. There is too much of an advantage to the defense when there is high population. We can fight for hours and not have a town capped. With such a large map, when population is high it should be moving. The way it is now, when the server is low pop the map moves...it's backwards
  14. Have me drive it, I die one shot all the time. It's called the sixpence explodes all the time feature
  15. I have heard on the grapevine that the timers are longer? And it is different for overpop and underpop?. I am for shorter timers, as for the fun is capturing depots and towns. I also feel that timers should be shorter for attacking forces. Look, the brigades are balanced, and you need more numbers when you are attacking, so I feel the attacking force needs a little help. How many hours do we play at a stalemate? Trying to capture a depot when the enemy can spawn in right at the capture point? I say if attackers can hold the depot for 60 seconds, let them have it. I think recap should be longer for the defenders. It would be one thing if there were no AO limits, then I could see longer timers. But to spend a Friday or Saturday evening at a stalemate is no fun. Yeah, there are good battles, but in the end you would like to capture a town if you have worked hard at it. That's what the game is about, capturing towns. The map seems to move more at low population, when it should be moving at high population. Now about AO's, and I am just throwing this out there. Why not have an AO for the navy and airforce? Or at least the navy. We have a lot of guys that like to play with the naval aspect of the game, and we need a way for new players to rank up. Could each branch have an AO limit? Or can the navy be granted it's own AO? One that is separate from the army's limit? We have these wonderful transports that go to waste, it's a shame. Give the navy it's own AO