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  1. Bloody well leave it alone. If i wanted to play a game that only had 1944, or just had everything in one lump, steam has a never ending supply of disposable garbage
  2. With respect mate, it's your gear, or your hearing aid or both. Some people in game were crying the opel sounds like an airplane. An airplane? No mate, not even close. Know what sounds like an airplane? A bugeye sprite with twin webbers and a stepped header, Sounds like a bloody damned spitfire straffing the ground, and it's only 4 cylinders. I don't know what an opel sounds like, because i've never driven one, though i guess it does not sound much different from an american GMC inline, since it essentially is one. I will say it sounds like a series 1 rover except a bit bigger and a bit ragged in the silencer. That is probably close enough, i am sure it is not perfect, but the game probably does not do perfect anyways. I would not really know as i am too busy trying not to get shot, than to try applying some audiophile critique to every audio aspect of the game. You people are bloody well crying, Yes crying, shrieking over it, like children. In Game, filling up the chat. In discord, so you can not hear a warning of an enemy because some ninny is having a nervous break down because of a different truck sound. Where did than enemy tank come from? Why was there no warning? Oh... There was a warning, 3 pages of chat up, above the shrieking People can't play the bloody game, because some of you are having tantrums like very small spoiled children who don't like what they got and so have decided to punish everyone else around them for it. And then you wonder why they don't pop back in? So much for my yearly post, back to steam....
  3. Wait, now there wont be any audit? Why the hell would you decide this?