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  1. thanks Zeke
  2. So I set myself up with discord. Whats a good key to bind to for push to talk? Since I'm so new I don't know all keyboard keys are used for the game yet. Like certainly, when I push to talk I don't want to map that to my "v" key and go prone every time I talk.
  3. It actually helped me when I was jogging through bushes and an enemy riflemen appeared. I got him. ty
  4. So, this weekend I finally had a break through in this game. Keep in mind, I was like 5 kills and 50+ deaths prior. So, it was saturday morning when the population was low, so I was able to make it to a really sweet spot to snipe from. Long story short, one sortie I got 9 kills in 20 minutes and another one I got 11 kill in a similar amount of time. At one point I got so lucky that a squd a 5 rifle men walked with in 300 yards of me. That was sooooo much fun trying to hit them at that distance. When they went prone, that's when I was able to hit them. So I learned when a sniper is on me, F going prone, just run towards a building and zig zag. So I gained two ranks. Logged in again later that night when the populations was high, I went machine gunner. I'm very impatient, so a machine gunner is more my style. I had a blast with him. I got a few kills. But since the population was high, it was tough to make it to the flag buildings before getting tank machine gunned down. I still have tons of questions though. Here one... How do I build a MS? I hear you gain rank quickly deploying them.
  5. ty, good advice
  6. Thanks, Where can I get a doom sight? Also, I just logged into my old premium account and qualified for a fee 30 day premium access. So tonight, I may be a machine gunner. I'll also drop off the "rotoFree" account and you will see me as just "Roto". I never thought of watching some youtube vids, thanks for that. I need help, I'm getting owned. Also, when that guy was infront of me, should I have aimed for his back and not his head? After I hit his back I can go prone and then try to finish him off?
  7. SO I'm basically cannon fodder in this game. I was behind a guy last night, I right clicked and aimed for his head and missed, He turned around and shot me. He was also a rifleman. My question is should I be right clicking when I aim, I think I should be. Also, when I sprint into buildings and look around, it doesn't take long before I encounter a guy with a machine gun. I expect to lose to these guys but are machine gunners right clicking and aiming like rifle men do? On screen it seems they are not.
  8. thanks!
  9. I'm new so I die a lot. When I die though, I don't get any information on who killed me or I'm missing something? When you get killed is any info displayed anywhere, or no info displayed for realism sake?
  10. Thanks bmw
  11. So, I like the game, but I'm not having fun. I'm on a free account but will most likely pay for at least another month. I play a german rifleman. I look on my mini map for red infantry and I run in that direction. I usually get close then get picked off by a sniper. I'm persistent so after about 3 tries I make it to the action. On my way to the action I try to zig and zag and use bushes, whatever for cover. I sprint all the time and lay down to rest in bushes. Only once have I been sniped while resting. So, I don't think resting is the problem. I guess, I need help becuase I really don't know what I am doing. I can at least recognize the enemy and attempt to shoot them, but I'm a little slow on the trigger still. I only have one kill so far. I also have no clue about theater level tatics, like why are we taking this city or even how to take a city. Any help is appreciated.
  12. Zeke, you beast, that worked perfectly, ty
  13. geez, thanks, it hides well
  14. So, I'm house poor and would really like to get this working. It works, but I can't program any of the button. Also, I couldn't find a search feature on this forum, what am I missing?