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  1. try running the game as ADMINISTRAITOR right clik game desktop icon, select run as admin
  2. The Elite Fighting Force is still alive and kicking with our core players still active. But we are NO longer taking any new recruits at this time. THANK YOU ! Please select another squad to join from this page ! I recommend the 1775th (jpman) if you are looking for a big squad S! all
  3. S! I will be on vacation for the next month !
  4. LOOK US UP ! .m rewwer .m reddawg visit the website for more info ! Rewwer got 59 kills in one mission last night, next time, maybe it could be YOU !
  5. Welcome ! Noob friendly squad wants you to become Elite!
  6. hey bob, could you not post here ! THANKS !
  7. now if i would have posted this, it i would have gotten a TOS violation and the thread would have be moved or locked.... ain't that the truth !
  8. greatest comeback of all time ! get off the boards and into the game !
  9. Axis rules ! we let them win this time, just so they don't quit !
  10. its great to see you adc !!!!!!!!!