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  1. it worked for me. really thank you.
  2. I have a X3 720 @3400Mhz / 4Gb RAM / VGA 5770. 1.33 Small battles - 70FPS Large battles - 40FPS 1.34 Small battles - 40FPS Large battles - 20FPS
  3. an outdated game engine is the problem. Nothing to do...
  4. I wish I had known it before. ;-)
  5. I did nothing, but everything is fine now with DNS change. My ping dropped from 500ms to 170ms. Now I'm able to play.
  6. I did not test too much, but I will do this today. But in your opinion, there is no problem changing DNS inside router configuration, there is? I got web navigation fully functional.
  7. Nobody? No opinions? It's an important thing, changing DNS dropped my ping from 500 to 150ms. It would improve my gameplay a lot, but I need it working full time, not at the first spawn only. Plz someone help
  8. Hi, My ping in-game used to be 160-180ms, but in the last days I am getting 350-500ms, IMO very bad ping for a MMO game. Checking my net configuration, I tried to change DNS in my router configs to others. (ex. Google, So I logged in and voilá, ping 150ms. Yeees problem solved? Nope. When I despawn and tried to spawn again, I got CTHL. And the game don't load anymore. So I need to change back the DNS to provider default and then the game starts again. What is happening? Why can I log only once? S! T0rtura
  9. Sad thing. I can´t imagine that the chat are eating 20 fps of the game. HUD needs a redo asap.
  10. You got the point.
  11. I ran the game last night with FRAPS, and I checked that pressing y removing all HUD from screen I gain 20+ more FPS. I don't know which item is eating more because pressing y all items are removed, but I suspect that the minimap is the FPS eater. IMO HUD items shouldn't eat too much FPS. S! T0rtura
  12. Why are you laughing? type dxdiag and post here the results...
  13. Try to fight at FBs and you will get 60FPs, in towns 20fps max... Don't spawn at Antwerp, Brussels, Lier, Aachen, etc...
  14. Why would I buy a 4 or 6 core, if WWIIOL don't use multicore architecture fully? And a lot of games can't, I have seen many tests without difference between 3 and 6 cores... Or am I wrong?