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  1. Knew it. http://www.semiaccurate.com/2010/03/30/atis-next-generation-outed/
  2. The inside of my case is almost room temperture, but the heat that kicks out the back will warm up the bedroom with the door closed. So after a couple hours its time to get out for a bit. So i can imagine what would happen with that card. I would be laying on the ground all dried up. Especially come july. our ac isn't the greatest in the summer.I can hear my little girl saying the following. MOM! Dad turn himself into a mummy again. Then her complaining about dragging me out to the pool and rehydrating me. it wouldn't be pretty.
  3. I'll just wait it out a couple more years see what turns up then. By then ill be upgrading the she-bang then. I'm running the same psu they are in this review but damn if i have to move to the antarctic just to be able play a game? No thanks. can you imagine how hot it will get in the summer with that thing running full tilt? Not to mention two of them? lol Talk about a sweat lodge.
  4. Oh and real people don't usually have a clue to begin with, that's why they rely on those that do to tell them not to buy this card. lol
  5. well, there ya go, i stand corrected. It's the best card eva. Why go a buy a card that's cheaper, cooler use less wattage and can be easily overclocked to beat the 480. When you can own this brick oven instead. That's what Nvidia is counting on. Or You can read the review and the ones following on its heels then the history of this cards problems. or Just reread what damixu said, since he nailed it right on the head. I would be seriously surprised if AMD doesn't have something waiting in the wings as nvidia ties the noose around its neck. They have had more than enough time to hit them right between the eyes. It is not the killer card that Nvidia has been hyping up for quite sometime now. It is just barely past AMD and that depends on the game. So unless you are a fanboi of the highest order you would be a damn idiot to get this card and if you read the review its even worse when it scales down.
  6. I cant wait for the idiots that buy this card, then summer hits and they wonder what just happened to their systems. Or those with the bare minimum psu. There will be alot of screwy errors coming up from that.
  7. The Bottom Line We see no reason to purchase a GeForce GTX 470. It provides no gameplay advantages compared to the competition, and will actually end up costing you more power and dollars for the exact same performance you can get with the Radeon HD 5850. Factor in the power consumption, and it doesn’t seem worth it. If you have an HD 5850, stick with it, the GTX 470 is not an upgrade. If you are contemplating a great performing graphics card, for a decent price, the HD 5850 is still the best choice. The GeForce GTX 480 is more relevant in the market but it hasn’t exactly come out of the gate wowing us with performance either. There are some games where it is faster than the Radeon HD 5870, and there are some games where it is even with the Radeon HD 5870. Factor in the cost and power, and include the ability to run Eyefinity on a single GPU, the Radeon HD 5870, to us, seems like the better value for the gamer right now. GeForce GTX 480 SLI clearly provides a better gameplay experience than the dual-GPU Radeon HD 5970. In the dual-GPU competition, we felt GeForce GTX 480 SLI provided the best experience, but it will certainly cost you. It will cost you a lot of money, and it will cost you by requiring a high powered hardcore enthusiast system to support it, again costing you more money. If you are a gamer, and you want the best performance you can get right now, GeForce GTX 480 SLI is where it is at. Just beware of all the consequences of running such a configuration. We are frothing at the bit to get into some NV Surround gaming with a GTX 480 SLI setup! Overall, GF100 hasn’t exactly delivered. I think we were all hoping it would provide a substantial gameplay improvement over the Radeon HD 5870 and Radeon HD 5850. Competition is good, and we would like to see it. Unfortunately, our experiences weren’t as positive as we had wanted. When you break it all down to cost, power and performance, the GTX 480 and GTX 470 don’t measure up. The only saving grace is the awesomeness of GTX 480 SLI, but it comes at some high costs. That all said, the GF100 is not a 5800 or 2900 redo, but it sure makes you think about it. http://www.hardocp.com/article/2010/03/26/nvidia_fermi_gtx_470_480_sli_review/1 I don't care how big a Nvidia fan you are, i would be damn leary of getting this card. Instead i would wait it out for a few months and see how they work in normal systems.
  8. NVIDIA HAS FINALLY taped out a Fermi GF100 derivative, but it is not what you might think. Contrary to its public bluster, Nvidia isn't going for the high end this time. GF108, the smallest GF100 derivative, has finally taped out. In case you are not following the Nvidia derivatives closely, they usually come out with a round number, G80, G200, GF100, then follow it with four shrinks. The shrinks are x2, usually around 90 percent of the speed of the x0 part with a much smaller die, x4, half the x2, x6, one quarter the x2, and an x8. x8 is basically the smallest die you can get away with and still have functionality, and both Nvidia and ATI do this. Redwood, the ATI equivalent to the x6, is 400 shaders while Cedar, the x8 equivalent is 80 shaders. These parts exist simply to add features to machines that lack a port or function and are built to be cheap. GF108 is what Nvidia taped out, so its triumphant vaporware GF100 is indeed going to be followed up by a huge wave of GPUs, all of them low end. If you are planning on getting a GF100, and you have missed the first wave, it likely is already too late to order one, so then don't count on the derivatives to save your über-box. SemiAccurate moles are saying that plans are in the works to tape out a GF104 and a GF106 in short order as well, but they haven't left Dear Leader's workers' paradise yet. Production time at TSMC is about 10 weeks, then add two more to make boards, so you are looking at July, best case for boards, and that's only if Nvidia buys risk wafers. A more realistic view is late July or early August before you will be able to get bottom feeder DX11 parts from Nvidia, but that will be much sooner than real GF100 quantities will arrive. At this rate, Nvidia will have a full line of parts, in quantity, but not until Q4. Q4 2011, that is.S|A http://www.semiaccurate.com/2010/03/17/nvidia-tapes-out-gf108/
  9. If you read that, you would know how off thy mark you are.again except for the 9800 pro its been all nvidia cards here. You wanna waste your money on it? knock yourself out. Its a computer part not a baseball game lol. I could care less who has the fastest. I do care if it works properly or not. From all accounts this isn't gonna be one of them thar parts me boy.
  10. That should be the next major push for this game is to go multi thread and use these multi-cored computers we have now. Right after they fix the navy...
  11. Its hot, its crap and it isnt 15% faster it just barely beats ati's offerings also good luck in getting one. The dumbest thing to do is buy one of these, i would wait it out and see how they play out. They are about to dump the smallest one on the market next month. So you can go yay! i have a new card that runs a web browser. lol I have never been so dead set against a video card like i am this one. Before you go there, the only ati card i ran in my system is the 9800 pro. Save the money and wait.
  12. Sounds like a job for toyota...
  13. This^. if you are getting brownouts from the power supply it will cause you all kinds of grief. Even if they checked it starting up from a cold state wouldnt necessarily show the problem. I would buy or borrow a psu and see if the problem disappears.
  14. did you get the latest drivers from auzentech? they put them out for w7 7/28 of 09 nevermind. They should work they are w7 drivers.