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  1. I have been playing a few evenings the last couple of weeks. EVERYTIME I decide to play and load game I am presented with 'patch found upon' sign in. OK. I download and install. Then once again another patch. And so it goes on for as many numbers of patches as I can stand untill I decide to uninstall and download game from scratch. This time I played last night and meet the same experience again. Patch patch patch. Is it me or something everyone goes through? Its making me insane but with a fiber connection I can circumvent the frustrating experience. I guess everyone is not that lucky.
  2. 6-pack half empty and it's 22.00 here. Better hurry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I hate that message. All it does is generate frustration and annoy ppl.
  4. Where, could find it anywhere?
  5. So soemone forgot to implement and FRU timer status bar? Seem idiotic
  6. Great news. Thx for the follow up.
  7. True maybe a bug, but and old one then. I think, without having much knowledge of the flag moving business, that its if you move an HQ into a no-mans land town on its own. This is also confirmed by FBs going down when arm. arrived. Your point about activating FBs by removing other flags is interesting, but i think it only works if its an HQ into an empty towns.
  8. Íf only an HQ is in town, afaik the FBs have always remained up after such a situaion. Dont think its a bug.
  9. Thank you, i cant wait for the reply...bump
  10. How hard is it to remove the concussion effect all together untill you have found and fixed this widespread menace? Think the PB would much rather live without the effect than suffer under the bug. Would it be possible or is that also big amount of work?
  11. PRetty expensive, and that goes for most northern contries. Imo Berlin area would be best place in location and prices.
  12. IN.
  13. Ctd

    Also CTD on spawn out. Despawned both accounts simultaniosly as ded inf, and they both CTDed in dedcam.
  14. Changed CPU, MB and RAM plus switched to Win7. All is good now.