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  1. I have been playing a few evenings the last couple of weeks. EVERYTIME I decide to play and load game I am presented with 'patch found upon' sign in. OK. I download and install. Then once again another patch. And so it goes on for as many numbers of patches as I can stand untill I decide to uninstall and download game from scratch. This time I played last night and meet the same experience again. Patch patch patch. Is it me or something everyone goes through? Its making me insane but with a fiber connection I can circumvent the frustrating experience. I guess everyone is not that lucky.
  2. 6-pack half empty and it's 22.00 here. Better hurry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. S!
  4. Voted 5x stars S! AEF.
  5. S! For the mighty 3dlm!
  6. S!
  7. S! Safrolli. I think a good place to start looking is in here. If your looking for a smaller very personal, fun and professional group, then i would pick first 1st Gebirgsjäger if i was you. You might know names like Kalma, Koopman, Coopes and Freuler from here. These are very into infantry action and dedicated stuff like FBs, but do all kind of stuff. If youre more into the multi arms thing on a larger scale a good EU representated international squad would be Windhund. The do all kind of stuff from inf to pzrs to air. And then there is the crazies...visits SODS Mostly out of UK afaik. Gl.
  8. Relayed to Itaf on ASA board.
  9. Glad we could help
  10. Bump! Itaf see KGW forum in 5 min for small additions.
  11. Well its always good to have SNs spread across the week, but for a new squad like yours, then maybe it would be beneficial to join in on the ASA ones, as they are usually a very good setting to play in. No squads are obligated to join and when they do they can choose whatever task they like, as per SOP. Only demand is that one stick to the task chosen so we can relie on each other. Last night we had on... KG Wiking, REI, 41st PzrJgr, 250Hispana, WindHund, Lagus, Susipartio, SODS and 1st Gebirgsjägers on for the OPs. Total some 70-90 players.
  12. Cc Eberbach, was too bad We did 70 man paradrop and overran Tielt. All in all we took lecatelet, Tielt and Tournai and broke up the center. What time is your SN?
  13. Hahah ok hallo da Cc that. WWIIOL is quite demanding, but it will hook you emediately if youre into WWII and teamplay if you introduced to it in the right surroundings. Currently our ASA formation on our Sunday and Wednesday SNs conisist of between 70-100 members across the squads. These events should be the best advertisement to new players you need hooked on WWIIOL form my own experience from KGW recruitement Its tonight at 20.00 CET btw.
  14. Great to hear guys Are you most recruit based and new to the game, or do you have vets amoung? Btw Eberbach you have full ASA acces now on KGW forum.
  15. Woot SODS and nice with website.